Only a few more sleeps

September 6, 2016

2016 Signe OutdoorsCouncil elections are this Saturday, there is still much to do and I’m very keen to get some more volunteers on polling places this week. (please let me know if you can spare a few hours to help hand out) The genuine warmth at the rail station this morning was great and the fact that around 400 people got to see a snapshot of what our ideas for council are is fabulous.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working on the Carnes Hill Pre Poll station, (albeit it tiring) and meeting residents. I expect in the coming days it will get busier and busier and of course Saturday is going to be huge. My colleague Andre has been a gun on the TAFE pre poll and with the backup of some amazing Greens from local groups.

I like many of you came home to a plethora of mail from the Liberals and one from LCIT. It saddens me that even now just days out from an election the nastiness prevails. Accusations and comments that only tell half a story and to know that the chances of  both of the existing councillors being back on council only convinces me more and more that there is a real place for me and my team on this council. It is also stunning how any change over the last 4 years has now been given ownership, with no regard to the fact that there are 11 councilors, not just two old tired teams and Peter. I know that if this is the case even while in campaign mode they are struggling to tell the absolute truth or play nice out of the playpen nothing will be better on council unless there is genuine new blood and a move away from the old parties and old guard independents. There seems to be significant confidence from the old guard of their reelection and my hope is that the community will give them the good shaking up they need.

I still ask the same question, if they (those seeking your re election) have achieved little or are making enormous promises now, why weren’t they enacted upon during the 8 years these councillors have had your rates, your trust and your faith? From those we don’t know, they continue to make promises they have absolutely no knowledge they can actually keep. Neither are regulars at the council meetings and while one has attended once or twice not all is as it seems once elected.While I may not have been elected previously, I have attended all but 3 council meetings and my hope that while I’ve shared much over the last 9 years, there would be more information as a councillor available and the community would be far more informed than they are now.

One thing about elections is that it does allow you time to reflect on the things that are important and with the amazing talent of a couple of our members (Roxie and Rudge) I am delighted to be able to share with you a short video to showcase my passions for Liverpool.

More in a day or so, please let me know if you have a couple of hours on Saturday, we have t-shirts and those working over lunch will have it provided for them.  Please share the video widely, especially amongst your friends in Liverpool… we need their support and we need the genuine change in council.


See you at Holsworthy station in the morning.


Sign off


2011 Liverpool Relay for Life

February 1, 2011

I’m posting this way before the actual event this year as I’ve been coerced, invited, assigned the fabulous task of team co-ordinator. It is a delight and real privilege to work with some truly dedicated people in the Cancer council and many residents in the Liverpool area who know the depths and strengths cancer can take us to.

Having said that I’m seeking your assistance, attached is a flyer  click here:  I’ve prepared as this year’s theme is:

Liverpool: Our Diversity, our Similarities

This year we are challenging our diverse communities to come together to raise awareness and funds for the Cancer council. We are doing this through the Relay for Life: one weekend a year many in our community come together to walk, run, skip around Hillier’s Oval for 24hours. We bring together family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances and strangers into our teams to share the load. Someone is on the track all the time over the 24hr period, because like cancer itself it is a 24hr a day illness….

Over the coming weeks there will be a number of Information nights, if you’re not sure about the relay, or are a little bit interested and just want to know a little bit more I encourage you to come along, ask questions, get some great tips and have the time of your life. If you spend a few minutes and read back in this blog about 10months you will read what a profound and wonderful interaction of a group of people who knew each other and shared a fabulous experience. Some stay the whole 24hrs, most do a shift or two, some sleep over, (the kids loved this last year) and there will be heaps of things to amuse, entertain, enchant and perhaps even move you.

Here is my challenge: Let’s see how many different Community groups we can have in this year’s relay: We have in excess of 130 different nationalities in Liverpool, we have sporting groups, elder groups, businesses, church groups, the list is endless: Let’s see how many Theme groups we can get going this year. My Group is the Greens, ok, not all the members of the team are Greens, but we do share a common goal of working together for the betterment of the community.

Join us on the weekend of April 30/May 1st for an amazing, uplifting, tiring weekend… you won’t regret it…  the first info night is

 February 10th at the Casula Hub at 6.30pm… no strings, come along, listen and ask questions then get all your friends together for a fabulous weekend.

Did you know?

May 18, 2010

I often write  submissions / letters to proposals put forth by council etc as I hope many of you do too… did you know I post my letters/submissions etc on this site?  For ease of access check out the Submissions and Petitions page,  I list them there… just in case you wanted to read anything I’ve submitted or written.

CBD Forum…

April 7, 2010

Interaction with Staff at Liverpool City Council can be most rewarding and last night was no exception, at the CBD forum a small group of us were able to discuss many of the proposals and future plans for the development of the CBD. Whilst this may not seem a No 1 interest for you, where else do you get to ask questions and get answers?  Of course what does matter is that council staff is at least attempting to lure Government departments and large businesses to set up offices and factories here in Liverpool, thereby bringing more jobs to our city and suburbs. Unlike our Cllr Mannoun who systematically attempts to scare them away with warnings about his safety on the Liverpool streets.

In today’s champion newspaper was an interview I did with the Shery Demian some weeks ago regarding the presentation I made to council back in February about the number of trees being cut down (and planted)  in the greater Liverpool area and how the council can provide the community with more information.

Whilst we don’t get answers at the time of the presentation I note that the General Manager answered the question when put to him again by the reporter… for the record according to the GM”s quote, 856,510 trees since 2002, not bad, so it appears we are heading towards to proposed 1 million trees indicated in a press release so many years ago. The purpose of my address to council was to get support for “A community information processes” regarding removal and replacement of trees. I have great faith in the ability of the council staff to do their jobs, we just want to know what is happening, after all we pay substantial rates and I don’t think it unreasonable that we be informed of the spending of those rates, especially considering the cost of removal of trees is quite hefty.  My address (and subsequent article) was not designed as an attack on council process etc however for a great many of us in the community,  information often  appears lacking and I will continue to bring matters before the council (or whomever) in an attempt to keep you, my fellow Liverpudlian, informed.

Don’t forget council forums are back in full swing and you are most welcome to come along, listen to the presentation and ask questions…. this is how the council is committed to interact with the community and I’m sure you‘ll find them interesting. Dates and times are on the council page of the paper every week  or of course you can email me.

My faith renewed

September 24, 2009

Signe Westerberg Headshots (38 of 102)As some of you who have been reading my posts for the last 19months know I’m pretty passionate, I’ve also become a little jaded (just a little), no matter how hard I try bureaucracy disappoints. The people of Liverpool generally inspire me but the red tape, the brick walls and the failure to do what is right by all levels of government distresses, frustrates and infuriates me.

So why my faith renewed, it’s simple, after reading copious amount of info, after talking with residents and wondering if the many hours I spend, writing submissions, commenting on issues there is rarely a glimmer of hope or  acknowledgement that they are even considered. Then out of the blue a trickle of hope that someone with the power to make a difference was listening! It started by chance with the news that instead of bulldozing Berryman Reserve (Remembrance Park) the TIDC or Rail Corp or whomever made the decision and listened to the people and had decided to build the Warwick Farm Car park over the present car park and Hart Park, and not along the highway, and that they called for public input. As I do, I asked for the info package. The very next day via Express Post I received a comprehensive CD with all manner of info about plans, councils comments etc.  The day following that I got a call to make sure that I’d received it and that if I needed more information I should just call and ask…. WOW.

I spent the next couple of weeks reading this information, formulated my thoughts and on the 22nd Sept, emailed my submission or opinions with a cover note. Are you ready for this? In my inbox on the 23rd was a thank you email and a promise to bring the combined results back to me….DOUBLE WOW.

Ok this matter is a long, long way from the completion, it could potentially be years before the car park is built BUT Bureaucracy for a brief moment remembered the little guy, well in this case the girl. Do I expect my suggestions to be embraced, possibly not, some I sincerely hope do get some consideration but they bothered, for this brief moment in time when all around us  is so much to be done and so few who care about the Island that is Liverpool someone took us seriously.

The fact that we are a safe seat means that if Labor is in Government as a ‘safe’ Labor seat we can be dismissed, ignored and dumped on – if the Libs were in Govt because we are a ‘safe’ Labor seat we can be dismissed ignored and dumped on. So for this one moment in time when not surrounded by sewerage, noise from rail traffic is deafening, when private schools and or developments are thrust upon us and a freight terminal of such magnitude doesn’t’ even warrant Public consultation – thank you Miss Public Affairs Assistant/communications of the Transport Infrastructure Development Corporation for the glimmer of hope that we matter, whether it was a policy decision or a juniors initiative. Thank you.

A quick Tuesday 7pm at the Liverpool Community Hall 14b Mill Road, Liverpool come along and support the residents of Liverpools rail corridor with MLC Lee Rhiannon.

Monday night is councils Graffiti forum at council chambers.

Lastly make comment I value your input.

Where to begin….

September 16, 2009

Signe Westerberg Headshots (96 of 102)Where do I begin, we have a Mayor who thought leaving a nasty message on a councillors voice mail was private, Der !  We have a councillor who has actively worked against the Powerhouse now on the management committee and the Labor councillors have been pretty much unsuccessful on nearly all other committees.  That was the council meeting! Rubber stamping is still rife and debate was limited. I put forward some ideas with regard to the selling off of public property, and asked that the councillors vehemently pursue the noise barriers at Casula, and have had two councillors support my ideas. (Address to Liverpool City Council meeting 14.9.09) The Labor faction is infighting and then Councillor Gillani questioned the tactics used to have him ousted from the WSROC committee. Lordy these people need help they are systematically destroying themselves. If they would only put that effort into supporting the community!

The Eastern forum was as always informative, I now know how to lay a cricket pitch and why council has so few…and Simon Fox from council spoke about the Graffiti policy and invited submissions… so if you would like to comment on how Council handles, supports, eliminates graffiti this is your opportunity.

This week it was also brought to my attention that the idea of writing a submission was a little daunting to many people… I have attached an idea of what a submission can look like, for me it is simply a letter to say whether I support a particular idea or not. Suggested Submission outline

There is lots happening here in Liverpool but if you have the time on Tuesday 29th September come along and support the residents of Casula and Wattlegrove to: The Liverpool Community Centre 14b Mill Rd Liverpool at 7pm. MLC Lee Rhiannon will be there to discuss future development and Parliamentary involvement in attempting to get what’s right done for the people of Liverpool.

Plus submissions are still needed for the New Road at Casula, the Parking station at Warwick farm and now the Graffiti policy for LCC – time to write those letters is running out, call me if  I  can assist or email me at

Thank goodness for forums,

August 26, 2009

Signe Westerberg HeadshotsFAV  (78 of 102)I certainly believe more debate & genuine discussion takes place at the forums. Albeit that a number of issues were discussed at the council meeting on Monday night, it still boils down to one up man ship in way too many cases. I guess the plus is that the one up man ship between the independents and the liberals is well taken & oft in jest the same alas that can’t always be said when the Labor faction speaks up.

To council: an extremely large number of items were on the agenda this week, some 440 pages of information, a big read I might add. A couple of public speakers offered support for the Collingwood House management & the possibility of opening it more often & using the grounds for weddings etc .A speaker for the Junction Works proposal personalised an issue & created relevance instead of mere words on the agenda. Two youth Councillors spoke also. Mostly to promote what they had & planned to achieve during their term, although it was interesting I’m still concerned that these young people didn’t bother to address the councillors appropriately. I know I’m old fashioned but what is it about many of the youth of today that has them think that basic courtesies & rules of engagement don’t apply to them? This is a relatively minor issue but across the board it seems that rules are for older people not young people & I was disappointed that no effort appeared to be  made to respect a system & conform even a little. The speaker for the South west growth centre sadly lost credibility as she ranted rather than address issues very important to the residents of the western region, a need to learn quickly that berating, attacking & grandstanding will not provide a favourable outcome & seriously lost the plot instead of driving home some valid arguments.

 Valid questions were asked by Cllr Napolitano & Cllr Harle regarding the shale quarry & the long term effects of the operation, enough so that the DCP setbacks/ buffer zones may be enforced, a good thing for the local & proposed communities. A little annoying was Councillors lack of knowledge regarding carrying over funds & the environmental levy in that these questions were asked & answered at forums & committee meetings all of which they have access to & simply failed to pay attention or read.

A commendable attempt on Cllr Hadchitis’ part to hog tie the RTA into allowing access to the proposed MFIS school on Hoxton Park, although ‘talked down” I‘ve been led to  believe that the original DA did apply to have access & that the RTA’s absolute refusal had them redraw the DA providing access via the residential road system. I could be wrong however. Points though Tony at least you thought outside the box.

One of my biggest disappointments for the evening was the lack of discussion about the bicentenary, seems little content in the minutes & no discussion on the floor. You would think that some of these councillors would be keen to have this event be a door opener for the city, making it inviting & inspirational…alas NOT evident.

Whilst I’m not 100% sure it seems to me that councillors could participate or at the very least attend many of the committee meetings whether or not actually on them & be better informed as to the content. I also understand that they are many & the reality of actually attending all would be highly unlikely but matters such as the bicentenary, our CBD and other important issues would have me wanting to attend & listen to possible ideas & outcomes, where as several of our councillors struggle to attend the committees they are actually on. My feeling here is that many of them bit off more than they could chew when putting their hands up for committees & participation… alas I wish they’d thought of that before they got themselves elected.

The central forum: was as always a lively event, although numbers were down the guest speakers were great & sparked some ever entertaining conversations. Council officers who spoke this week were speaking on child care services & the availability of council buses & halls for hire. Always interesting & as one who considers child care very important but is also very concerned that ours run at a loss I was delighted to hear the losses were going down not increasing. The new Superintendant for Green Valley Police, Steve Chidgey was a delight, he brought us up to date on current technology & his engaging manner had all ready with questions & comment.  That has to be one of the best parts of the forums, the fact you can ask questions & not feel like you’ve bared your soul. As usual lively comments were made on many topics however to one regular & me the Pioneer Park is always a hot topic as we are both very passionate that something has to be done to protect this jewel in the heart of our city. To say you miss out by not attending is an understatement…the passion, the commitment & the wealth of knowledge you gain from these groups is wonderful, as I mentioned last week, I’m hooked & hope to remain so for some time.