Let’s chat about why you should elect me to the Legislative Assembly.

March 13, 2019

FACT: women bring an entirely new perspective to debate, Liverpool has had a male representative for just on 25yrs, a long time one might say but also a long time being detached or at arm’s length from the everyday issues that affect our community.
It is also fair to ask what has our sitting member done in all those years? A quick look at Hansard shows from time to time he speaks on issues, good, but how often are those issues directly related to our community? You can only talk about the rail spur line so many times!
My name is Signe Westerberg, I’m a 63yr old woman who lives in our community, I’ve worked in our community and I regularly speak up for issues affecting our community. (Not all the candidates are local btw)
I am not doing this because I’m, looking for “ a career change” why I’m standing in this (and have in other) elections is we need real change, genuine change. The only way we as a community can achieve this is by creating a situation that will scare the bejingies out of the two old parties and remind them there are alternatives and there are opportunities.
I represent our community through the Greens policies because they are the most relevant, they address the needs and desires of the people with whom I live, work and play. I chose to be part of a party because as an independent (I was originally) you do not have the reach, the input and the experience of anyone but your immediate circle – our party is genuinely representative of members, who decide on policy that the MLC’s speak to and all our policies are readily available and relevant to our community so I can stand confident that I represent my communities needs through them.
Its oft been said that if you keep doing as you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten…
Isn’t it time we made a difference? Isn’t’ it time our voice changed? This election you can make the difference. Bringing people together from all parties will ensure the whole community is represented, sticking with the two old parties merely ensures two old views have turns 

BTW if you trust me enough to get me elected, and to be honest we will need to work hard to rally enough votes, I will do my utmost to encourage, mentor and bring other women and young people along with me so when my time is up we can be assured, well prepared younger women are ready to take my place.
See you at the polling booth…thanks for your time 😊