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I have been busy writing submissions, however one I didn’t post in the hope it wouldn ‘t forewarn some councillors that the Nursery Mattered… alas they voted down to actually supply what you were promised when first asked to accept an environment levy. Worst was that a non resident spoke so vehemently against it based on one attendance at a meeting that a number of us had been attending and supporting for 8-10 years.  So here are my last two submissions, sadly mine was the only one received by council for the Operations and delivery program draft and as today is the last day for the community halls one I can only hope I am not the only person attempting to save our community halls from sale or as they’re calling it rationalisation.

submission re council facilities 27.729.5.17

Delivery and Operational budget submission

6th December, 2016 Liverpool CBD DCP amendment 25:


lcc Submission CBD DCP Amendment 25


2.12.16 Georges River precinct Master plan submission…here LCC Submission Georges River Precinct




Simta submission 25.6.15


9.6.14 submission re 2014 15 budget

Submission re the 2014/15 budget.



12.6.13  Code of Meeting – proposed changes to say NO to:


My submission to the draft Operational Plans 29.5.13 click here:

Draft docs on public exhibition

I understand although the due date was the 29th submissions are still being accepted … don’t delay 😉


to read my comments on the draft Revenue Pricing Policy & Delivery Program  click here

please feel free to share your ideas with me.


28.3.12 Reclassification of 1 Hoxton Park Road. click here


22.2.12 Pye Hill Development submission      click here


Graffiti submission 10.1.12

10.1.12 Graffiti Management Submission




13.12.11 Submission re the intermodal.. a brain dump of ideas

Submission click here


27-29.11.11 Feedback forms for local parks in the LGA, very interesting to see the manner of work being projected for parks in different areas:

Respone_Form__Community_Consultation__PP15[1] Wingate Park




29.11.11 My submission regarding the Voluntary Planning Agreement  doc re development of sites in Warwick Farm by the Australian Turf club… here


21.10.11 Submission for Coopers Paddock rezoning here..:


13.10.11 This is my submission re the proposed development on Heathcote, Moorebank and Coopers Avenues…:Click here


5.9.11 Today the submissions regarding the Intermodal Site at Moorebank are due, attached is my submission, albeit a little ‘scattered’ I hope I’ve covered the many issues attached to this mega monster proposal. Here

here is the response from the Dept of Planning (oops sent on FLG Sign off) EPBC 2011 6086

22.8.11 Submission for the Upgrade of the Intersection of Governor Macquarie Drive and Munday Street intersection

19.8.11 DA 28 2012 Governor Mac Drive Upgrade

10.8.11 Submission re: DA for Hume Hwy & Gov. Macquarie Drive, Munday St.

support with conditions:  10.8.11 AJC Munday Hume &Gov Mac submission

5.7.11 the Cabramatta Creek wetlands Project is a joint venture for Liverpool City council and Fairfield City council. This project is a 10 year vision for the area and as this is the largest single wetland body on Cabramatta Creek and the species of flora and fauna is extensive, we should do all we can to protect, educate and enjoy this asset. click here to read my submission.

27.6.11 Collingwood precinct plan of Management submission: for those who may be interested this is what I sent to council, I’m confident people with a greater knowledge locally will be able to add significantly to this:

27.6.11 Collingwood Precinct submission.1 docx

25.5.11  submission for Operational Plan

Bigge Park Submission April 2011

Social Justice submission April 2011

Address to Liverpool City Council meeting 21.6

Please find attached my submission (letter) to council re the 2010 Draft Managment plan… I value your comments and suggestions and hope that you too have advised council of any concerns/ideas you have also

17.5.10 Submission Draft Management Plan V2

Some of you may be aware that I resigned my membership of the Liverpool Action Group. I’ve attached my resignation for your information and I do hope that if I can assist any of the members individually they don’t hesitate to contact me.

7.5.10 LAG Resignation

If you are curious to know what I said to Council on the 15th regarding Trees and preservation please click on the link for a draft of what I said…. I follow closely but not 100% but this will give you an idea.

15.2.10 Draft Tree presentation to council

Draft Graffiti Policy submission 9.09 read here for my submission to the Liverpool Draft Graffiti Policy.

Click here to read my submission regarding the Management Plan– submitted 2.6.09

As you all know I am strongly against the Proposed 9% increase in rates or the Council borrowing an additional $5m for infrastructure works. Please feel free to read my submission. Your comments are welcome.

Casula petition click on this link to download the petition to help the Residents of Casula Links to get Noise Barriers…then post to

S Lambert 64, St. Andrew’s Blvd,  Casula, NSW   2170.

This is not an online petition, this petition needs to be downloaded, signed and posted so as to provide Parliament with original signatures in support of noise barriers along the SSFT.

Thank you for your support, the more signatures, the more State & Federal Politicians’ will take notice. It’s time they knew Liverpool was no longer just a “safe” seat.

6 Responses to Petitions and Submissions

  1. Shady Ayad says:


    I have had enough of the noise that comes out of the track work. I am responsiable for my company’s IT and am getting to the point where i can no longer do my work because of lack of sleep. My mother is suffering from cancer and can not get a good nights sleep.

    I think I speak on behalf of everyone in St Andrews Blvd but WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH BUILD SOME NOISE BARRIERS.

    • Signe says:

      I totally agree that something needs to be done, it seems we need to shake up some pollies…surely if they lived with the noise you are it would have been fixed a long long time ago. You know that we (The Greens) are working with the residents and will do what ever we can to get what is right done and done soon.

  2. Adam says:

    I have emailed, phoned and hassled the RTA about the pathetic one extra lane for the M5 and have heard nothing back, it is almost like they couldnt care less. Look what happened to the M4 when they added only one extra lane that is still a mess. Is there anything anyone can do to atleast maker the M5 4 lanes each way from Camden Vally way right to General Holes Drive?

    • Signe says:

      Hi Adam,
      Submissions are still being written…. the closing date is either the 15th or the 19th March and once that is done we should be either acknowledged or be able to look at their website to see what has been done. My own submission is still being written. The planning for this road is still in the very early stages and we as a community seriously need to look at alternate transport options as even once the extra lane (s) are complete we will still be at capacity or more. Add to that the trucks from Port Botany to the Freight Hub & Container storage facility at Moorebank we seriously won’t want to be on the local roads at all. Feel free to pop back onto this site and comment if you do hear anything…sharing the info is important for the whole Community. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Rob says:

    Hi Signe,

    I’m just wondering what your views are on gay rights in Australia (or the lack thereof of equality). My partner and I don’t feel safe displaying affection in public whilst in the local area… and it’s the year 2010. How do you think we could change the community’s perception and understanding of GLBT’s? If elected, would you change or implement anything to achieve this?

    • Signe says:

      Hi Rob, for me everyone is equal, regardless of skin colour, sexual orientation or shoe size, I struggle with the idea that because of one thing or another other people don’t feel the same way but you are right it’s 2010 and there are still a long way to go… I believe the community (and the Greens) is making advances and that the only way to really help people get over their phobias is to be patient and persistent. Your safety should always be a paramount concern however I do believe things are changing for the better. If you read back through my small mountain of writing you’ll see one of the most prevalent issues I fight for is equality… no ifs, ands, or buts’ we’re all created equal and no man or woman has the right to supersede that. As a political group one of our major policy areas is in making sure equal rights for all Australians is paramount.
      Thanks for the comment and I hope you come back soon.

      Regards Signe

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