One day to go

September 9, 2016
2016 Signe OutdoorsHi all, Just popping in the say Hi and to remind all of you in Liverpool, Fairfield and Campbelltown that tomorrow is election day. We have amazing Greens running in each electorate, people who are dedicated to serving the community, people who aren’t developers and real estate agents and don’t have a sub-agenda for seeking your vote. Please take a few minutes to look over the information shared with you by those candidates, look at our facebook pages – this and my @swesterberggreens Have a look at the information and consider giving the Greens your vote in Liverpool, Fairfield and Campbelltown (& other LGA’s this weekend).
Ask yourself, will this candidate put me and my family before big developers? Will this candidate speak up for us? Has this candidate a record for fighting for our residents? Did this candidate just show up this election and have no impact in the community prior? Is this candidate making promises they simply cannot deliver on? Is this candidate capable of working as part of a team to ensure we get the best outcomes?
Gone are the days where party loyalty is enough, gone are the days when you can just assume they are in it for the right reasons.
Before I go I would also like to publically thank my amazing colleagues in the Fairfield Liverpool Greens, despite the outcome this weekend, you have been simply amazing, outstanding and We’re gunna work your butts off tomorrow 🙂 To the Campaign team in Glebe and our extraordinary Volunteers – thank you.
I will highlight just a couple of outstanding efforts, Andre who has put together all those pretty pictures and taglines for me and made me look organised and professional and hours and hours on PrePoll. Rudge and Roxie for the time and expertise they put into the fantastic video, John and Bill for their tireless support and amazing skills and by no means least my wonderful daughter and my husband who have quietly worked behind the scenes to keep me sane and on track.
The incredible teams on North and South wards, each and everyone would be an amazing asset to our council, to the unbelieveable team of volunteers who have and will be on polling places tomorrow.  We still have a number of gaps and unmanned booths (so please call me if you have an hour or so).
A BIG BIG BIG thank you from the bottom of my heart. Most residents have very little idea of the dedication and commitment that goes into each and every election.
To my opponents on Prepoll, thank you, we may not agree on politics but we have worked alongside each other now for a couple of weeks. For me there has been no adversarial or nastiness, unfortunately that’s not the case for some. Let’s hope the Liverpool voters get it right and give us a truly committed and varied group of councillors who are there for the people not personal gain.
See you out and about tomorrow…Vote 1 Greens if you want more green than concrete, more passion than payoff, more transparency  than secrecy.
Sign off

Only a few more sleeps

September 6, 2016

2016 Signe OutdoorsCouncil elections are this Saturday, there is still much to do and I’m very keen to get some more volunteers on polling places this week. (please let me know if you can spare a few hours to help hand out) The genuine warmth at the rail station this morning was great and the fact that around 400 people got to see a snapshot of what our ideas for council are is fabulous.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working on the Carnes Hill Pre Poll station, (albeit it tiring) and meeting residents. I expect in the coming days it will get busier and busier and of course Saturday is going to be huge. My colleague Andre has been a gun on the TAFE pre poll and with the backup of some amazing Greens from local groups.

I like many of you came home to a plethora of mail from the Liberals and one from LCIT. It saddens me that even now just days out from an election the nastiness prevails. Accusations and comments that only tell half a story and to know that the chances of  both of the existing councillors being back on council only convinces me more and more that there is a real place for me and my team on this council. It is also stunning how any change over the last 4 years has now been given ownership, with no regard to the fact that there are 11 councilors, not just two old tired teams and Peter. I know that if this is the case even while in campaign mode they are struggling to tell the absolute truth or play nice out of the playpen nothing will be better on council unless there is genuine new blood and a move away from the old parties and old guard independents. There seems to be significant confidence from the old guard of their reelection and my hope is that the community will give them the good shaking up they need.

I still ask the same question, if they (those seeking your re election) have achieved little or are making enormous promises now, why weren’t they enacted upon during the 8 years these councillors have had your rates, your trust and your faith? From those we don’t know, they continue to make promises they have absolutely no knowledge they can actually keep. Neither are regulars at the council meetings and while one has attended once or twice not all is as it seems once elected.While I may not have been elected previously, I have attended all but 3 council meetings and my hope that while I’ve shared much over the last 9 years, there would be more information as a councillor available and the community would be far more informed than they are now.

One thing about elections is that it does allow you time to reflect on the things that are important and with the amazing talent of a couple of our members (Roxie and Rudge) I am delighted to be able to share with you a short video to showcase my passions for Liverpool.

More in a day or so, please let me know if you have a couple of hours on Saturday, we have t-shirts and those working over lunch will have it provided for them.  Please share the video widely, especially amongst your friends in Liverpool… we need their support and we need the genuine change in council.


See you at Holsworthy station in the morning.


Sign off

Signe’s Election up date

June 22, 2016

Signe Westerberg HeadshotsFAV  (78 of 102)I would like to take a minute to thank the lovely people I’ve been meeting at Pre Poll and at Rail stations and the LMRC meet the candidates. Of all the interactions I’ve had over the last few weeks I have only had one negative, a fellow blaming the Greens for being lousy in Government.  As you can imagine it didn’t cut too deep as the reality that the Greens have never been in government removed the sting.

While it is clear some people are still being convinced there are only two choices, many more than in the past are waking to the fact that their vote is really important and if enough people vote Greens 1 the duopoly would end. Change of such magnitude won’t come fast, but it will come and to those who are looking for a clear path to a better future the Greens are a real alternative, in both the Senate and the house of Representatives.

This election the Fowler and Werriwa voters are being provided with an alternative to the immense paper waste that elections bring. Our small group is responsible for the campaigns run in Fowler and Werriwa and we’ve made some very clear choices this election, 1) we will not be blanketing the community with flyers or plastic corflutes, 2) we will where possible provide a small number of the print version of our HTV’s however we really want the community to know THERE ARE PAPERLESS ALTERNATIVES… to this end we’ve enlisted the quirky little QR (quick response) box on a number of our Corflute signs….

They’re about 5cm square and can be accessed by your smart phone…WerriwaQR (002)

For those who have a smart phone and don’t already have a QR reader, simply go to your in phone app store, regardless of whether Iphone or Android there will be options, type in QR reader and you’ll be shown a whole bunch of QR Readers… I downloaded a free version myself and it was easy, quick and noninvasive (some apps can be a bit overpowering and needy). When you’ve downloaded your preferred version, (there are plenty to choose from) simply click on the app to open it and point it at the little box above and you will be taken immediately to the How To Vote suggestions for Werriwa. It really is that simple. We will ensure there will be codes on as many Polling places as possible, especially important as we will not have sufficient volunteers to be on the over 40 schools and polling places. The most fabulous thing is we also won’t be printing trees and trees full of paper that will go into recycling throughout and after the election. I am also happy to email you my candidate info flyer, just email me at and I’ll send one in an email.

If you’re a little unsure, there are other options as well… still through your phone browser, simply go to (or click here)

If you are travelling and can’t see your local there is this statewide option.

For those who like a paper version to take with you, you can always print off a version and take it with you

HTV_NSW_Werriwa_ 2016 A4 simply print it out and take it with you.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: ON THE SENATE PAPER  – the really big white one: Our How to vote examples are based on our research of the policies of that party, indicating those parties suggested for your 2,3,4,5,6, are closest to our principles and policy. After  you’ve voted your Greens 1 how you select the next 5 is entirely up to you, MOST IMPORTANTLY  YOU NEED TO CHOOSE 6 above the line on the senate paper or 12 below the line.

On the small Green ballot paper, there are only 4 to choose from in Werriwa: If you value accessible free education, medical that includes dental, decency for those in need and dignity for the unemployed there is only one choice: Vote 1 Signe Westerberg Greens

  • there are 4 candidates, our local group has allocated our second spot to the local labor candidate as on some issues Labor  have a similar point of view, 3 or 4th go to the ultra conservative CDP and Liberal candidates. With these last two you risk changes to medicare, increases in cost of pap tests and medical support, debt for decades for education, big business continuing to get the lion’s share of the savings and rebates, inequality in how the LGBTI community are treated, inhumane treatment of people seeking asylum that costs millions more than providing processing at source (in the country of origin – simply where they first reach e.g Indonesia) by properly funding the UNHCR and many many more serious issues.

I don’t always go into so much detail, however in this election there is  too great a risk that without the correct information, voters will resort to putting the Liberals back in government and the CDP helping them achieve their  goals.

Of course the choice is always and should be yours and if voting for one of the old parties is a family tradition, consider this: tradition is looking backwards not forward, tradition will not provide jobs for the future, tradition will not provide security, a fair economy or good health outcomes.

While some traditions are nice for keeping memories alive, like a dad having the first dance with his daughter at her wedding, traditions that will severely impact the growth of our nation, damage our precious planet, put more people into harm’s way, leave more and more Australians unable to provide a roof over their head, or a meal, or medicine, that allows big business  to be the recipients of more tax cuts and subsidies while small business owners get little to no support… put them in your number 2 spot, that way they will get a strong message that you want to register a real complaint about the direction they’re heading.

The other scary thing for me is with the two old parties, even what they don’t’ tell you before the election could be included after the election as a  “mandate for change”… in other words we didn’t mention it before but we’re gonna sneak in some changes you would have definitely voted no to before the election.

This is a really important election, while we might not like everything about one party or another, the Greens have always stuck by their commitments, and our policy is created by your neighbours, the local groups, so by people like you who care about the future, not entrenched MP’s who’ve lost touch with the community because they’ve been in government too long and value to financial reward

Of course  as always these are my personal opinions based on what I’ve seen and read. Your  opinions may differ and if you think it important to put your ideas forward I am happy to add them here… simply send in a comment and it will be included in the comments section of this post, unedited as always.


Sign off




for my friends in Fowler… here’s your QR code.

fowlerQR (002)

The days when you are just proud

June 8, 2016

Inga from facebookI was reading through Facebook (as one does)  and saw a little ad for save the Koala vote 1 for some party….  The I scrolled down and saw my daughter’s comment, while others were commenting on the validity etc this is what she wrote….

Inga Westerberg: You know, I’m fairly serious when it comes to politics as well, with a candidate in the fed election in the family and all, and because born that way. In the past I’ve argued against the supposed stupidity of micro parties, and single issue candidates etc., that seem to “cloud the issue”. But you know what, my opinion is in fact not our democracy.
How does this do anything for democracy? Voting is compulsory, throwing your vote by voting for none, and not garnering a fine, is an act of civil disobedience. What they are asking supporters to do is not a “fool’s vote” in the way we generally consider a donkey vote (hence the donkey) but an act of protest anti-voting so no-one gets a point on the ticket. If people find no worth in any single candidate or party on their ticket, then this is a valid form of protesting against that fact.
In the end, it is valid, even if you don’t agree with it, or wouldn’t do or support micro parties, single issue/platform candidates, protest voting and independents.
My Dad taught me how to vote, that is to say, he always said “half your vote is about you, what works for you, what will improve your life, that’s 50% of your choice. Start there. Then spend the other 50% on everyone else.” So, when it comes to voting, I think about medicare, dental care, Newstart Allowance, because that’s my life. I don’t have kids, but I then vote for Gonski, I’ve never seen the Reef and I don’t live in QLD, but I’ll vote for policies to protect that too. In the end, my vote is half about me and half about “the mob”, everyone else, what I think will work for all, beyond my own needs.
So if I advocate for that great unwashed, I’ve decided I can’t get angry about them advocating for themselves either. Some of them are stupid, some of them have no hope of making a difference right now, some of them I just plain disagree with. But that’s the point. They’re actually allowed to be that. Stupid, wrong, useless and ignorant.
That’s democracy. I refuse to boil things down to Red and Blue and categorise everyone doing something else, regardless of what that is as slowing the system, clouding the issue, stupid, useless etc. In fact, these days, I want more of it.
At least this is not wholly unclever, and I agree with the premise, I like koalas.


Some days I’m just a proud mum…my kids are good people and I’d choose them as friends, what more can a mother ask. OH AND THAT THEY VOTE GREENS 1  in all elections. 🙂

BTW my husband is pretty cool too… clearly though I am biased.


Sign off

Pre Poll and people

August 31, 2013

Signe Westerberg Headshots (38 of 102)Today was the first time I had a chance to work on Liverpool’s Pre Polling station, and I have to admit I was delighted with the camaraderie of the workers of all persuasions, it was a really pleasant environment of passionate people supporting their particular party. Our newest Greens member Jack worked on the polling place for 6 hours and working with like minded people was a great initiation to election time. Most of the voters were pleasant and the few that weren’t stormed past as they do cussing and grunting their way past at times 14 workers.  At one stage the Libs had 11 people at the one polling place at the same time, over kill perhaps but until the last two arrived it had been light hearted and friendly.

Deputy Mayor Mazhar Hadid

Deputy Mayor Mazhar Hadid

Then along came two Liverpool Councillors (3 if you count the Labor Councillor Geoff Shelton who was on his way to work) but the two Liberal Councillors arrived later in the afternoon and spent a relatively short time on the polling station. All was fine until Liberal Clr Hadid cornered a voter,  this poor man was not only being told how to vote but Cllr Hadid completely land locked him by putting his arm right around his shoulder… while the  voter seemed a bit uncomfortable, (no guarantees there but he looked uncomfortable)  Cllr Hadid persisted in giving instructions. The nice young Labor worker Branden proceeded to walk over to the voter, as one does on a polling place and waited briefly while Cllr Hadid continued to talk at the voter, when he took a brief moment Branden quickly interceded and offered the voter his How to vote. No biggie one would think but Cllr Hadid then lead the voter towards the door, where I passed him a Greens HTV. Again one might consider the arm around the shoulders a little over the top but the voter proceeded in to vote. Shortly thereafter Cllr Hadid took young Branden aside and berated him for giving the voter a how to vote and supposedly interrupting, leaving the Labor worker a little shaken and very much surprised by the quietly aggressive and authoritative  way in which he was addressed.  Again Brendan returned to his task of handing out HTV’s to all who came to vote, albeit a little shaken he was fine and wondering if he should report the incident. A short while later, Cllr Hadid again took the young man aside and again berated him for the same incident, this time however the young man was more shaken and a little angry that he was again addressed in such a manner. While the Cllr didn’t raise his voice, and what he actually said was not heard by me, the young man said  his  tone made him feel very uncomfortable and I consider it completely out of place, turning what had been a lovely day into an unpleasant and uncomfortable situation for this young volunteer. Having spent a bit of time with this young fellow today, I would have to say he was one of the most pleasant and generous people I’ve worked with on a polling station, he was supportive of my poll worker Jack and helpful to all he came into contact with of all political persuasions, as were all the other workers … so what the hell happened? We had one self-righteous, opinionated councillor who thought he had the authority over another individual to flex his supposed muscle. What a sad state of affairs when an older man considers himself more important than another and berates him for doing his job.

I am glad I was there to witness this, talk him through it and have had the permission of Branden to share it,  and I do so as a reminder that polling places can be pleasant and they can be less so and it often depends on the attitude of the workers involved. (please note these were my observations and opinions based on what I saw and the conversations I had with others)Thankfully up to this incident all the workers had had a very pleasant experience, they’d laughed together, helped each other and acknowledged that while their particular party may be different they were all working for something they were passionate about. It is also a reminder that one person can change the dynamic by their attitude and manner in which they address each other.  Sadly in this instant it was Liverpool’s deputy mayor who showed a less than tolerant and compassionate caring nature not the inexperienced young volunteer. This should also be a reminder to all polling place workers that we are there to share our passion, work cohesively and respect each other at all times. Our policies may not be the same, some are even easier to find than others but we are all there for the same reason, to help our respective party gain a better vote.

With only a week to go until the biggest volunteer day in most of our years, a little time considering the positives all these amazing volunteers bring to the event, they are worth their weight in gold and need to be appreciated not berated, whether by a voter, a fellow worker or even the candidate.  Election day is BIG, everyone on a polling stations works very hard and often a very long day. As you walk past them and take (or not) their paperwork, remember that if they are Labor, Green or whatever, very,  very few of them do it for personal gain, they volunteer their time, they work hard and deserve respect.  I expect if every voter had to do a few hours volunteer work on a polling place their attitude to them would be very different… so please walk a mile in their shoes, acknowledge their passion and commitment even if you don’t want what they are offering, it really is the least we can do.

Please if you see me out and about come up and say hello… one of the best parts of polling places is the number of people I run into I know from somewhere else, and the opportunity, albeit brief to catch up and say hi. 

Also I will be at the Intermodal/CPAC rally tomorrow… come up and say hi.


Lastly, as has always been my practice below is the How to Vote For Hughes… please feel free to share it, our group considered long and hard on each of the parties and how closely (or distant) they were from our party platform, issues and beliefs, not an easy task when other ‘progressive’ parties chose not to run in our electorate. (click on the image to enlarge it) and remember it is only a guide, who you choose is up to you – and when considering whether or not to Vote Greens 1, ask yourself this: If Greens Adam Bandt in Melbourne is not representing the people of Melbourne and doing so well, why the heck have the two old parties preferenced each other instead…?? Real representation, consultation and consideration is a Vote 1 Green away. (big thank you to Jack for Scanning these for me as my scanner is dead)

Hughes HTV 2013

2013HTV Hughes Reverse

Sign off

Less than 48hrs

March 25, 2011

Hello to all, here we are less than 48hrs and the many, many weeks of knocking on doors, delivering leaflets and we’ll see know the result for Liverpool. For me regardless of the outcome may I just say, thank you for the hospitality, your kindness and words of encouragement over the past weeks. It is my absolute pleasure to have met so many passionate and lovely people.

To our able helpers, thank you, we cannot do this without your dedication and persistence. To any of you we”ve missed on our rounds -sorry. 😉

To our Fabulous polling day volunteers, you are amazing, you are dedicated and my hope is the passing voters tomorrow appreciate the long hours you dedicate to support our team, (and smile as they pass)  and those of the Libs, Labor et al. It’s a big ask to stand all day, part of the day or whatever, your efforts are appreciated.

To Bill Cashman and the Greens Election Team, WOW, you are fabulous thank you; I hope our result matches the effort you’ve put in over the past months.

To my fabulous husband, my daughters and grandson… thank you for your continued efforts and support, it’s not all over yet and I’ll never be able to thank you enough… perhaps a nice home cooked meal might suffice after way to many quick and easy meals.

To close I’ll hope to see you on the way around all the Polling booths tomorrow, I’ll be at Ashcroft HS at about 8am myself and visiting all the others throughout the day. Thank you to you all and don’t forget

VOTE 1 Greens in both houses, for a better future

See you all here on Monday  when I continue to do what I Love, meet, greet, support and work with the Fabulous people of Liverpool, in which ever way you’ve chosen.

2 days to go….

August 19, 2010

With the election in just a couple of days I thought you might like a run down on the top ten reasons to vote Greens… might I suggest you can add reasons for voting Green yourself …..


1. The Greens stand up for what’s right, not just what’s easy. Whether it’s protecting the environment, introducing universal dental care, opposing the war in Iraq or advocating for refugees to be treated humanely, the Greens are driven by values, not polls.

2. It’s the Party everyone’s heading to. The Greens are the third largest political party in Australia, with five national Senators, 21 State MPs and more than 100 local Greens councillors already playing a positive and constructive role across Australia. More than a million Australians voted Green in 2007, and we’re the fastest-growing party in the country.

3. Break the deadlock in the Senate between the Government and the Opposition. Last time the Government of the day also got control of the Senate, we got WorkChoices. Or, Tony Abbott’s Coalition could easily win control of the Senate, which would deliver Australians nothing but three years of deadlock. We deserve a Senate that will work for us and deliver strong, sensible action – not just spin.

4. Provide future generations with clean air, clean water and a stable climate. The Greens will tackle climate change by putting a price on carbon for big polluters in the next term of government. It’s time we created new clean energy jobs and started investing in the economy of the future.

5. Make legislation better. When the Coalition tried to block the stimulus package that kept Australia out of recession, the Greens passed it with added environmental and small business benefits. The Greens will do the same thing to improve the mining super profits tax.

6. The Greens have vision. When Bob Brown first spoke to the Senate about climate change 14 years ago, his Labor and Liberal colleagues actually laughed at him. Now the Greens are the only party working to end all forms of legal discrimination against Australians based on sexuality. The Greens focus on what’s right for the next generation, not just the next election cycle.

7. An environmental party. The Greens have always worked to protect Australia’s magnificent natural environment for future generations – whether that’s protecting our native forests and their wildlife, or our pristine beaches and marine ecosystems.

8. An environmental party and much, much more. The Greens stand for much more than just cutting carbon pollution, securing our water supplies and protecting our environment. Think better public schools, more funding for hospitals and fixing our broken mental health system. The Greens also drive great new ideas, like building high-speed rail between Australia’s major cities, which is now gaining momentum but would never have gotten up otherwise.

9. For a more powerful vote. Another Labor or Liberal candidate will just vote the way they’re told. With the Greens, every vote is a conscience vote. If you’re disappointed with Labor but don’t want Tony Abbott, you can send a powerful message to Julia Gillard. And if your Greens candidate doesn’t win, your vote will simply go to the next candidate of your choice at full value.

10. Bob Brown. A genuinely decent politician and the most experienced party leader in Parliament.