Great weekend with more ahead.

Signe & Margaret

Signe & Margaret

I had an awesome weekend, Saturday in Newcastle with the fabulous Greens talking politics… don’t you love that…ok.. many don’t but I certainly do, then yesterday at the NO CSG Rally in Campbelltown…catching up with friends while voicing dissent at the idea of more CSG wells….here or anywhere in NSW. Just prior to my visit 1500 people rallied against the T4 which is the term used to describe the proposed new Coal port being considered for Newcastle… once again…NO is the only answer.

17.3.13 Our Water our LandWhile at the Campbelltown rally one of the speakers read an open letter from a woman in Tara in the middle of QLD’s gas fields…what a horrible time for this family, sick children etc a future we certainly don’t want here in NSW. We need to really stand up and shout NO to these impositions…imposts I might add don’t seem to be planned for the northern suburbs…yet!

17.3.13 Caroline Graham Riversw SOS & MargaretThere was a time when I thought we would never need to stand up and yell out NO in this country because I thought our politicians actually listened, but today with both Labor and Liberal in a race to the bottom and the clear and obvious election cycle thinking we do need to stand up and be counted. I was chatting with a dear lady from Rivers SOS who is quite knowledgeable on the Thirlmere lakes, I already knew 4 of the 5 lakes are all but empty now and even with the considerable rain recently there are no signs of them recovering, well I guess you have to expect that when Millions of years of forming the lakes are then  under-mined by coal mines.

I was very impressed with the number of people who rallied in Campbelltown, not 17.3.13 Protesters settling inbecause they were locals but so they could stand beside the locals and so NO to CSG collectively.

What was remarkable was the silence of the Liberals, no Barry O’Farrell has touted his tokenism… no one believes they halt is permanent, because quite simply put we can’t trust the O’Farrell Govt to keep their word… over 200 different core promises have been broken by this government already and quite frankly there appears no end in sight…. Metagasco… is halting their operations up north, there has been a 2 klm buffer zone for residential areas and wine and horses are safe in the Hunter… but what about our food bowl, what about our water… and clearly if I were a betting person I’d take odds that it won’t be long after the 15th September that all halts will be lifted…what a sad and depressing state of affairs that the populous cannot trust the elected representatives… most especially the present state government

On to brighter things:

21st March Harmony day in the Mall… if you can get some time off work, a fabulous event to encompass the magic of our multicultural city…. bringing people together

March 17-24 is Seniors week…Green cleaning workshop (20th) at the City Library

Seniors Expo 22nd in the Macquarie St Mall…10-2pm

23rd: Health and Family day at the PCYC at Miller… pop in here before you head to the Relay for Life………….

23/24th March: Relay for Life event at Hillier Ovalcome one come all and support those who will be raising money to fight cancer and support victims and carers here in Liverpool….9.30am to 10am Sunday, food and fun for 24hrs…get involved.

March 15-April 12 (Fridays 10-12noon) join the cycling group at the Hub in Miller call 9608 8920 for details.

March 14-May 30 1.30-3.30 at the Liverpool Community Kitchen 28 Pirie St Liverpool… Healthy cooking classes…. enquiries 0400 465 420

April 6th Street Legacy – dance comp.. for the younger amongst us… Breaking, Krump, Hip hop and more…0400 582 319 for more details. 1 Speed Street at the Street University.

Lastly Next Wednesday the 27th…council meeting at the Greenway Centre… you can get involved!!!

I will continue advertising some of the great stuff happening around our town, however what I would like to see is more engagement with all our residents not only those who have time during the day, events that will allow all our residents to come together and enjoy our fabulous city… I would love to attend some of these activities however many are during business hours when I and many others simply cannot attend… I love this city and feel more people would be involved and learn to love it more if they too could attend some fabulous events… a great example is watching Liverpudlians come together on the 26th January each year…


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