Submission re Georges River Precinct

December 2, 2016

Hi all,


I have finally finished one of the submissions to council due on Monday. I will add the link here and the whole document on the submissions page. I accept there are parts of it that are aspirational, hopeful even but in my opinion if we don’t ask we won’t get. I truly believe that while development and providing housing is essential as our city grows however it has to be more than how many humans we can push into every square metre of residential space. Of course as always you might have different views and that’s fabulous, even better if you share them here others can see your thoughts as well and maybe consider putting in a submission of their own     click.Here

Just for the record although I’ve suggested 30 story building limit, I’d personally prefer lower, however the precedent has been set  in LIverpool already so creating an issue where the Land and Environment Council ends up making all our decisions isn’t desireable either…. so I’ve compromised. 😦

there is another due on Monday and with a little luck and timing I’ll get that done and posted as well.


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Action Time:

January 18, 2013

frackingYesterday the group GetUp posted a link to contact all LNP members to say no to CSG mining in our LGA and further afield.

Here is the link or

Below the letter I wrote to Senator Ajaka, Please take the time to write in opposition to this proposal to mine under our homes, on our fields…for the safety of our families and our future.


Until there is proof positive that fracking will not affect our water table, until there is proof positive that there are no negative health affects, until there is proof positive that farm lands won’t be destroyed and until there is sufficient proof that you would put your family in the middle of a gas field please don’t put mine in harms way.

Studies out of the US, out of Queensland cannot establish proof positive that CSG mining is safe, recent studies have proven it is NOT cost effective and you have no right as an elected official to risk the health and safety of even one of your constituents.

With numerous alternatives, approving CSG mining is purely ‘one for the boys’ and sir, I object.

NSW is not for sale, our land our water and our people are not yours to risk.

Its time you stood up to special interests in the name of residents and said NO.

Today would be nice! By the way, we are watching, we are paying att ention and we do not like what we see, if you hope for another term, its time you started listening to the people.
Don’t frack with me and my family… my friends, my neighbours or my access to clean water, fresh air or health.


Signe Westerberg

Please feel free to use this as a guide or follow the info on the GetUp Site. If you don’t have time to write, sign the petition, every signature helps.

My faith renewed

September 24, 2009

Signe Westerberg Headshots (38 of 102)As some of you who have been reading my posts for the last 19months know I’m pretty passionate, I’ve also become a little jaded (just a little), no matter how hard I try bureaucracy disappoints. The people of Liverpool generally inspire me but the red tape, the brick walls and the failure to do what is right by all levels of government distresses, frustrates and infuriates me.

So why my faith renewed, it’s simple, after reading copious amount of info, after talking with residents and wondering if the many hours I spend, writing submissions, commenting on issues there is rarely a glimmer of hope or  acknowledgement that they are even considered. Then out of the blue a trickle of hope that someone with the power to make a difference was listening! It started by chance with the news that instead of bulldozing Berryman Reserve (Remembrance Park) the TIDC or Rail Corp or whomever made the decision and listened to the people and had decided to build the Warwick Farm Car park over the present car park and Hart Park, and not along the highway, and that they called for public input. As I do, I asked for the info package. The very next day via Express Post I received a comprehensive CD with all manner of info about plans, councils comments etc.  The day following that I got a call to make sure that I’d received it and that if I needed more information I should just call and ask…. WOW.

I spent the next couple of weeks reading this information, formulated my thoughts and on the 22nd Sept, emailed my submission or opinions with a cover note. Are you ready for this? In my inbox on the 23rd was a thank you email and a promise to bring the combined results back to me….DOUBLE WOW.

Ok this matter is a long, long way from the completion, it could potentially be years before the car park is built BUT Bureaucracy for a brief moment remembered the little guy, well in this case the girl. Do I expect my suggestions to be embraced, possibly not, some I sincerely hope do get some consideration but they bothered, for this brief moment in time when all around us  is so much to be done and so few who care about the Island that is Liverpool someone took us seriously.

The fact that we are a safe seat means that if Labor is in Government as a ‘safe’ Labor seat we can be dismissed, ignored and dumped on – if the Libs were in Govt because we are a ‘safe’ Labor seat we can be dismissed ignored and dumped on. So for this one moment in time when not surrounded by sewerage, noise from rail traffic is deafening, when private schools and or developments are thrust upon us and a freight terminal of such magnitude doesn’t’ even warrant Public consultation – thank you Miss Public Affairs Assistant/communications of the Transport Infrastructure Development Corporation for the glimmer of hope that we matter, whether it was a policy decision or a juniors initiative. Thank you.

A quick Tuesday 7pm at the Liverpool Community Hall 14b Mill Road, Liverpool come along and support the residents of Liverpools rail corridor with MLC Lee Rhiannon.

Monday night is councils Graffiti forum at council chambers.

Lastly make comment I value your input.

Men’s sheds.

July 21, 2009

Signe Westerberg Headshots (96 of 102)For quite some time now I’ve chatted with some of the local residents with regards to forming a “Men’s Shed” program. I’ve looked at this as an observer and have recently made enquiries with the Bonnyrigg men’s shed –previous participant.  These “Sheds” seem to me to be a terrific venue for fella’s to get together, work on projects and get some “man time”. From my understanding they can often be a venue for men getting valuable health information and interaction with other blokes who find they have a little time on their hands.

Do you know of someone who might be interested in becoming part of this vital group of local men?

Do you have an expertise or skill you could share?

Do you know of an older disused building that could be converted into a “shed” (cheap even better free)

Are you interested in forming a steering committee to get one up and running in Liverpool?

For me, this is an important addition to the lives of gentlemen all over our LGA, I am happy to be part of getting one going, I’d be happy to contribute of my time to keep one running and to investigate the commencement of such a project. But I cannot do it alone.

Please send me your ideas, and suggestions for gentlemen who could help me get this project off the ground. Or if in fact you think the whole idea is a waste of time…let me know…surely there are some fella’s out there who would find knocking together pieces of furniture etc, perhaps a little gardening or whatever, even if it is just to give them a break from the missus for a few hours each week.

I wish we had one around when my dad was alive, perhaps having an interest might have just kept him around a little longer…