Election results are in

September 17, 2016

Signe Westerberg Headshots FAV (26 of 102)Good news a week after the election day, we have a result and I am super delighted to say this is the best yet result for my local group.

As it turns out the voting got down to the wire, 20 counts before the final North ward member was clear and 26 counts before the south ward 5th member was clear. In north ward it ended up with myself, Sam Kayal and Gus Balloot (Libs) elected and in South with Lance (my husband) Phil Sim and Karress Rhodes (LCIT) elected neither were elected with a full quota and I’ve not yet drilled down to the actual difference but congrats to all 11 councillors on Liverpool Council. Saddest for me was that neither Cllrs Balloot nor Rhodes actually live in Liverpool, they earn an income from Liverpool but neither live here.

So here they are the team you selected to represent you for the Next 4 years. Mayor Wendy Waller (ALP)

North Ward:  Mazhar Hadid, (LIB) Ali Karnid (ALP), Peter Harle (LCIT), Nathan Hagarty (ALP) and Gus Balloot (LIB)

South ward: Tony Hadchiti (Lib) Geoff Shelton (ALP) Tina Ayyad (LIB aka Mrs Mannoun) Charishma Kaliyanda (ALP) Karess Rhodes (LCIT)

The real test will come over the coming weeks and years as to whether or not this group can work together, clearly the main protagonists are no longer on council but it will be interesting to see if the former #powermanmayor remains as a #puppetmaster and if there is any impact he has on both his family members still on council. I surely wonder sometimes, for 4 years I was unaware that Cllr Balloot was a cousin of the previous mayor, but it sure does account for all the glowing, incessant speeches he made throughout the term singing the praise of said mayor. Happy to stand corrected if this is untrue, my source was reliable but again always happy to add more information when it comes to hand. As you can see that is why when my husband and I ran we did so as an upfront, clearly stated partnership. We refuse to participate is skulduggery and partial information. I t will also be interesting to see how the former (I do love saying that) #Powermadmayor is going to manage all that extra family time he resigned for while his wife assumes a council role away from him. Then again it could become a family affair and everyone comes to council meetings.

I wish all the councillors well and trust they are truly there to represent the needs, hopes and dreams of our community. I await the ICAC reports and am hopeful that any wrongdoings of the past are highlighted and anyone caught and proven of using their position for personal gain is held to account. We now have an opportunity to move forward and with a little luck with a balanced, non aggressive and collegial approach to representing our city.

Lastly to my team, WOW you guys did so well and I’m so proud of each and every one of you. Sadly this time the people of Liverpool just missed out on seeing you in action and getting to know the passion in which you approach everything about Liverpool. We have a number of projects coming up and I know you will all put in 100% effort to ensure the residents of Liverpool get to see what we are really about,

Ecological sustainability | Social equality and economic justice || Grassroots democracy | Peace, nonviolence and disarmament


To all our supporters who handed out for us, thank you… we came so close.


The next council meeting is on the 12th October, I am hopeful to be in attendance (however its Lance’s Birthday so I need to organise around that a bit) see you there, if not at the next for sure.


Sign off


Promises! Achievable or just vote catchers

August 18, 2016

Signe Westerberg Headshots (38 of 102)I am delighted to be the Green’s Mayoral Candidate for Liverpool. I am equally delighted to have the opportunity to see the local papers providing the community with information in relation to the upcoming election. Of interest however is, on reading the details of the six (incl myself) candidates one thing became most clear. Three of them have had 8 years to achieve the things they are promising to do now, two have shown very little interest in the runnings of council previously and only one believed the job of Mayor was about bringing people together.

Let’s get some facts on the table:

The Mayor is not the sole decision maker in council,  I’m thinking this came as a bit of a shock to the #powermadmayor once his power base was lost with the #nolibloveinlivo events of recent months.

Click here for the Leader article on Page three  or


Cllr Hadchiti, is going to ‘pull the budget apart and identify areas of improvement’ Hey councillor you’ve had 8 years to do this, have you been sitting on your hands waiting for the opportunity to run for mayor, with the mess of this past budget you might have wanted to do this a bit earlier?

Cllr Harle wants ‘transparency and financial responsibility’ Again councillor you’ve been part of this council for 8 years what is it about being Mayor that will change  your ability to question the budget? While you have asked questions and been party to some change what will being Mayor change, in your opinion?

Cllr Waller didn’t make rash promises, she unfortunately has lived experience on what she cannot achieve as Mayor if the majority is intent on blocking every possible change until they assume office and claim those changes as their own. FYI Cllr Waller was Mayor for the first 4 years of this current,out of administration, 8 years and was quite hamstrung by a majority of Liberal/independent councillors who opposed much on what appeared political/ideological grounds more oft than not.

Ms Mishra and Mr Sims  seem to be under the impression that the Mayor has special powers/abilities, they can just stop things like rates in their tracks, again this is not the case… the Mayor is the spokesperson/ designated representative (until the majority choose otherwise) he/she is the convenor of a meeting, he/she can add ideas, suggest items and everything else every other councillor can do, with one exception, IF there is a need for a deciding vote in a drawn vote, the Mayor has a casting vote…. rarely if ever actually declared, and used often by the #powermadmayor however available to break tied situations and allow a decision to be made.

There is no magic wand attached to the Mayoral role, as Cllr Waller could tell you I’m sure how frustrating and difficult it can be if the councillors elected by the public have a greater agenda than that of serving the people. So the question should be, who amongst the candidates has the goal or desire to bring together the mishmash of councillors the community see fit to elect? The community decides who they want to represent it and in  Liverpool they also decide who will be the best front person for our city as well as the person who could possibly work with all to bring a cohesive council together. Don’t get me wrong, it won’t be easy but it’s not a magic wand and simply promising to do this or that is tantamount to ludicracy. Populism isn’t governance, it’s about promising what you think your community wants to hear in order to get their vote. Four of the candidates on offer have been regularly involved in council matters, two have shown up at election time with what appears to be little to no knowledge of how a council works. While I am sure they will disagree, this is an important job. Moreover  it’s also an amazing opportunity to tell the NSW Govt that council amalgamations is not on our agenda. The Greens have opposed amalgamations at State and local level and electing a Green to the position of Mayor would be one almighty reminder to Mr Baird et al.

To give myself a little plug while I can, I also have a proven record of wanting transparency, did you know, on nearly every agenda there are confidential items and at times in this council 12 or more items have been ‘in confidence”  Rarely has there been a meeting where all items on the agenda have been open to the public, while I understand privacy issues, you also know that I believe when it involves our rates money we are entitled to the detail… regulations and statutory requirements have privacy as a core protection however, as I’ve stated previously if a shareholder can know the details why can’t the residents?

I, if elected as Mayor or councillor will continue to write about it, I have a reasonable  knowledge of what I can legally share and what I can’t but I know that I will be privy to more facts as a councillor than I do now as a resident who sits in the gallery every month listening to the councillors. I do this now without the detail they have and with a desire to ensure our residents know exactly what is happening with their rates money.

Before you vote for your next Mayor, ask some questions, find out more, simply wanting the job is not enough, our city is too important, the financial status of  our council is too unknown and the future impacts of much still to be made available to the community to impactful to just want the job. While the candidates for the most part seem like decent people, is that enough? A number of them have operated successful businesses, some are academics, some completely unknown to anyone outside their social circle, so investigate, I even invite them to write a response to my comments here and I will post them for you to read, as is.

Most of all, look at all the candidates you elect, not just the parties, Mr Sims is a registered Liberal (according to his nomination form), campaigning/presenting as an independent, Cllr Harle has been in council for 8 years see where his votes have gone, especially in the early days, Cllr Hadchiti has been on council 8 years as well, his allegiance to the outgoing #Powermadmayor has been solid. Me, well I’ve been writing about this for all of those years, just check back anywhere through here, you’ll see I’ve always had an opinion, and I believe once elected the party you represent falls well behind the community who elected you albeit with those values.




more soon and again I invite other candidates to share their views, all opinions welcomed.


Sign off





February 24, 2016

signe-westerberg-headshotsfav-78-of-102-2Well it’s early, I’ve been home from the council meeting for about 1 hr, we (the gallery) waited until the meeting was officially over so I’ve had a little while to mull over the appalling situation that we laughingly call a council meeting. Many of you may by now have seen the media, Channels 7 and 9 were in attendance and heaven knows who else and we’ve now been officially embarrassed again, this time by Liberal party in fighting, a #powermadmayor who still doesn’t know how to pick his fights and a councillor it now seems may be the unwitting or perhaps willingly manipulated by  others or perhaps is manipulating others, who knows? Conferences between the the mayor and his supporters, staff and advisors and the numerous conferences between opposing parties sees Liverpool again amidst scandal and nastiness.

I love seeing residents attend our council  meetings I’ve said so on numerous occasions, watching them engage in matters of import to our citizens is paramount for good open governance. Watching our residents divided however breaks my heart. We have so much to be proud of here in Liverpool and sadly the events of tonight aren’t amongst them. The #powermadmayor and Cllr Ristevski’s obsession took over the meeting tonight and to the detriment of our community… and as an aside I don’t think it’s done a whole lot of good for the local liberal party either. In the end the whole situation became untenable with Cllrs Waller, Stanley, Shelton, Mamone, Karnib and Harle following Cllr Ristevski as he was escorted from the meeting at the behest of the Mayor.  I do have to admit I felt particularly bad for our Security Guard whose job it was to escort Cllr Ristevski from the chambers, he works with and for all of us and I imagine felt a bit like the meat in the sandwich.

So what really happened… there were a number of speakers on the list tonight (not all got the opportunity to speak) the Mayor seemed to have enlisted a supporters team, one of whom took Cllr Ristevski to task for opposing the Mayor, in the name of Liverpool Ratepayers. As one of those ratepayers I don’t recall objecting to Cllr Ristevskis’ attempts to highlight some of the mismanagement of our city.Do I support everything he’s said, no, do I think he has the right to say them, yes. When Cllrs Mamone & Ristevski took exception to some of what the speaker was saying, things turned nasty. Tonight Cllr Ristevski seemed to have the support of the majority of councillors who attempted to call the meeting back in order and who eventually took it upon themselves to vacate the building on his ejection . He again raised the matter of  no confidence in the Mayor and the CEO. The Mayor called for an apology and when Cllr Ristevski requested that the Mayor apologise for calling him a liar at the previous meeting it became clear neither was going to back down. Many Council workers were also in attendance and with the nastiness of the past few months seemed ready to loudly support Cllr Ristevskis no confidence motion in the mayor and the CEO. The entire meeting was divided, it was loud ,at times very loud.  This is what happens when we have staff who feel threatened, this is what happens when misinformation is out in the community and this is what happens when things get out of hand and out of control. Alas however the Division of Local Govt is going to see the appalling manner in which a few of our councillors choose to represent us. Another meeting will be held in place of this farce of a meeting, I heard the mayor declared that Monday 14th March at 6pm, however if all we get is what we have I cannot see a better outcome.

So let’s sit back and see what we achieved as a city tonight… well we’re one step closer to administration, we managed to get press for all the wrong reasons, any possible chance of Councillors being able to forgive and forget is well and truly out the window, the CEO spent a good while looking at the ceiling, some managers were placed in untenable situations while others leave our employ amidst the nightmare that has become the norm in Liverpool. The business community of Liverpool didn’t get any outcomes from either their representations nor their matters as absolutely nothing (other than $5,000 donation to the Fiji hurricane victims via the red cross) was discussed as part of the agenda.

I know my dislike for our mayor is no secret, my lack of respect for several of his colleagues isn’t either, but this IS NOT  what I want for my city. I expect more and I know from conversations with some of our councillors so do they but this is the result of a particularly nasty and inappropriate manner in which the Liberal majority have conducted themselves in this and the previous term of council. Some might say the chickens have come home to roost and while doing so they have brought our entire city into disrepute and it annoys and angers me.

I used to say that if  ever elected Mayor I would begin the first meeting with a box in the middle of the room and ask each elected councillor to put within it their party affiliation so we could get on with the business of governing and growing our city together as a team. Whether or not I ever get the opportunity to do that, party affiliation is one thing and I’m not against it, what I am totally against is when it becomes more important than our residents and our city. I keep getting told our #powermadmayor is popular, it’s not what I hear on the streets but his media campaign has managed to convince him that he can do anything he wants…. clearly tonight proves he cannot.


Until this is resolved in some way or another, or we get to have a ‘do over’  a whole lotta nothing was achieved tonight. So thanks for nothing Councillors.


Sign off




As there were several hundred others in the gallery tonight, please don’t hesitate to let me know if you saw, heard or felt there was more of which I wasn’t aware…I’m more than happy to post your version of events here along with mine.


The ABC radio today is reporting that the debacle we called a meeting last night was over the Asbestos, and while that may have been to long term intention, the mess began when a resident started attacking  Cllr Ristevski in the 3rd person on matters relating to Porkgate… while that was not her only issue, this was one that started the whole point of order, no confidence etc.




August 20, 2015

Signe Westerberg HeadshotsFAV (78 of 102)Here we are in August 2015, we have a Liberal National Government, a Liberal State Government and a Liberal majority local government. So let’s look at the benefits we get from this as Liverpudlians. We Get a Mega Modal at Moorebank, we get immeasurable damage to our air quality, safety and our river, we get an Airport at Badgerys Creek without a rail link but it too will have another paid expressway, we get more trucks on our local roads, we get lots of pictures of the Mayor, we get infighting amongst those same local Libs that makes the Mainstream media regularly, we get a lot of stomping and stamping from MP’s Craig Kelly and Melanie Gibbons, we get to lose our historical presence at the Military barracks for all time thanks to said intermodal, we get committees locally that are predominantly business people, who don’t necessarily live here, directing the way we head economically in Liverpool, we get lots more pollution, we get waaay more congestion, we get no noise barriers on the M5, we get more noise along the SSFL and we get another lane on the M5 (someone has to provide for all those trucks) we get millions of dollars spent ensuring the Mayor and his cronies get a mall  in Liverpool built before the next election, we get greater housing infill, higher rise developments, we get looser planning instruments thanks to the state government, we get less of a voice over development in our communities, we get the threat of amalgamated councils,  we get more public transport, just kidding thats not happening, we get a council intent on selling our public space and pocket parks, oops that’s reclassification in view to sell, we get a proposal that at the cost of several million George and Northumberland Streets will be opened to two way traffic (imagine for one minute accessing the car park in Northumberland St from the south/north lane and the safety???)

So how is  having the party in power working for us in Liverpool…. no too well in my opinion? What’s worse we get people who sing the praise of the Mannouns, Kellys and Gibbons’s who being part of the party of power are basically voiceless in their own parties. What the bloody hell for I ask… anyone can stand on a soap box and decry all the problems but wouldn’t you think electing those in power would bring some of that power to our community, IT SEEMS NOT, in fairness we’re getting more Voice from the likes of Alan Jones than electing any of these politicians has afforded us and Alan is quite selective in what he supports and what he doesn’t,of course his prerogative. We also get a pretty much silent opposition from the Labor members elected, but in fairness it’s their turn to say we aren’t in government we can only try. At council meetings you will see some councillors of opposition try but I have commented before at the appalling manner in which they are treated, so 3 years in I think that their opposition  has lessened or  a the very least been beaten down.

I look at the list above and think may be all those ‘we gets’ are the liabilities…not the benefits and we’ll continue to get nothing while ever the community blindly follows the old parties down which ever track they choose to pull us.

AND…before anyone tells me we’re finally getting stuff happening in Liverpool, most of the proposed local upgrades and improvements have been long planned and while timely for this elected bunch they were at least on the drawing board for some time. Some changes in location but some might say thats to appease a particular local business or two not the community. I know I was on one of the committees who worked on them in years past. The only real change is the willingness, even eagerness of this council to borrow money from the future (TIF for ten years) to ensure things  ‘happen’ during this term.

So over to you, please share your list of benefits and liabilities, its nearly that time of year when I do a run down on council in the last 12 months. How are your local roads looking, do you feel you are better informed with what is happening with your rates dollars, are the facilities in your area up to the standard you want, need, desire? There will be as always differing opinions, not everyone watches as closely as I do to what happens in Liverpool. Not everyone cares or has the time to speak up but if you’d like to register some items here that you feel makes a difference, please do.

We have a great city, a wonderful community and a rich vibrant mix of residents, share your views, your ideas, the things you love about Liverpool today, perhaps even those things you miss.

Lastly don’t forget next week is the council meeting, you can check out the agenda online tomorrow, presently there is only an attachment document. We have just on 12months to an election, you will hear lots and lots over the coming months, most of it will be self promotion but who knows I could be wrong.

Lastly,  there was a meeting about air quality and impacts at the Hilda M Davis centre tonight, sadly work commitments prevented me making it on time, so if you happened to make it, please share the outcome, Cathy Oke was up from Victoria as one of the key drivers of this initiative so I am keen to hear what you thought about it.

More soon once I”ve had a chance to read the business papers…remember our parks will be on the agenda either this month or next so watch this space.


Sign off




PS… all the business papers are online at:            http://www.liverpool.nsw.gov.au/council/council-meetings/Council-Meeting-Business-Papers






Just a quick reminder.

July 18, 2015

Hi all,

Signe Westerberg Headshots FAV (26 of 102)I need to quickly remind my readers that while I am delighted and happy to post your comments, on rare occasions I receive some that may be considered litigious. I received one today from “Cathy” and while I’d like to acknowledge her for taking the time to write and read these posts, her accusations were direct and from what I read opinion, and unsubstantiated and I’ve taken the decision not to  post them… I, on most occasions would like to post all comments  however as there were two people mentioned directly and accused of potential wrongdoing  I would encourage readers to seek advice from the legal profession before putting allegations in the public realm.  If you have proof of any illegal or questionable activity I strongly suggest contacting ICAC directly, the Division of Local Govt or of course the police.

Thanks heaps to all who take the time to read my posts, I’ve been quite busy of late and while I have continued to attend forums, meetings and local activities around my work schedule, my posts are not as uptodate as I’d like. Liverpool is a great place and I encourage all to get involved, make comment and have your say, even apply to be on different committees.

Of real importance IMO is on the 4th and 5th August there will be two public meetings to discuss the proposed reclassification and possible sale of local parks etc. Please consider attending and voicing your concerns…noting that once these  green spaces are sold they are gone forever…with the huge number of highrise and multi apartment developments, open space will be at a premium and we need to protect it. There is a council meeting coming up on the 29th July at 6pm (Business papers are available on line of the Friday Prior) and National Tree day is in Joshua Moore Park Eureka Crescent Sadleir on the 26th 9-12 noon. These are usually great days for all the family followed by a BBQ so I hope to see you all on the day. I live close to this site and can assure you that some pretty amazing bird life is resident  and they will very much appreciate the provision of 3000 more trees and shrubs in their park.



The community can expect  a rush of activity in the lead up to next years council elections, its important we keep a close eye on what is happening with our rates dollars,  other ways to find out what is happening with your rates dollars can be found on the Liverpool council website, the Liverpool Listens portal, and Liverpool council’s facebook page. Some additional info is also available in the Local papers if you’re one of the lucky ones who gets them delivered… of course I will endeavour to keep you informed as well, so keep checking in.

If I don’t see you before you’ll most certainly see me on the 26th, so please come up and say hi.


Sign off





It’s now up to you Liverpool

September 7, 2012

We’ve knocked on doors, delivered leaflets but mostly we’ve been involved and not just in the last weeks but over the last 4 years… Liverpool Council Elections are tomorrow. My fervent hope is that the good people of Liverpool have done their homework, investigated the candidates and will support those who truly have the advancement of Liverpool in their sights.

As with any campaign this cannot be achieved without the dedicated workers, members and families who come along with us, share our hopes and aspirations and deal with our tired and exhausted times as well. As this is my personal blog I can get personal , so here goes.

I’m going to miss some one I’m absolutely sure, but to my fabulous list of Candidates, thank you, each of you have in so many ways enhanced and involved the communities in which we live. I am so proud of the entire team. They are all truly passionate, caring and very much Liverpool focused … one I’m ever so hopeful to represent. Not to forget our fabulous supporters in the Greens like John and the guys from Bankstown, Margaret, Debbie and Eva from Macarthur, Bill Cashman and the FLG Members and the many, many,  more who have come along and assisted in so many ways, thank you.

On a side issue, what is fabulous about being part of the Greens is twofold, they share your hopes and dreams but more importantly they support, provide feedback and keep you grounded. As an independent one doesn’t have that solid sounding platform, you do what you think is best for sure, but sometimes you miss the mark you don’t see it from different vantage points. A team like the Liverpool Greens provides so much perspective and balance to the views we put forward, it is truly representative and of that I’m so proud.

To my family…wow…. you put up with so much… reheated dinners and all… and guess what if the good people of Liverpool do elect me and the team… that’s’ not going to change much… but thank you, thank you, thank you… Add to this both Alisha and Lance are candidates in their own right working on their own campaigns as well as supporting me at home. Inga has been amazing in her support from across the strait while Phillip has doorknocked and delivered leaflets, thank you.

Without their input and involvement no candidate can truly make the difference they aspire to. I am truly blessed to work with each and every one of them.

No wrap up would be complete without the final reminder to vote 1 Greens this Saturday, I’ll repost the HTV below and see you all back here Monday … hopefully as your representative. Liverpool is far too important; we need balanced and fair representation, transparency and a fair go for all.  I’m confident electing our candidates will do exactly that. To our colleagues across the state Good luck and thank you all for continued support, guidance and direction…Ben R our Local Government election coordinator and the team thank you all.

If you’ve not yet made up your mind, please acquaint yourself with our team… simply scroll back through here and click on the numerous links to find out more….or here http://flg.nsw.greens.org.au/lcouncil.html each picture has a message from each of the candidates.

One final thing, on the big ballot paper there is a column without a box, its NOT missing it’s meant to be blank, simply choose your candidates and number above the line in the order of your choice. If you make a mistake you can ask for another ballot paper..simply go back and ask for it.

Now  go and  VOTE 1 Greens this election

Holsworthy was brisk…

September 5, 2012

…. however  the people were lovely, up at the crack of dawn this morning handing out Green voices to the commuters at Holsworthy Station.  Whilst the morning itself was brisk the residents were warm and delightful. We are so lucky in this city of diversity that the most common thread we share is a smile.

A big thank you to our intrepid candidate Craig Reedy, for preparing the hand outs and standing on the upper deck meeting residents as they set off to work.

I’m so proud that the team the Greens brings you is so diverse, willing and capable…sadly Esha has been struck down with a bug, so hoping she’s back on deck asap… healthy and raring to represent the good residents of Liverpool.

Don’t forget if you have an hour or so on Saturday we could use your assistance…the local group is small and growing so additional hands would be appreciated as we attempt to cover booths all over this great city of ours. Call me on 8777 5599 or 0412 920 057 if you can assist…