Last 2016 Council meeting and more

December 18, 2016

Christmas treeJust when you thought things were going to quieten down for the summer break I decided to read the minutes from last Wednesday’s council meeting. lol

9 Items were discussed in confidence, that is 9 this month 14 last month that council considers so secretive we need to be left out of any of their discussions or detail. While I accept there are things that need to be protected, like a residents name and  personal details etc, how many times can we be left in the dark and told its okay?

Mayor Waller however does plough through the agenda quickly and so far none of the meetings have ventured into the 11pm finish zone as they did in the past.

A couple of things that I paid particular attention to, of course one being the selection of the New CEO… we are yet to be told who will be managing our hefty business and all I can say is that while most of us were not privy to who were in the final three, it seemed very clear that some members of the LCIT political party were well aware. In fairness I had guessed that the present acting CEO was likely to be amongst them and her being called to speak was confirmation, however even the other candidates arrival was through a different set of doors to ensure we, the paying public, had no clue.  All I can say is appears that secrecy was not necessarily kept for all of us and when I dug a little deeper with the LCIT members they quickly realised I was perplexed that it appeared they had confidential information not available to the rest of the ratepayers.  They did say along with the ACEO, the former CEO of a named local council  and a woman were the other two… Until the formal announcement is made I guess we’re left wondering.  I do hope that if not successful the present A CEO remains in council, she is a valued member of staff from what I can see and appears to have a genuine community engagement focus, something I most certainly value as a resident. I am also very hopeful of a truly competent and capable addition to our staff.

The other thing that concerns me a little is that as your representative on the Environmental Advisory Committee a position I have proudly maintained for a number of years now, the committee is being amalgamated with the floodplain committee, something not all members necessarily favoured. That said we held our last meeting of the EAC last week and the chairperson, Cllr Harle declared he was a member of the Liverpool Action Group,  two other members  failed to declare their membership of the same group, no big deal I guess as the councillor has always been supportive of the environment,  however on reading the minutes of the last council meeting for 2016 it was announced that a former councillor  was now on the new floodplain committee, he too is a member of LAG and a long time vocal opponent of the EAC and the use of funds. For your information we  have been having a number of discussions regarding the use of the Levy. I believe as one of the longest standing members of the committee that the funds are ‘bound’ to be used specifically for environmental use, including the establishment of a community nursery and environmental centre, as you have heard me mention on numerous occasions. Our former CEO Mr Wulff appeared hell bent on absorbing those funds into a general revenue fund for use somewhere else in council, clearly stated during one council meeting. Getting the original business papers and original funding documents are proving quite a chore and have been on the request list for almost a year.I am sure there are good reasons, I’m just not sure what they are. I cannot tell you why there is so many delays however we would have had the nursery up and running a year or more ago if it had not been for the constant roadblocks put in front of the committee and now we see the former councillor may again be in a position to renew his efforts to stymie the entire environmental program if he so chose. (this is well documented here as I’ve written extensively on this before)  If, as is the norm, all members will have the ability to vote on issues before the committee LAG will now have 4 members who could potentially vote in a block and undermine the rest if the elected members. I would like to hope I am wrong however two of those members have already indicated they would like to see the funds used elsewhere rather than on the Enviro/Nursery. Just so you are aware, the nursery was to allow council to save money (our rates) by propagating and growing local species of plants and trees for use in the LGA rather than buying them commercially and the enviro centre was to be set up so members of the community could see/experience different types of home lighting, wall treatments, water saving devices etc etc  could work in their own homes with the added bonus of some of the rooms could be hired out by members of the community as a n offset for any costs. It’s disturbing to see the focus being redirected against such things, that could benefit the entire community. While I agree that one argument for more staff is valid, it is not impossible for that to be achieved as well as the Enviro/Nursery where the community could benefit from in situ examples that only a purpose built facility could provide. I have heard that a number of staff positions have lay empty for some time shows that either council is unwilling to fill them or worse no one wants to work in Liverpool.  Clearly I am not privy to the details however I would like to reassure you, as your representative I will fight for the levy money you pay goes exactly where you are paying for it to go, restoration and maintenance of the environment and to fulfil the established goals under which it was granted. No doubt if I have misunderstood the intent of some of the members or staff, they may certainly post their view here for all to see. For the record I have worked with some of these individuals  in the past and bear no malice towards any of them, I just don’t understand how one local group can potentially garner so much power in any one committee.

Council is a complex place, we have numerous matters on public exhibition presently or just closed, we need to ensure that the community is well represented and heard and I applaud the fact we can comment and am disappointed that so few actually do.

Another issue discussed was the repurchase of part of the former council chambers site. AKA No: 1 Hoxton Park Rd.   This was approved by councillors and would mean from what I could gather mean some of the staff may return to the old site if we can purchase it for the maximum cost of what we sold the entire block.

As I tweeted during the meeting council approved the renewal of the netball courts for the competitions they have secured for the coming two years. Questions were being asked as to why the courts were in such disrepair and to be frank there are a number of us who wouldn ‘t mind the answer to that question as well. All those supposed repairs done under the watch of the previous council I’m afraid, and hopefully not impinged on by the #formerpowermadmayors (I still love saying that)  stadium agenda. I guess we will never know but it is nice that the thousands of Liverpool women (mainly young women) netball players will participate in and attract a good number of visitors to our local businesses.

This is just the tip of the council minutes and I will leave it to you to have a closer look if you are interested.

What I would like to do however is thank all our fabulous staff for their diligence and commitment throughout the year, thank them for their efforts and wish you and all of them a very Merry Christmas and a fabulous New Year. A few have left over the year and a couple will not be returning next year, some for babies others for different reasons and I wish them well.

I may not  have written as often as I should this year, be it  busy with elections etc, or saddened we’ve lost friends and I have been a little remiss in recognising efforts and achievements however we have the most amazing city, the people are second to none and we live harmoniously in good cheer and respect. I look forward to spending time with you all in the New Year and wish you safe and happy holidays. (Reserving the right to pop back in if there is something I need to share, ie a submission due on the 21st)

As always these are my personal opinions, based only on what I’ve heard and seen myself, if you have a different perspective or view, please share it and I will post it here. The more people sharing information the better imo and I would be the first to post it here if more detailed or accurate information were made available.

Merry Christmas from all of mine to all of yours.


Sign off


The night after the night before

October 30, 2014

Signe Westerberg HeadshotsFAV  (78 of 102)Well its now over 24hrs since the council meeting, the usual rush to finish was on and achieved which isn’t all that hard to do when so few of them read the committee reports so bundling them all together to skip time.

I can say that on a number of items on the agenda were “fait accompli, the Libs have the majority and exercised it at their will, the juvenile behaviour of those councillors though is as always disappointing, It is also enormously clear that an election is coming up, the behaviour of the Liberal councillors and the grandstanding was quite unbelievable.Cllr Mamone actually turns to the Labor member and giggles when her “team’ vote is taken…then to rub salt into the wound the new method is to stand for a ‘division’ which basically just highlights how the individual councillors vote and it is recorded…when you have Councillor Stanley often ask to have her dissent recorded as do some others the purpose is?????

Onto the issue I spoke of the other day, the Badgery’s Creek airport committee,you know the Airport the majority of Liverpudlians want i.e. Majority  in this case is 54% – no where near majority of numbers but that 4% is all it took to have the #powermadmayor stand and shout to all that were willing to listen that we WANT an airport and now bless him, he’s decided that those same residents must WANT the intermodal as well.  Liverpool’s Mayor and his case of what he wants is best even if no one really agrees…especially those who are most being affected by the changes he purports. His latest if you’ve been watching the news and listening to the radio is that the intermodal site should be used for housing…while housing IS important, is he so young  that he probably has no idea of the level of flooding our river can achieve, this irresponsible act is akin to the permissions given to the residents of Epsom road who found out first hand what it is like to live with a river at your back door, watching your backyard be reclaimed by a mighty river all the while living with the struggle and fear associated.  But back to the committee… from my experience and understanding of the process, council officers receive expressions of interest from community members who are interested in participating, they evaluate the submissions according to the criteria set then present to the councillors the list according to eligibility the preferred candidates. Pretty basic but generally fair, last night however two things happened…. NOT ONE COUNCILLOR declared any non pecuniary interest with the candidates AND  they then proceeded to cherry pick their personal favourites.

To be fair, I write this now not knowing who those new committee members are, except one to my and her surprise Pauline Rowe was added to the list by Councillor Harle.  (No 9) was his personal request for inclusion, as they are both members of the same political party that was fairly obvious however 6 (possibly 7) people were selected after Cllr Ristevski had the numbers amended, as I’ ve mentioned before increasing the numbers is fair considering the impact of the Airport on our residents and as Pauline is a resident of Badgery’s Creek and a pseudo Lib due to the Independent Liberal support of the past. Logic would have the top most  eligible candidates selected but no, not in Liverpool, numbers 1, 2, 5 6, 9 & 11 were cherry picked (there may be another I wasn’t able to get advice as to what number I had missed). So  poor old (possibly not actually old) 3, 4, 7, 8 and 10 weren’t favoured by the majority.  It is fair to say I will probably (nor will you) ever know who those unfortunate numbers (people) actually were but they missed out. Inevitably we can be pretty much guarantee they won’t be people who openly identify to support Labor or the Greens and even though they may have been better credentialed they will not, under this biased majority, get a voice to help improve the outcomes of the proposal. This is how things are done in Liverpool nowadays and I will be absolutely stunned (gobsmacked even) if when the minutes are available tomorrow Lunchtime, I am wrong and there is a real unbiased and genuinely balanced membership of the committee. That said, as the #powermadmayor has made clear in the past, that won’t stop me attending the meetings, I won’t’ get a vote but I, as can  you as an interested resident of Liverpool can attend and observe if you like. I have been attending the Economics Committee on the first Wednesday of every month and as the Badgery’s Creek committee will meet immediately after I might just sit in.

As I mentioned above, the minutes of the meeting should be available on the council website from about noon, have a look, catch up on what is happening and don’t forget the Moorebank Intermodal Project is seeking submissions, so log onto their website and have a say. I am disgusted that the River barely gets a mention and I raised this with my Colleagues on the Georges River Combined councils committee tonight, I urged them to make comment and I urge you to do the same, a few lines outlining your support or lack there of,  of the intermodal project should be made now. The candor of the Traffic expert on Saturday was refreshing however his news was not, gridlock will affect our city if nothing is done immediately to rectify the problems… call on them to do so NOW, before its too late. Haha, on the GRCCC Cllr Ristevski is maintaining his 50% attendance, it’s nice to see Cllr Harle back on the committee  as he actually shows up.

Another interesting outcome of last nights meeting was that pretty much over night our $250million  in infrastructure backlog became $63million. Not bad, hire a consultant and wipe off 190 odd Million in infrastructure backlog… not that I’ve seen any particular road repairs appear over night, or council premises rejuvenated. Is that we can buy better answers by hiring the right person to evaluate the situation…? impressive imo. While the CEO explained it that some things would now not be counted as infrastructure as it would have been in the past, if anyone can tell me how to do that I have some infrastructure work I’d love attended too but my bank balance simply won’t cut it. So I need to get a consultant it seems.

Not all things at the meeting were appalling, some grants were realised, the auditors report indicated we are  in a sound even promising position financially, so we should since we’ve been hit with 12% more rates than other councils and as was reported in the paper recently our surplus is relatively close in $ value to the income obtained from the Rate Levy. As with Federal politics I do not pay taxes so the Govt can claim a bank account, I pay taxes (&rates) to have services be provided etc

That’s if for me for now,  please don’t hesitate to contact me if your view differs from mine, congrats to the new committee members and a reminder that you are there to represent the whole community….my hope is you do exactly that.


Sign off


I’m back

October 9, 2013

Signe Westerberg Headshots (38 of 102)I know I promised to be more regular with my writing, I know I said I wanted to write positive things and I know many of you are happy with your choices, but seriously do you know what your choice has and is doing?

Firstly why not writing: easy, I don’t want this to be a naysayers blog and wait, secondly, there is little positive to write and thirdly It’s time you paid  attention… seriously.

I did attend the last council meeting; I watched in awe or was that aghast as the pre-written pre approved events unfolded. While many of you think you live in a democratic Liverpool, just as many of you are wrong. Liverpool is being led by the nose anywhere the mayor or his minders want us led. Don’t get me wrong, whoever is calling the shots is at least writing the words to go with them, because reality has it either no one is capable or worse still no one is allowed. I watched as we were hoodwinked into the sale of more parks, by callously clever people who chose not to indicate the name of a park but chose its street address to avoid the community dissent that reared its head last time they tried to sell it. But alas doing so around an election time is clever, I simply didn’t have the time to examine closely what was being put before us, nor it seems did those who rallied last time. 28 days seems like a reasonable time to garner community view, but timing is everything and from what I am seeing, the next round of selling off our public space will fall around about Christmas and the weeks leading up to it or immediately thereafter.  There will be some happy business people in Moorebank who simply had to wait for council to render them a new parking space at the expense of students and residents, but hey the students don’t pay rates and the residents by and large aren’t paying attention… and no that is not a good enough reason to screw them over, our council was elected to represent them not stick it to them. My opinion only but again how many of you are paying attention.

At this time of year I genuinely watch closely as to who will be your Councillor rep on the committees of council… I do so for two reasons, some Councillors in the past actually achieve things on those committees and two, well more than 50% of the time said Councillors fail to show up. I know I’ve said all this before… but wait there’s more……..this time a well scripted Cllr Balloot showed up with a pre ordained version of who should be on committees and clearly who should not, and having the majority got to royally screw Labor over in the process… and as an irony few will appreciate they screwed over Cllr Harle as well. See of all the Councillors Cllr Harle does actually show up, he attends and participates. So any committee it appeared they couldn’t find a Liberal mildly interested in was shot over to Cllr Harle, pay back I guess for being on their side much of the time (sarcasm). I even asked his wife on the way out if she has a picture of him for the fridge as she won’t be seeing much of him from now on. For committees by and large they aren’t an engaged lot.

The question is who organised this shafting of Labor, I have no doubt the Liberal majority wanted it to happen but have grave concerns any of them were suitably talented to orchestrate it, so is this what the Policy Advisor does? Was there a caucus? Is this how our staff is being used?  So many questions, so few answers….

Another interesting out come was the reelection of the Deputy Mayor Mazhar Hadid…not the norm, but hey what is?

When you have sat through as many council meetings as I have, btw no Councillor has sat through as many as I have, and watched the behaviour of the mob, it was disappointing to watch as Labor genuinely got hammered publicly and without grace. Even their protestations were ignored, any sense of reason refuted and the representation of almost half of the voters stymied. Well as it seems even those who could be considered – supporters – are now feeling the angst. Especially those who live in our Rural area who listen to shows on commercial TV when the Mayor decides that not only is an airport good for them but let’s throw in the intermodal as well. But in fairness, there are only a few thousand votes in Rural Liverpool at the moment compared to the several thousand in Wattlegrove. Reasonable when you listen to the PM trying to justify an expenses rort by saying he’d not bothered to campaign in Port Macquarie as there were too few votes in it in the first place.  Where the head leads the tail follows I suppose…

Another clever ploy is to merge committees, this time it was the Environmental Advisory Committee (you pay a levy for this one to mind your environment and waterways) and the Heritage committee. Could someone please explain to me how that will work?  I am on the EAC as your rep and have been so for quite some time, and while I love our history  am I in anyway qualified to represent it… I think not, especially when there are others who are genuinely more capable to do so. But this is now a one councillor suits all so that eliminated another for Cllr Harle…oops..He’s on the EAC… problem solved.

Ok that’s a couple of items from the council meeting, there are more and you should check them out. In some ways they have achieved their goal, even I don’t bother to comment or make a submission as often,  as the last time I did, I wrote about Cllr Hadchiti’s comments about ignoring the submissions. This is temporary though as I am genuinely concerned about our city and will be heard, even if then to be ignored I will share my views and those of the people I speak with regularly.

I was also the community representative on the previous CBD committee and now attend as an observer to the economics committee… and it hasn’t taken long for many of the members to fail to show up, including some councillors. The thing I’m finding the most interesting is that when the previous CBD committee came up with an idea or solution to something it took months and months and months to come to fruition if at all. With all the checks and balances, all the excuses why things took so long, and now so much is rubber stamped I am beginning to doubt the support we were getting from the GM and maybe even some of his staff. Whilst for the most part the staff are truly diligent and supportive, everything took forever, we constantly heard that the wheels of govt, even local govt,  turned ever so slowly….

So what has changed? The previous Mayor/committee got little support from the GM who was constantly highlighting road blocks in the way of ideas and outcomes, but now everything has changed, things are happening faster. This raises some real concerns for me, because the CEO/GM is employed for a number of reasons, one of which is enabling the decisions of Councillors Now we have a Liberal majority is he more compliant, is he more amenable – WHAT? Changes to the parking are happening,  soon there will be a markets night in the CBD, little things and some big and some quite good, but why aren’t there the delays the previous council/committee experienced over and over again. I am not really expecting an answer on this it’s just my opinion and observation…. that said he wasn’t in attendance today so even if I wanted to ask I couldn’t have, ironically of those elected to the committee or invited I’d say only about 50% were there anyway, numbers are already falling, perhaps because of the date change but who knows. Today’s speakers were very interesting,  both UWS (Andy Marks) and Western Sydney First Program (NSW Business chamber) David Borger shared some interesting plans and ideas. Sadly the latter is very keen on the Airport in Badgery’s Creek so I am truly hopeful the proposed consultation genuinely takes place and the people most affected really do get a voice.

Finally  if you noted all the council meetings when they were advertised at the beginning of the year, check again, another has been changed and you might need to organise another night.

Please remember I will post your comment if you want to send it in…. I am not always right and happy to share your view.

happy week….

Sign off

National Tree Day 31.7.11

August 1, 2011

Beautiful weather, lots of lovely people, sunshine and lots of plants, that’s how many of us spent Sunday morning this week. What a stunning start to Sunday, prepared ground, well mostly, great spirits and lots to do.

We are truly blessed in our fabulous city, we have lots of open space and lots of passionate people… below are some of the shots taken with my trusty phone, pretty much from go to woe… the final shots are of the rural Firies watering in all those young plants. 

Phillip of course enjoyed his new find, a pick to bash and crash at any unwanted pieces of concrete, Cllr Lucas and his wife were there and to his surprise no other councillors…  I reminded him this is the first he attended since 2008, so I guess we can expect a few more councillors perhaps at next year’s tree planting…2012.

As I said we are truly blessed to have such amazing open spaces and my hope is that we plant far more trees than we do metres of concrete… whilst concrete pavement is important, it adds to the heat generated by reflection etc so over planting with trees will cool down our local area, freshen the air and provide time proven relief from stress and worry. Who would have thought that the humble tree could do so much, we all know how good they look…

As always young Phillip and I drive past previous tree day plantings and its great watching his chest swell when he realises he was part of the transformation, albeit in such a small way, we can all make a difference. Take a look at Light horse Park, South Park and just under the M7 on Hoxton Park Rd as the three other local National Tree Days sites and see how they have all grown!

 Congrats as always to the council staff who set up, prepared the area and Joel for digging those holes, to the Local Lions club for their much loved sausage sizzle and cold drinks, the face painting lady, the river keeper and the reptile lass who entertained both young and old…with frogs, croc, lizards  and my favourite the tawny frog mouth… I just love watching people’s faces as they come in contact, sometimes for the first time, with our amazing creatures. Enjoy the pictures and excuse my indulgence, Phillip often features (what can I say he’s my boy ;-D – the four high res pics on the right have been sent through by the staff at council… enjoy!

8.3.11 quick up date

March 9, 2011

Forums are back in full swing, last night I had the pleasure of attending the Rural forum (previously Western forum) at Bringelly. This forum now boasts the highest number of attendees and a lively group it is. There is always something happening and last night had the Council do presentations on the proposed changes to the LLEP and seeking submissions regarding Growing Liverpool 20/21. Both items are on exhibition and it is well worth your time to check them out and make comment.

I was also taken to task by Pauline Rowe for not mentioning the speakers at last week’s Council meeting, somewhat remiss of me and in fairness there were several speakers including myself, Pauline spoke of the changes to the LLEP and Aunty Norma Shelley spoke on the proposed new council building. The resident in the middle of the acquisition of land at Edmondson Park also addressed the council; it was a busy night for speakers so to those I’ve forgotten please accept my apologies. In the Champion today is an invite to all who are interested in what is happening with the council chambers to attend a special meeting at the Greenway centre next Thursday the 17th. I need to check the time but I’m assuming it’s 7pm as with normal meetings.

Things are heating up on the campaign trail and I was up bright and early this morning to meet and greet the many lovely people heading off to work /school via Liverpool Rail station and Bus terminal. Thank you to those who kindly took our information and to Bill Cashman for his help in making sure many were able to read Green Voices on their way off to work today.

Tonight is the Intermodal Group meeting; I’ll be there at 7 pm so please come up and say hi.

good beginning:

January 10, 2011

Hi All and welcome to the 2011 version of my blog. With ‘everything’ council meeting wise being on hold until almost February I’m not able to bring you up to date with any happenings but will as soon as I can.

This morning Bill Cashman and I had a lovely chat with the New Journalist with the Leader.  Simone Roberts has taken over from Margaret Rice who as you know (through this blog) was keen to bring politics to the community and Simone assures us she’s keen to do the same. As you all know one of my passions it to have all Liverpudlians aware of what is happening locally, within and without council and generally help our community to make clear informed decisions about their very important vote. As the Greens Candidate for Liverpool this is a very exciting time, a time when we the community need to be considerate of our votes, and not as some parties do, take it for granted, where your votes  goes and who we trust with our future. I believe we need someone representing us who won’t bow to party lines, who will be a Liverpudlian before their party, this Bill and I were delighted  to assure Simone we were… Liverpudlians first, Greens second. It is also important highlighting the need for Greens in the Senate to question and double check what happens, to clarify some of the legislation and where needed fine tune the wording to make it equitable for all in the state. There are some interesting examples of this from the last sitting of Parliament, one example where MLC David Shoebridge and the senate team re-jigged the wording on the Asbestos claimants rights before being passed through the senate, specifically to make sure those left after a loss were treated equitably not age based as the fine print had it.  These issues might not affect everyone, but our state government needs to reflect the needs of ALL our residents, not just those who can articulate, publicise or promote their need or agenda.

Oops nearly forgot!!!  – there are a couple of matters seeking submissions from council during the break, one is the reclassification of land around the LGA, there is a list of properties in last week’s Leader and submissions are due on or before Friday Feb 4 and another in McLean St before the 23rd Feb. If you would like to make a submission and aren’t sure of the process or would like to discuss it please call me on 8777 5599 or check out the submissions tab on this blog.

Also THE AUSTRALIA DAY program commences at 4pm on the 26th at Woodward Park, with parking available at the Whitlam centre (Gold coin donation to Lions ) closing with Fireworks at about 9pm.This was a terrific event last year and Local artists Mahogany are one of many talented people entertaining us on the day. Do come up and say hi, I’ll be there with my family.

Oh!  wish me luck, I’ve resubmitted to be your representative on the Community Sport & Recreational panel; I’ve enjoyed being one of your voices (OK the loud one) on this group and hope to be included again this term.

One last thing: I”m compiling a list of the most important issues facing residents of Liverpool please feel free to either log onto my FB page Signe Westerberg Greens candidate for Liverpool or email me at  to have your ideas/needs/passions included.!/pages/Signe-Westerberg-Greens-Candidate-for-Liverpool/130754773646272

Council meeting 29.11 second to last for 2010

November 30, 2010

Last night was another in what is a trend of lengthy council meetings, there was eventually full attendance once Cllr McGoldrick strolled in. I am somewhat over the posturing and grandstanding that has become part of our council meetings but as you well know that is not new.

 A few things stand out, we were told in the press that the Library issue was beyond any community consultation and basically to deal with it, I refer to the comments of the General Manager in the Leader 27/10/10 who said “the council would not review the library plan”, however last night they decided to review the unreviewable through community consultation, whilst I applaud the rethink, can this be done, without a council resolution to readdress the matter.?  I am concerned that whilst the decision to rethink the libraries is a good one, much of what is happening in council is being  done off the cuff so to speak, like the review of the LLEP (Liverpool Local Environment Plan) this document was one of the first being put forward to the state government and it was clear that as time progressed it would need to be ‘tweaked’ to make it work well for our LGA… having said that, the document took a very long time being created, community consultation, many, many man hours and a lot of money, now with the flick of a pen and no costing it’s to be completely  reviewed and from what I’ve heard could amount to a Rate payer bill of around $100,000 and Heaven knows how many man hours (all of which we pay) Can we estimate the cost to Liverpool as a whole if Big Businesses decide our lack of clarity and decision is beyond their desire to establish Businesses here? Concerned residents have been calling  me asking if this or that can actually be done, I’m not solicitor and I believe the General Manager as part of his role is supposed to ensure that only Legal motions are put forward. Are our councillors being guided or is it a case similar to the GM asking that if DA’s were to be sent to all councillors weekly that he’d prefer fortnightly they simply over ride him, his suggestions and his requests.? By the way, does anyone know how much this will cost us, reproducing every DA submitted to council copied to councillors (all 11)? Will this require a new staff person and after observing that several councillors don’t read the agenda for council meetings will this be just another waste of money, man hours and trees?

 Some serious questions need to be asked, is it time we took our concerns to the Division of Local Government or do we simply watch and wait until these thoughtless councillors exhaust our already tight budget on unnecessary duplications and productions. We’ve had an investigation into the Mayor and her verbal stoush with Cllr McGoldrick (at cost to ratepayers) then we had the investigation into Cllr Hadchiti’s inappropriate comments to the Mayor and his refusal to fulfil the suggestions of the independent arbiter (again at cost to us) by simply deciding he didn’t want to, and for the record, there were at least 6 of us who heard the original conversation and can attest to the facts. And don’t forget the cost of having a barrister exam the validity of the Mayoral referendum. The costs both human and financial of the attacks on the previous GM and the outcome of Union involvement when it came to long service leave etc. Numerous little matters and some not so little that cost us money with investigations, the outright waste of human and physical resources much of which should be guided and directed by the GM and are being I assume ignored. How far can we allow this group to fritter away our rate dollars? How long before the councillors stop wasting our time by actually bothering to vote on matters by raising their hands to prevent doubling up on voting as was the case last night when the Lib/Ind councillors didn’t get the result they wanted because some of their number didn’t bother raising a hand and a revote had to be called.  Be professional Ladies and Gents do your job, consider that it’s our money you spend on investigations and re do’s, talk with the community who in many cases can provide clarity on matters you’ve simply not read about. And PLEASE… don’t indicate you’ve attended stuff you simply haven’t so the gallery will think you’re active… we do know better.

Also check out!/pages/Signe-Westerberg-Greens-Candidate-for-Liverpool/130754773646272 to see what I’ve been up to for the state Election too.

Finally watch this space and keep 10.30-12.30 Saturday the 18th December free… more soon.