Great Big Tax my …….

I’m sitting here this morning wondering what the hell happened in council last night. Here we are faced by an enormous situation that will affect every single home owner in Liverpool and every single business in a very big way (and don’t forget the flow on affect to renters) and the most our councillors could do is discuss a grocery bill… and car wash expenses. You heard me, here we are faced with an enormous increase in Rates being thrust upon us by the NSW State Government and our illustrious leaders went on nit picking excursion instead.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m the first to pick up on anyone rorting the system… but we are talking a couple of bucks compared to potential rate increases above 100%, some tout above 200% and you know what…that gets my attention, Cllr Napolitano spent more money pursuing Legal Advice because she didn’t understand the wording in the election of the Mayor back in 200?. 

Councillors barely covered 60% of the agenda last night, they spent innate amounts of time discussing whether the Mayor should pick and choose who attends a function if she’s not available & hurt feelings, how to take 20% of her mayoral allowance and give it to the deputy mayor (I hope that makes his feelings better) and whether or not she overspent on car washing the council’s vehicle. GOOD LORD did anyone hear me…. we are having AN ENORMOUS RATE INCREASE THRUST UPON US. Add to this with their extensive bickering and nit picking we didn’t get through the agenda and now another meeting will be called within the week to finalise last night’s agenda.

The behaviour of our councillors left many in the gallery shaking their heads last evening, one commented that she wouldn’t stand that type of behaviour from school children, while others (including myself) couldn’t believe what we’d witnessed. Councillors  might find their time better spent discussing issues such as A GREAT BIG INCREASE IN MY RATES, rather than whether the interpretation of this word or that should require legal investigation and the added expense. The one thing Cllr Lucas said that had any merit was misheard by the councillors and summarily dismissed, he doesn’t say much of value people but when he does it might be courteous to listen. As always Councillors asking questions about the code of conduct or the Payment of Expenses and Provision of facilities to councillors’ policy… perhaps a good read might suffice. The telephone allowance is $75 Mobile and $35 landlines… very important stuff I hear you say and it was in the minutes! Again…Councillors please read the minutes.

Where hounding the previous GM appears to have had the desired effect in that he quit, I doubt the constant hounding of the Mayor is likely to have the same affect, perhaps if there is an issue or breach  using the councils dispute process might stop the use of way to many hours pursuing vendetta’s and innuendo playing out in council chambers when more pressing issues need to be addressed, all this does is take me back to 2008 and the Council elections when the most the Lib/Inds could manage for policy was LETS BEAT LABOR NO MATTER THE COST… we need more from you councillors and we NEED IT NOW!

To read what I said in council click onto the petitions page and follow the link.


4 Responses to Great Big Tax my …….

  1. Lofty Victor says:

    You go girl.What a bunch of no hopers we have in council. Let’s go back to administration.

    • Signe says:

      thanks for the comment, I’m not sure administration is the direction I’d choose, however with the current behaviour of councillors it may not be my choice they have to worry about. thanks again!!!!

  2. Peter Langsam says:

    I was at that Council meeting and until now have remained silent. It was sad to see Councillors nit picking about a few hundred dollars and whether the Mayor should or shouldn’t have the Official Mayoral car washed when there are bigger issues to be debated. I also can’t believe that Councillors are seriously talking about spending money hiring lawyers and barristers at several hundred dollars per hour to see if we have the right to vote for Mayor or whether Councillors think they can do the job for us on the pretence of a possible “flawed” referendum many years ago.

    • Signe says:

      Thanks for the comment Peter, Tuesday was a little better…and in fairness that’s all we ask, act professionally, deal with the important matters at hand and move our city forward, there are too many important issues, to fluff about with carwashing. As for the keeping quiet… Don’t – we need to speak up, we need the councillors (ALL of them) to know we are interested, we do care and we don’t want to tolerate petty matters that could be dealt with in a more professional manner.

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