Promises! Achievable or just vote catchers

August 18, 2016

Signe Westerberg Headshots (38 of 102)I am delighted to be the Green’s Mayoral Candidate for Liverpool. I am equally delighted to have the opportunity to see the local papers providing the community with information in relation to the upcoming election. Of interest however is, on reading the details of the six (incl myself) candidates one thing became most clear. Three of them have had 8 years to achieve the things they are promising to do now, two have shown very little interest in the runnings of council previously and only one believed the job of Mayor was about bringing people together.

Let’s get some facts on the table:

The Mayor is not the sole decision maker in council,  I’m thinking this came as a bit of a shock to the #powermadmayor once his power base was lost with the #nolibloveinlivo events of recent months.

Click here for the Leader article on Page three  or


Cllr Hadchiti, is going to ‘pull the budget apart and identify areas of improvement’ Hey councillor you’ve had 8 years to do this, have you been sitting on your hands waiting for the opportunity to run for mayor, with the mess of this past budget you might have wanted to do this a bit earlier?

Cllr Harle wants ‘transparency and financial responsibility’ Again councillor you’ve been part of this council for 8 years what is it about being Mayor that will change  your ability to question the budget? While you have asked questions and been party to some change what will being Mayor change, in your opinion?

Cllr Waller didn’t make rash promises, she unfortunately has lived experience on what she cannot achieve as Mayor if the majority is intent on blocking every possible change until they assume office and claim those changes as their own. FYI Cllr Waller was Mayor for the first 4 years of this current,out of administration, 8 years and was quite hamstrung by a majority of Liberal/independent councillors who opposed much on what appeared political/ideological grounds more oft than not.

Ms Mishra and Mr Sims  seem to be under the impression that the Mayor has special powers/abilities, they can just stop things like rates in their tracks, again this is not the case… the Mayor is the spokesperson/ designated representative (until the majority choose otherwise) he/she is the convenor of a meeting, he/she can add ideas, suggest items and everything else every other councillor can do, with one exception, IF there is a need for a deciding vote in a drawn vote, the Mayor has a casting vote…. rarely if ever actually declared, and used often by the #powermadmayor however available to break tied situations and allow a decision to be made.

There is no magic wand attached to the Mayoral role, as Cllr Waller could tell you I’m sure how frustrating and difficult it can be if the councillors elected by the public have a greater agenda than that of serving the people. So the question should be, who amongst the candidates has the goal or desire to bring together the mishmash of councillors the community see fit to elect? The community decides who they want to represent it and in  Liverpool they also decide who will be the best front person for our city as well as the person who could possibly work with all to bring a cohesive council together. Don’t get me wrong, it won’t be easy but it’s not a magic wand and simply promising to do this or that is tantamount to ludicracy. Populism isn’t governance, it’s about promising what you think your community wants to hear in order to get their vote. Four of the candidates on offer have been regularly involved in council matters, two have shown up at election time with what appears to be little to no knowledge of how a council works. While I am sure they will disagree, this is an important job. Moreover  it’s also an amazing opportunity to tell the NSW Govt that council amalgamations is not on our agenda. The Greens have opposed amalgamations at State and local level and electing a Green to the position of Mayor would be one almighty reminder to Mr Baird et al.

To give myself a little plug while I can, I also have a proven record of wanting transparency, did you know, on nearly every agenda there are confidential items and at times in this council 12 or more items have been ‘in confidence”  Rarely has there been a meeting where all items on the agenda have been open to the public, while I understand privacy issues, you also know that I believe when it involves our rates money we are entitled to the detail… regulations and statutory requirements have privacy as a core protection however, as I’ve stated previously if a shareholder can know the details why can’t the residents?

I, if elected as Mayor or councillor will continue to write about it, I have a reasonable  knowledge of what I can legally share and what I can’t but I know that I will be privy to more facts as a councillor than I do now as a resident who sits in the gallery every month listening to the councillors. I do this now without the detail they have and with a desire to ensure our residents know exactly what is happening with their rates money.

Before you vote for your next Mayor, ask some questions, find out more, simply wanting the job is not enough, our city is too important, the financial status of  our council is too unknown and the future impacts of much still to be made available to the community to impactful to just want the job. While the candidates for the most part seem like decent people, is that enough? A number of them have operated successful businesses, some are academics, some completely unknown to anyone outside their social circle, so investigate, I even invite them to write a response to my comments here and I will post them for you to read, as is.

Most of all, look at all the candidates you elect, not just the parties, Mr Sims is a registered Liberal (according to his nomination form), campaigning/presenting as an independent, Cllr Harle has been in council for 8 years see where his votes have gone, especially in the early days, Cllr Hadchiti has been on council 8 years as well, his allegiance to the outgoing #Powermadmayor has been solid. Me, well I’ve been writing about this for all of those years, just check back anywhere through here, you’ll see I’ve always had an opinion, and I believe once elected the party you represent falls well behind the community who elected you albeit with those values.




more soon and again I invite other candidates to share their views, all opinions welcomed.


Sign off




Council teams announced

August 11, 2016

Signe 2016 outdoorsI am thrilled to be able to introduce our amazing team for this September’s council elections. I’ve read through all the candidate profiles and it appears only two are non residents, Mr Balloot (Bexley) and Ms Rhodes (Lansvale). North Ward is the lesser contested of the two wards, we have in ballot order: LCIT, Liberals, Labor and the Greens with one single independent while the South ward seems a bit more popular, again in ballot order. Liberals, LCIT The Greens Labor and 1 x Liberal Independent party followed by 1 x Animal Justice Party candidate and a single Independent.

As always I took the time to read through the comments, reasons why candidates have put themselves forward, alas there isn’t much to read. LCIT have a few and our Greens team leads have a full and detailed statements.

I won’t be commenting on the decision of the former #powermadmayor not to run or his endorsement of deputy mayor, all I can say is I genuinely hope voters do more than take an endorsement as enough reason to vote for someone and they look closely at the field of candidates for themselves. Mr Sim has run in the past only last time from memory he only ran as the Mayoral Candidate, this time he has a team for south ward and is running as the Mayoral candidates as well.

Most importantly I’d like to introduce our Greens team:

South Ward Lead: Lance Westerberg

My Man

Andre Bosch

Maria George

Stephen Wilkinson

Thomas Gough

North Ward Lead and Mayoral Candidate – (Me) Signe Westerberg

Maurice George

Jared Price

Christopher Garvin

Craig Reedy.

All are fabulous contributing members of the Fairfield Liverpool Greens and anyone of them would be an amazing asset to Liverpool  Council. It is such a pleasure to be associated with candidates who have such passion for their city, who aren’t developers or real estate agents and who genuinely offer different perspectives, ideas and talents. Over the coming weeks I will share with you information about our key issues etc.

http://    This link will take you to the page, scroll down to Liverpool City council and click either North ward or South ward to read about each of the candidates.

I found searching by Area quicker in both the Wards and Mayoral but there are options so click around and learn a bit about your candidates. Sadly as I mentioned above, very few provided a candidate statement or indication that they have or have not been on council in the last term.

Below are the links directly to our Greens lead candidate statements. I am sure over the coming weeks there will be plenty of stories in the local press about who is running. etc. Remember this is your council, your rates money and your vote, use it wisely. With a bit of planning we will have a diverse 11 councillors who will work for our city, our families, our businesses and our environment and are not dominated by one party or another.





Fairfield council candidates have been announced also I’ll post them here if you are interested, just let me know. My friend and colleague Bill Cashman is running for Mayor and Lead candidate in Parks and has a team of 12 covering every ward in Fairfield. Not bad for a small local group to be able to field 22 amazing candidates in two council areas.🙂


For now, happy reading,

Sign off




If you would like to host one of our posters, help hand out flyers or even better hand out for us on Election day or at pre poll please email me at we, as I mentioned before are a small group and without your help we will have to concentrate on a few booths, with your help we can cover more. So please give me a call or email me, there is a booth with your name on it in Liverpool (& Fairfield)

Greens Noms lodged…

August 8, 2016

Signe Westerberg HeadshotsFAV  (78 of 102)The full announcement of our Council team  and the Fairfield council team is only days away, I am so excited that we’ve reached the council elections as many of you who read my posts regularly will know I think we can do better than what we’ve had in the past.

Having had a few more important issues over the last few days I’m not in any real position to advise who is running for the other parties, who is running as an independent etc etc. I am sure we will see some of the same old faces that election times brings forward and I am hopeful there are some new faces as well. What I am most delighted by is the people we greens have gathered together and their amazing passion for all things local.


That said…..Come Wednesday this week all will be revealed so watch this space.


Sign off

Where there is smoke, is there fire?

July 31, 2016

Signe 2016 outdoorsI started this blog about a week ago, clearly with upcoming elections for council I and my colleagues have been focusing on bringing you the Liverpool community the best possible team for September 10th.

The following two paragraphs are what I wrote back then, they are still relevant so I will leave them for your informaton

Many will be aware that recently Liverpool has found its way back into the press. Regrettably it’s not for the good reasons AGAIN. Our #powermadmayor seems to have invited ICAC in… I’ve asked around and from what I can understand that’s not quite how that works. Over the last 4 years numerous letters have been sent to ICAC I’ve even made reports myself based on what I’ve seen and I’ve had back a response and that in no way indicated they were waiting on an invitation from the Mayor. Plus according to the news reports I’ve read, if you were invited in, why did they raid the office, force entry etc.?

While I am not privy to the workings or goings on of the #powermadmayor and his cohorts it’s not brain surgery to note that at some point throughout his entire term as Mayor he has at one time or another been at odds with his own Liberal party members, with the possible exception of Mr Balloot, I actually don’t recall a time when he wasn’t singing the praise of the #powermadmayor but as a non resident imo  I think his tenure is too shaky to create too many waves. That cannot be said of Councillor Ristevski, seems he likes the waves and is determined to highlight what I can only assume is more detailed information than those of us in the gallery are privy to. I do hope it is a genuine need to highlight misdeeds or inaccuracies not just self promotion in the lead up to the council elections.


As  I said above this is just as relevant today, however in the meantime we have had a council meeting and a grand opening. The council meeting had a fair bit of grandstanding by Cllr Hadid, he on a number of occasions waved around a piece of paper calling for the figures paid out to two sacked/dismissed/left CEO’s. The irony for me was that he was calling for THEIR decisions to be made public, inferring he was not party to those same decisions. Alas, that is not true the Liberal majority of which he is a key player signed off on both terminations and I can only assume that of the latest executive position where I understand the payout was in the vicinity of $175K. In that case the position being ‘made up’ in the first place sure got a nice pay off according to some staff members who are livid and who also saw the same executive member handing out for the Liberal party at the recent Federal election. I am not suggesting any wrong doing, what staff do in their own time is entirely their prerogative I support that 100% however the question asked of me why was this person’s job created in the first place and if so why such a hefty payout if it was no longer required? I don’t have answers i’m afraid if I do I will share.

There was an attempt to overturn some of the decisions made at the previous council meeting in relation to the budget. I have to say in my view the whole representation of this budget has been nightmarish and if we had better transparency in Liverpool especially in line with what happens with our rates dollars many of us would feel much more confident. I do think the next  bunch of councillors will be faced with a whole bunch of financial issues they are not expecting, however if they aren’t involved now and aren’t seeing what is happening I guess that’s just bad luck. This of course goes back to my oft touted line of careful who you vote for, especially if they only raise their heads at election time. I would like to see so much more clarity on decisions being made with our rates money. I was not (I either missed it or it was discussed in confidence) aware that council had sold the site presently being used by the Men’s Shed, after so much work and money had been put into setting it up, I would have spoken against it or ensured the funding was organised to accommodate a move. Better still I wouldn’t have approved that site in the first place and found the Mens shed a permanent location from the get go.

It is election time, much is going to be bandied about regarding this election, the one thing  I want from our next set of councillors is to have more information made public. Hiding behind in confidence matters in Liverpool has gotten out of  control in my view. If a company is in dealings with our rates money and the same company has to declare the dealings with their shareholders, WHY ARE WE NOT BEING ABLE TO SEE WHAT IS GOING ON?

Yesterday I attended the opening of the Carnes Hill recreational/Library facility. I would like to say a big thank you to the many many staff who over many many years have worked on this venue. While the present Liberal councillors will gladly accept the accolades it was in fact on the drawing board for many years, $40M worth of investment doesn’t happen overnight and people like Paul Scully, Albert Galletta and the 100s of staff who have worked on this facility over such a long time deserve congratulations. It was interesting that the police were required to handle the pedestrian traffic yesterday, the irony there was they actually wrote a submission against the location for the exact same reasons they were working for hours yesterday managing foot traffic on what  is now a major road extension.  I was also aghast to hear the #powermadmayor made promises yesterday that he would ensure a pool was added to the rec centre if he is re-elected… where is all this money coming from, we have debt in the vicinity of $40M we have an unknown debt for the removal remediation of asbestos that could reach $20M and our rates are already rising. Then of course there is the proposed new civic centre costs, the Bigge park plans and so much more. Did it rain money recently and I had my umbrella up the wrong way???? More on this when I hear more.

It was lovely to see some of our previous staff in attendance to check out the finished project. It would also be remiss of me not to mention the many staff who were in attendance yesterday. For the record, my grandson gives the new skate park a BIG thumbs up. It was lovely to see so many people checking out the new facility and I’ve taken a bunch of pictures I’ll share with you below.  The skate park does feature but I am a Grandmother and one of the scooterers is a special favourite of mine.

Happy snaps from the Carnes Hill Rec Centre/Library opening

Happy snaps from the Carnes Hill Rec Centre/Library opening

20160730_115838_resized 20160730_123258_resized 20160730_123300_resized 20160730_123301_resized 20160730_133219_resized 20160730_133224_resized 20160730_133245_resized 20160730_133250_resized







I need to go and get ready for National Tree day, I hope I get to see your there. Of course there was more to the council meeting and when I get an opportunity I will share with you, if you are interested the actual meeting notes will be available on the council website. You won’t get the joy of detail concerning Cllr Hadids outbursts, or the wrangling and to and fro of Cllr Ristevski’s interactions with the #powermadmayor or the CFO. You won’t see the one time I actually agreed with Cllr Hadchiti, ftr I am against this whole new trend of all Cllrs having to pay for their travel/attendance at functions directly related to their job as councillors, this will greatly affect anyone who puts their hand up in the community to represent the ratepayers who is not independently financial enough to pay airfares etc. This imo will mean only the wealthy will be able to represent Liverpool and the around $23,000 they receive for being councillors is not why one puts their hand up in the first place. I will cover this more at a later time.


Looks like I’ll be running late for National Tree day so I’ll sign off for now. See you there🙂


Sign off

These views are my own based on what I’ve seen and heard, if you see things differently please share, the more the merrier I say.

One week later

July 8, 2016

Signe Westerberg HeadshotsFAV  (78 of 102)Here we are almost a week after the close of voting and we’re only just getting notice that the Turnbull LNP is likely being returned with a huge loss in their majority. (YAY) This would normally create feelings of dread in me, however looking at the parliament that the people elected,  I truly can’t see him coping for too long and back to the polls we’ll go. Time will tell.

I will briefly note the exceptional assistance of my team of volunteers who worked diligently and constantly in the lead up to the election and on election day. We had an increase in our vote for which I am delighted. Sadly here in the South West of Sydney Federal elections are more an avenue by which we raise our profile than to genuinely expect to be elected… YET!!!  Our day will come and the people of Werriwa and surrounds are definitely learning more and more about our policies and acknowledging our passion. Congrats to Anne Stanley for securing the Labor win, the alternative was simply untenable.imo.

Now we’re set ready to focus on the local council elections, in 9 weeks time the residents of Liverpool, Fairfield and Campbelltown will head to the polls again to elect their councillors and in Liverpool their Mayor. Please, can we do better this time, the #powermadmayor we’ve endured for the last 4 years has taken credit for everything but the weather and seems to have completely ignored the processes by which things actually happen in council or the hundreds of people who insure things actually happen. He has also managed to not mention he and his cohorts were directly obstructionist in the previous council and while taking credit for everything now, fails to acknowledge much of what is happening in Liverpool has been on the drawing board for quite some time, long before this Mayors ‘reign’..

As many of you who read this blog know, I have been a constant attendee at council and on many committees and I’ve watched the divisiveness in which this #powermadmayor and his cohorts have worked, during the time on council they have not only managed to alienate the opposition councillors but many of their own. A quick recall pretty much has me thinking at some point during the last 8 years the Liberal majority  has at some point been at war not only with Labor but at times pretty much with everyone on their own side, the possible exception being  Cllr Balloot, however as he doesn’t reside here I guess his compliance has been a given.

I’ve not done a real run down on the last council meeting, however the farce continues as did the campaigning, as it will until September. The new group of councillors elected in September will be surprised to find that the balanced budget they are being sold now is somewhat more complicated than it appears. In an attempt to highlight some of the misinformation and discrepancies, Cllr Shelton may have taken some unwilling prisoners… however a rescission motion here and there will probably address any unfairness. I do support his cost cutting on many things however The Men’s shed is a personal addition to council that I’ve supported long term. This week’s local paper advised that the $500,000 for relocation of the men’s shed might be at risk. I have to admit I don’t recall when we supported the sale of the property they are presently using, let alone the need for a complete relocation. That said much has been snuck through this council, much to much has been done under the cover of confidentiality and confidence.

As many of you are aware Fairfield Liverpool Greens generally host a full team of candidates and as such we would  pledge that if elected we would address this unsavory need for secrets and lack of transparency. We would  also fight what I believe will be the inevitable attack by the NSW Premier to attack the democracy around council autonomy… it is my opinion LCC will be amongst those on his next hit list.

If you believe as I do that council is  important and our representation needs to be transparent and community focused, please consider getting on board and helping us out at the council election. We will need your help on Polling day and in the lead up and with your help real change can happen and if you think as I do that nothing will improve in relation to the Libs working effectively with Labor, Ensuring Greens are in the mix of elected councillors. ensures our city and our environment will be the priority, not the furthering of the ego of the present #powermadmayor. Don’t get me wrong, this will not be an easy council to work with however how you vote will decide the makeup of the council, so consider carefully where your vote goes, your rates, your waste fees and all your local services are approved or not approved by the councillors you elect…so please choose carefully, choose a balanced passionate group of people who can and will work together for your benefit, not their own. Also be aware of those people in our community who only raise their heads at election time, they do almost nought for you and our city between elections but raise their heads seeking your vote. You deserve better and as someone who’s been here since we came out of administration… you should expect more!


More shortly, have a good weekend.


Sign off

Signe’s Election up date

June 22, 2016

Signe Westerberg HeadshotsFAV  (78 of 102)I would like to take a minute to thank the lovely people I’ve been meeting at Pre Poll and at Rail stations and the LMRC meet the candidates. Of all the interactions I’ve had over the last few weeks I have only had one negative, a fellow blaming the Greens for being lousy in Government.  As you can imagine it didn’t cut too deep as the reality that the Greens have never been in government removed the sting.

While it is clear some people are still being convinced there are only two choices, many more than in the past are waking to the fact that their vote is really important and if enough people vote Greens 1 the duopoly would end. Change of such magnitude won’t come fast, but it will come and to those who are looking for a clear path to a better future the Greens are a real alternative, in both the Senate and the house of Representatives.

This election the Fowler and Werriwa voters are being provided with an alternative to the immense paper waste that elections bring. Our small group is responsible for the campaigns run in Fowler and Werriwa and we’ve made some very clear choices this election, 1) we will not be blanketing the community with flyers or plastic corflutes, 2) we will where possible provide a small number of the print version of our HTV’s however we really want the community to know THERE ARE PAPERLESS ALTERNATIVES… to this end we’ve enlisted the quirky little QR (quick response) box on a number of our Corflute signs….

They’re about 5cm square and can be accessed by your smart phone…WerriwaQR (002)

For those who have a smart phone and don’t already have a QR reader, simply go to your in phone app store, regardless of whether Iphone or Android there will be options, type in QR reader and you’ll be shown a whole bunch of QR Readers… I downloaded a free version myself and it was easy, quick and noninvasive (some apps can be a bit overpowering and needy). When you’ve downloaded your preferred version, (there are plenty to choose from) simply click on the app to open it and point it at the little box above and you will be taken immediately to the How To Vote suggestions for Werriwa. It really is that simple. We will ensure there will be codes on as many Polling places as possible, especially important as we will not have sufficient volunteers to be on the over 40 schools and polling places. The most fabulous thing is we also won’t be printing trees and trees full of paper that will go into recycling throughout and after the election. I am also happy to email you my candidate info flyer, just email me at and I’ll send one in an email.

If you’re a little unsure, there are other options as well… still through your phone browser, simply go to (or click here)

If you are travelling and can’t see your local there is this statewide option.

For those who like a paper version to take with you, you can always print off a version and take it with you

HTV_NSW_Werriwa_ 2016 A4 simply print it out and take it with you.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: ON THE SENATE PAPER  – the really big white one: Our How to vote examples are based on our research of the policies of that party, indicating those parties suggested for your 2,3,4,5,6, are closest to our principles and policy. After  you’ve voted your Greens 1 how you select the next 5 is entirely up to you, MOST IMPORTANTLY  YOU NEED TO CHOOSE 6 above the line on the senate paper or 12 below the line.

On the small Green ballot paper, there are only 4 to choose from in Werriwa: If you value accessible free education, medical that includes dental, decency for those in need and dignity for the unemployed there is only one choice: Vote 1 Signe Westerberg Greens

  • there are 4 candidates, our local group has allocated our second spot to the local labor candidate as on some issues Labor  have a similar point of view, 3 or 4th go to the ultra conservative CDP and Liberal candidates. With these last two you risk changes to medicare, increases in cost of pap tests and medical support, debt for decades for education, big business continuing to get the lion’s share of the savings and rebates, inequality in how the LGBTI community are treated, inhumane treatment of people seeking asylum that costs millions more than providing processing at source (in the country of origin – simply where they first reach e.g Indonesia) by properly funding the UNHCR and many many more serious issues.

I don’t always go into so much detail, however in this election there is  too great a risk that without the correct information, voters will resort to putting the Liberals back in government and the CDP helping them achieve their  goals.

Of course the choice is always and should be yours and if voting for one of the old parties is a family tradition, consider this: tradition is looking backwards not forward, tradition will not provide jobs for the future, tradition will not provide security, a fair economy or good health outcomes.

While some traditions are nice for keeping memories alive, like a dad having the first dance with his daughter at her wedding, traditions that will severely impact the growth of our nation, damage our precious planet, put more people into harm’s way, leave more and more Australians unable to provide a roof over their head, or a meal, or medicine, that allows big business  to be the recipients of more tax cuts and subsidies while small business owners get little to no support… put them in your number 2 spot, that way they will get a strong message that you want to register a real complaint about the direction they’re heading.

The other scary thing for me is with the two old parties, even what they don’t’ tell you before the election could be included after the election as a  “mandate for change”… in other words we didn’t mention it before but we’re gonna sneak in some changes you would have definitely voted no to before the election.

This is a really important election, while we might not like everything about one party or another, the Greens have always stuck by their commitments, and our policy is created by your neighbours, the local groups, so by people like you who care about the future, not entrenched MP’s who’ve lost touch with the community because they’ve been in government too long and value to financial reward

Of course  as always these are my personal opinions based on what I’ve seen and read. Your  opinions may differ and if you think it important to put your ideas forward I am happy to add them here… simply send in a comment and it will be included in the comments section of this post, unedited as always.


Sign off




for my friends in Fowler… here’s your QR code.

fowlerQR (002)

Pre Poll started Tuesday….

June 18, 2016

Signe 2016 outdoorsHere we are 2 weeks from a Federal election, the candidates are known, the policies are being sprouted and the lies and stories being told…so from here what next.

Pre Poll is becoming a big factor in the selecting of a government. Nearly 30% of voters now vote in the weeks leading up to the election, long before all the policies and advertising have kicked in. So what to do?

There are lots of people standing outside polling places from the two old parties, and one or two from the Greens and/or other parties, all will kindly offer a piece of paper with their ideas, sadly some will foist themselves on you and walk you all the way to the door, pushy, possibly illegal and certainly inappropriate but it happens. You can resist but sadly if you happen to present as a person who may not be confident in English they have been known in the past to badger and bully…again you can resist and you should. It is disappointing however there are some who will tell you anything they think might sway your vote, even if it’s not quite true or a fair representation of their policies. This is why I urge you to look closely at your options and choose carefully, the choices you make could cost us way more than you could possibly think, remember the old parties regard a win at the polls as a licence (mandate) to do what they want, even if they didn’t present it to your before the election.

Your vote is important and it’s yours, regardless of what the How to Vote piece of paper says you decide where your vote goes, NO ONE ELSE! Just make sure you number all the boxes on the little paper and 6 above the line OR 12 below the line on the large white paper.


If you are unsure and you know who your favourite party/candidate is and you are happy with their policies and choices, make sure they get your first choice, from there work your way through until you’ve filled all the boxes on the Green paper (the little one) and when you move to the BIG BIG paper, same thing applies, put the No 1 in the party of your choice and work across (above the line) until you’ve numbered to 6… of course I think the Greens are the obvious choice for the 1 VOTE [in the senate they are in position AL] . However if you happen to favour one of the old parties but they aren’t living up to your expectations, give your first vote to the Greens 1 and then your favourite old party your No 2. Why… if the Green candidate doesn’t get up ( & sadly this is the case in a lot of electorates) your Green vote will pass down to your second choice, meaning your old party still gets the vote however they also get to know you’re not happy with their political choices. This is particularly important if you are against the treatment  of refugees, want NO NEW coal mines, think medicare is important and don’t want your kids education becoming a debt for decades to come etc etc  Voting like this will  get their attention as it also affects their funding – guaranteed🙂

Then on the BIG white paper if you want to vote for individual candidates you really need to number 12 candidates below the line.  This is important, you want your vote to count and how we are treated for the next 3 yrs will rely on your vote. This election is being considered really close, the 2 old parties (Labor and Liberal National)  ensure that they basically get turns at governing, well that is until the voters realise that their vote can really change things… every single vote matters so please don’t underestimate its value. Here in Werriwa we have two councillors, a Christian Democrat and Me the Greens candidate, so the small paper has only 4 choices… the senate paper in NSW is big.

SO here’s the thing, you will be given How to Vote forms from the parties (including the Greens) at  most polling places, but it’s soooo important to remember, they are suggestions, in the case of the Greens, suggestions based on investigating what the other parties stand for and we attempt to choose parties who have similar priorities to our own. Unfortunately, the two old parties have done deals in this election to block out the Greens and some of the smaller parties by preferencing each other. This indicates one or two things, one it really shows that their policies are much the same and neither are progressive in nature or two keeping their duopoly and their jobs means more than the outcome for the people.

click on the above link to find out about your Greens suggestions for the house of Reps and the Senate)

In Werriwa, you may in the past have seen Mr Mannoun or Ms Stanley in the press, as they were/are councillors, however do you know what they stand for? Considering any achievements either of them may take credit for in council were likely not their own but that of the whole of council, from 11 to up to 700 people who either contributed, enacted, thought it up or made sure it happened. Neither of them as councillors actually did what was required to make it happen in isolation. The difference with Mr Mannoun is that in this last term on council for the most part he had the support of the majority, right up until there was #nolibloveinlivo so what he/they thought were good ideas were pushed through. Many of those ideas were conceived during the previous term of council only he and his associates still had the balance of power so they were more obstructionist in nature and not as much could be achieved. I have to be completely honest I do not know the fellow from the Christian democrats so I cannot comment and to my knowledge he’s not visited our polling place, the two councillors I do, as I’ve attended all but three of the council meetings during both their terms.

This has been a huge week, tonight is my first evening at home so there is a bit to catch up  on, however from the get go I want to say thank you to so many lovely people I’ve met and chatted with this week, you are amazing and you truly deserve better governance than you’ve been getting from the Liberals and Labor.

Tuesday evening I attended the Western forum and what a jammed packed program that was, we got a briefing re the BCAirport consultancy and the Council presentation regarding the budget… please take some time to look at what is happening or planned for the coming year and make comment.

Wednesday evening was the Quota dinner at Hunts, what a great evening and congrats to the new board. Quota has a long and amazing history in Liverpool and I’d also like to wish the outgoing board members all the best. Thank you for always making me feel so welcome.

Thurssigne LMRC MTCday was the Liverpool Migrant Resource Centres Meet the Candidates event, hosted and recorded by SBS Arabic. The room full of interested residents were able to listen to a 3 minute introduction of candidates from Hughes, Fowler and Werriwa. Kudos to my colleague Bill Cashman who is the candidate for Fowler and he as always spoke so eloquently, passionately and informatively. Anne Stanley and I were speaking for Werriwa as the Liberal Candidate arrived 2 &3/4 hours late. Wining and dining with  Mr Turnbull was more important I guess, hence his tardiness. No one I spoke to was surprised, his reputation for being late or not showing at all is well known.  I will attach my 3minute intro here for those who are interested.

Last night (Friday)we had a campaign team meeting and the one thing that became incredibly obvious was our need for volunteers to help out both at the Pre Poll places and on Election day. If you have a couple of hours free and you’d like to help us make sure the community is aware there is more than the two old parties in this election, please contact me directly. If you are interested  in helping out we have a really ‘schmick’ t-shirt, badge and a load full of appreciation.

Unlike some of our opposition we are unable to pay our volunteers and I’ve been working all  week with a small team on the Green Valley Pre poll (with many thanks to Andre and Alisha) Our full time Liberal Mayor has managed to spend several hours a day campaigning there also along, with some council employees who have advised me they  had taken leave to hand out for him and Anne Stanley has been a regular although she resigned from council so she could campaign for Labor.

Lastly…. here’s a little a teaser, the Greens Werriwa and Fowler campaigns have a truly unique green idea ready to share, so watch this space, especially if you are one of those tech savvy people who want to save a tree to two. 

I’ll keep in touch, don’t forget this week the Urban forum has been moved to the Library so come along and listen to the proposed budget presentation. I was asked to keep the 22/23rd June free for the Liverpool Leaders MTC but I’ve not heard any more so will advise when and if I get more information.

(this is quite long but it’s been a huge week… I’ll try to post more regularly so it’s not a small book lol) As always if you have an opinion to add… just email me here and I’ll present yours as well.


Sign off


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