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Signe Westerberg Headshots (38 of 102)It seems that time moves even more quickly when you are busier than usual… I have to admit to being out much of the time of late and loving it…not the being away from my family but the interaction with like minded, caring people. I’d like to thank those local Greens groups who have welcomed me to their get togethers,  as I share my passion for not only all things Green but that of what life is  like out here in South Western Sydney. I’ve been a woman on a mission and enjoying every moment.

There has been a bit happening about town and for the most part my already busy schedule has precluded my participation however I’d love to hear from anyone who attended the following or who has a link so I can find out what you thought of the particular event:

Let’s start with:

  •  Did you attend the biggest loser event at Bigge Park and what did you think of the day?
  • Were you one of the people who gathered yesterday for the CBD Cleanup day, I have seen  a few T-shirts but not actually spoken with anyone who did the ‘actual’ cleaning… please let me know so I can give due recognition and support to those who did participate. I can already say Hats off to the council staff as I know from past involvement with them that they do work very hard for our city and will no doubt have done the same Yesterday.
  • Do you happen to have a link to the Mayors big moment on prime time TV, apparently Ned Mannoun was on the Blot report on Channel 10 and I missed it. I’ve heard some reports however would like to see for myself how he represents our city….link appreciated…Google-ing hasn’t worked 😦

What else has been happening in and around town?  I did make it to the Rural forum this week and was delighted by the turnout (including a new face: Cllr Geoff Shelton & regular Cllr Peter Harle) and the representations made by the planning team and the local Police…please don’t forget to comment on the rural land study if it affects you or like me find it interesting and would like a ‘say’.

Also of interest in the paper yesterday were a couple of items on public exhibition a the moment, can I suggest you log onto the council website, see what is happening and make comment before the due date of the 10th of April.

I have a meeting in Newcastle this Saturday but highly recommend the Councils program at 10am in the Library, Save energy, save money workshop. I’ve attended similar in the past and can recommend them.

Harmony day is the 21st and should be wonderful, sadly running events in the middle of the day precludes full time workers like myself but if you have the time I highly recommend you stopping by and appreciating the wonderful diversity that is Liverpool.

Seniors week  is almost at hand and looking through the proposed events I am sincerely jealous and would so very much love to attend the high tea at CPAC and there is so much more… again use the link to councils website to see what, where and how…you can be involved. 17-24th March 2013.


Relay for Life Cancer Council Logo23/24th of March is Liverpool’s Relay for Life cancer council event and I implore you to take some time to drop by, walk and help raise a few dollars for this amazing event to secure an end to cancer in our community. The Greens have their usual team event as do some truly amazing groups and organisations from across  our city…. spend an hour, spend a dollar and help Relay for Life achieve its goal…remembering all the money raised goes to support, cancer sufferers, carers and programs in our local community. Register a team or join ours at: http://relay.cancercouncil.com.au/2013/liverpool_2013/The-Green-Team

There is a lot happening at the moment in our city on the 23rd March  the 2168 Action group is holding their annual health day on the Saturday at the Miller PCYC…so please drop by there  also and support these amazing people as they support our residents.

Lastly if you like me often see dumped rubbish or graffiti and would like to report it, but by the time you get home find you’ve either forgotten it or simply to busy to do so… there is a new Phone app… called:   Snap Send Solve, which allows you to photograph and report an incident directly to your local council within minutes… check out your app store..mine was free to down load and is raring to go.AppStore  Android


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