You can get Involved!

Liverpool City Council is YOUR council, voted by YOU, to work for YOU.

Not everyone has the time and energy with a busy schedule to keep up with what that council is doing. Which is exactly why Signe Westerberg for Liverpool is still going strong and will continue to do so. I am dedicated to this Fabulous City, and I am ready to take your views, ideas and needs to Liverpool City Council.

As issues come up and community needs arise; as councillors and action groups make their proposals and vote for and against change, I will be there.

  • Firstly with details of where information regarding different issues is available, and as many facts as I can get out there to the community myself.
  • With my personal view and take on situations as both a resident and business owner in Liverpool.
  • With ideas and suggestions that NEED YOUR FEEDBACK.
  • With my own submissions and proposals to LCC based on my experience and needs as a resident and business owner in Liverpool and YOUR COMMENTS AND IDEAS gathered through constant communication with various members and groups in our community.

As I progress and get to know more people and involved with more groups working in our community Signe Westerberg for Liverpool will be a one-stop-online-shop for various ideas and ways you can help get involved to GROW LIVERPOOL for the benefit of all.

Do you want to talk to someone about:

  • ways to contact and submit ideas to council,
  • an issue in your local area
  • proposals and submissions you would like to make to Liverpool City Council, or
  • feedback regarding Council meetings and various groups in the Council area? 

The please contact Signe Westerberg on


P: 02 8777 5599, or


Signe Westerberg

PO Box 553

Liverpool NSW 1871


You can also leave a comment here at the bottom of the page you are interested in on Signe Westerberg for Liverpool.


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