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Liverpool MEDIA RELEASE video launch


23.7.12 I spoke at the last council meeting of my concerns about the CSG Mining happening in our local area…please read here what I said.

23.7.12 address to council CSG while I don’t stick to the script word for word and being particularly conscious of the time limit.. I stay pretty close to it. The Champion has shown some interest in this and I hope will do a story on the impacts and outcomes some time soon.


Recently we have sent a number of media releases to both the Leader and the Champion,  to date we’ve not received coverage (hope that changes soon as we believe them important matters) I’ve attached them for your information. If there is a particular matter that interests you, please feel free to contact me or the papers, perhaps we can garner more interest if more than ‘Just the Greens’ think it is important.

12 6 27 Liverpool CSG Moratorium

26.7.12 Presser renewable plan

24.7.12 Planning changes extend the review period

Pro Developer media release


===================================================Here is the piece announcing our leads in today Champion:


Greens: Back to the Future…pro developer media release

Click here for Back to the future.. Pro Developer media release


Greens call for a moratorium on CSG mining in Liverpool LGA

click her for the Liverpool CSG Moratorium Media Release


12.10.11 Failure of LCC to purchase Green Power. Tks Simone for clearly representing my opinion although I’m annoyed not angry LOL


For those who may have missed the Carbon debate at LCC here is the audio of Senator Lee Rhiannons opening remarks… sadly the resident interruptions were continued throughout the evening.


there seems to be a bit of debate around the meters, pls refer my post To Meter or not to Meter posted on the 21.9.11. 


Despite being an ‘ordinary’ photo [can’t help the model ;-( ] this article brought about a lot of discussion, sadly no real debate and highlighted the absolute obsession we have with the status quo I spoke of some weeks ago, thanks to the Champion, while this didn’t necessarily bring about change of attitude, it’s only when matters are discussed rationally that change will come.


Work with us to save our free Green Bus, this articles thta appeared in the Champion and Leader  on 6.7.11



Champion Piece titled Mayors Sacking: 25.5.11


Champion Editors Piece:  May 18th and beyond with comments:


24.2.11 Candidate forum notes.

for those who couldn’t attend here are the notes for my speech.

24 2 11 Meet the candidate notes




16,2,11 Ready to walk for a cause:

The Greens are entering a team again this year in the relay for life: I challenge other groups and political parties to get on board as well.


16.2.11   Schools – TAFE need more funding

Candidates were asked to list their top three proirities this is what was in the champion this week.

Greens work with Macquarie Fields residents: Bill Cashman

9.2.11 Liverpool Contest Heats UP!

8.2.11 Greens  on the Green at Liverpool Mall Saturday 12.2.11

19.1.2011 Greens candidates Signe Westerberg (Liverpool)and Bill Cashman (Macquarie Fields) say “Library closures should be on final page”


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