Budget and Delivery Programs

May 18, 2017

Hi, It’s been quite a while since I posted, lots happening however there are a few things I’d like to update you on.

Forums have changed, sadly without discussion with the attendees, along with the format for community forums have changed. Some changes are positive however the frequency is one of the less positive. While we used to meet every month now they are held every three months and the locations have increased. Council has prepared a detailed list of the venues and dates and having attended all 6 in April the increase in attendance was approximately 1/3rd. Many of the old participants were not in attendance and it will be very interesting to see if this remains so, whether the numbers will increase or lessen and the format endorsed remains to be seen. The new forums are run by councillors, Labor and LCIT party councillors, the positive being that 6 councillors now attend the forums where previously only 2 sometimes 3 showed up of the 11.

Drawing attention to the fewer forums events (now being quarterly) means that now as the Budget and delivery program are on public exhibition the usual community engagement amounts to just one public event being presented and that was held tonight at Carnes Hill community centre. Having been away for some time during the last month this almost escaped me too, thankfully a call this afternoon alerted me to the program and I and 5 other attendees were taken through the basics. I urge everyone to get a copy of the documents and take some time to read through them. As always there are some positives and a few questions I”ll need to consider, however after many years of requesting both forward projections and past years data this has been provided.  The staff in attendance were more than happy to answer questions and each offered to be contacted directly with other concerns.

Sadly and no real surprise was that not one councillor chose to attend to listen to the concerns and questions of residents. NOT ONE!! Either they couldn’t be bothered, there was a briefing session or someone forgot to tell them lol. I’m guessing with the council meeting on the 31 it is possible for there to be a briefing session, disappointing if  that is the case but possibly not as disappointing as the idea that none of them could be bothered. Alas I’m sure someone will enlighten us.

Having missed the last council meeting (6 since 2007) I’m a little out of the loop on some things however all is pretty much back to normal and I will be darkening your email doorsteps again, hopefully regularly.

Don’t’ forget NOW IS THE TIME  to lodge your concerns and questions in relation to council expenditure and incomes over the coming year. If you don’t make the effort you can’t complain if the council spends your rates money contrary to your expectation. With the plans for a VERY EXPENSIVE Civic Centre in train, proposed debt/borrowings over about 10yrs of over $100million on top of the infrastructure backlog in the hundreds of millions. Parking costs will increase, rental of council properties will increase, so it’s time to have a close look, consider the fairness and ensure the equity for all residents .

Thanks to the 5 staff members who were in attendance, I’m looking forward over the coming days to drill further into the detail and prepare my submission, I believe it’s due on the 28th. (clearly I need to check lol)

Watch this space, thanks to those who enquired about me and my lack of postings.





a quick reminder

September 27, 2011

Tonight is the Central Forum at Mill Road, starts at 7.30pm, all welcome, come along and join the discussions.

Tomorrow night is the council meeting 7pm  at the Francis Greenway centre beside the city  centre  library… it will be interesting as always, seems Cllr Hadchiti has had some disappointments in not getting some motions put forward however determined to get them across..Goodness knows what but he’s been playing heavily to the media lately so perhaps it’s just another grab for attention. Only time will tell, can’t wait to see what committees our illustrious few will be clambering on board to represent you in this coming year. Let us hope that once committed they show up and don’t cry foul for not knowing what is going on in and around our city. Watch to as the ‘paid’ positions may get more than usual attention

Also please mark in your diary the 5th October same venue as above when Senator Lee Rhiannon, MP’s Laurie Ferguson, Russell Matheson and Craig Kelly join Cllrs Stanley and Lucas debating the impacts of the proposed Carbon Tax/Clean energy Bill come to debate the impacts on council. I am hopeful a respectful and factual program will allow residents to access real information, not merely jingles and one liners. Maybe if we’re very ‘lucky’ the full factual cost analysis of the Oppositions alternative plan will be made available… outlining how each and every one of us will be up for $700 or $1300pa to pay for their alternate plan (without any compensation for those who may not have the $700-1300) to pay for our biggest polluters to continue polluting and no long term benefit to the environment.

Sadly in a sign of lack of respect, after Senator Rhiannon declared her interest and accepted the invitation prior to the councillors debating it, the invitation was not addressed to her, our one Greens Senator for NSW, I noticed the letters to the MP’s weren’t sent via PM Julia Gillard Leader of the Labor party or Opposition Leader Tony Abbott Leader of the Coalition …but to the members themselves. Poor form from our GM or whomever instructed it so.

2010/2011 Management Plan

April 22, 2010

This week’s forum saw the Presentation of the Liverpool City Council Management Plan.  The Directors of Governance, Infrastructure and Planning (& the Manager of Finance), along with the General Manager  all spoke with the local residents and encouraged them to comment, make suggestions and generally be part of the budget planning.

 I encourage each of you to drop into the council offices, or call, download or generally get your hands on a copy and make comment. This process allows each and every one of us the opportunity to put forward ideas, comment on others and be involved. Of course if you choose to attend one of the next three forums you can pick up a copy and ask questions, just as I do.

As always if I find something I think we should look closely at, I’ll let you know through this website.

Also Mark in your diary 1st May 2010…come along to Hilliers Oval and say hi, the Liverpool Fairfield Greens have a team in the Relay for Life in support of the Cancer council or log onto the relay for life and sponsor us in this 24hour event.