1st council meeting for 2017

January 31, 2017

2016 Signe OutdoorsTomorrow night is the first council meeting for 2017. Don’t forget they begin at 6pm sharp and are generally more interesting if you know what is on the agenda.


So far the agenda isn’t too taxing and there are a couple of items of particular interest, one being NOM01 being put forward by Cllr Balloot… “That as Liverpool is growing and demand is increasing for affordable housing Council should investigate ways to cut red tape and reduce the time to earmark and prioritise lands for new housing developments in an effort to counter the crisis of housing affordability hitting Sydney currently.”

So where is the question about affordability…? He’s most certainly wanting more houses approved and faster but in reading his question and that of the reply nowhere is mentioned the actual percentage of actual affordable housing needed, nor the manner in which to achieve or even cost factors involved in providing AFFORDABLE HOUSING. It sadly screams to me of calling for one thing in the name of another for the benefit of the developer and nothing for the residents in need of affordable housing. Liverpool and surrounds has a real need for housing that is affordable but nothing in this request for expedience is there a provision to provide anything other than more houses – faster, which in fact does not raise or technically provide affordable housing. What we should be calling for is a provision of a set amount of housing being provided that is actually affordable, but developers won’t jump on board and providing more housing may raise the availability of housing but nothing in here suggests how to make it more affordable. (rent capping or even a hint of it isn’t to be found anywhere)

The other is the New Precinct meetings being proposed quarterly or as needed… this will pretty much mean the abolishment of the community forums of which you know I regularly attend and find a particularly engaging manner of getting residents together. It will be interesting to see if there are any changes made to the proposed format. I note that a Cllr Chairperson is to be nominated which is a bit of a laugh when you consider only Cllrs Harle, Shelton and recently Haggarty ever attend. Well that’s not quite true a couple of other councillors managed an appearance prior to an election here and there but they are not what one would call high on the agenda for the majority of councillors. I imagine there will be some toing and froing for chairing some in the ‘more desireable’ locations but only time will tell. Sadly every-time the council chooses to ‘play’ around with the format of the forums it has a huge cost in the way of attendance and the sceptic in me sees this as more of the same. I”m not sure how the Rural forum attendees are going to feel about their meetings being reduced to quarterly as they have in recent times had good attendance monthly.

Please come up and say hi if you are at the meeting tomorrow night – I try to sit where I can watch the majority of the councillors, how they vote etc

Remember these are your rates being discussed, distributed and dissected it’s in your best interest to know where they are being spent. I also tweet during the meetings, if you aren’t connected to twitter you can still read them as they appear to the right of this post throughout the meeting. Again, I would like to congratulate Kiersten Fishburn on her appointment as CEO. I have always found Kiersten fair, engaging and willing to listen to the community so to me that is a real win for the community especially compared to the formers.

See you tomorrow… council chambers, to the right of the Liverpool Main Library doors at 6pm.

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One day to go

September 9, 2016
2016 Signe OutdoorsHi all, Just popping in the say Hi and to remind all of you in Liverpool, Fairfield and Campbelltown that tomorrow is election day. We have amazing Greens running in each electorate, people who are dedicated to serving the community, people who aren’t developers and real estate agents and don’t have a sub-agenda for seeking your vote. Please take a few minutes to look over the information shared with you by those candidates, look at our facebook pages – this and my @swesterberggreens Have a look at the information and consider giving the Greens your vote in Liverpool, Fairfield and Campbelltown (& other LGA’s this weekend).
Ask yourself, will this candidate put me and my family before big developers? Will this candidate speak up for us? Has this candidate a record for fighting for our residents? Did this candidate just show up this election and have no impact in the community prior? Is this candidate making promises they simply cannot deliver on? Is this candidate capable of working as part of a team to ensure we get the best outcomes?
Gone are the days where party loyalty is enough, gone are the days when you can just assume they are in it for the right reasons.
Before I go I would also like to publically thank my amazing colleagues in the Fairfield Liverpool Greens, despite the outcome this weekend, you have been simply amazing, outstanding and We’re gunna work your butts off tomorrow 🙂 To the Campaign team in Glebe and our extraordinary Volunteers – thank you.
I will highlight just a couple of outstanding efforts, Andre who has put together all those pretty pictures and taglines for me and made me look organised and professional and hours and hours on PrePoll. Rudge and Roxie for the time and expertise they put into the fantastic video, John and Bill for their tireless support and amazing skills and by no means least my wonderful daughter and my husband who have quietly worked behind the scenes to keep me sane and on track.
The incredible teams on North and South wards, each and everyone would be an amazing asset to our council, to the unbelieveable team of volunteers who have and will be on polling places tomorrow.  We still have a number of gaps and unmanned booths (so please call me if you have an hour or so).
A BIG BIG BIG thank you from the bottom of my heart. Most residents have very little idea of the dedication and commitment that goes into each and every election.
To my opponents on Prepoll, thank you, we may not agree on politics but we have worked alongside each other now for a couple of weeks. For me there has been no adversarial or nastiness, unfortunately that’s not the case for some. Let’s hope the Liverpool voters get it right and give us a truly committed and varied group of councillors who are there for the people not personal gain.
See you out and about tomorrow…Vote 1 Greens if you want more green than concrete, more passion than payoff, more transparency  than secrecy.
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8 more sleeps

September 2, 2016

Signe Westerberg Headshots FAV (26 of 102)WOW…the time is going so fast. Only a little over a week to go in this election campaign and I cannot tell you how delighted I am to be in such a  privileged position as to be able to speak with residents each and every day. I can tell you how proud I am of the amazing team we are putting forward in this election. Each and every one of them would be a wonderful addition to Liverpool Council and its a priviledge to work alongside them.

Wednesday night was the final council meeting for this term, a good deal of time was spent electioneering for the 7 councillors who are seeking your vote again, a few good byes and a whole lot of ….leave it to the next lot. So it’s official, not only have they left the next term of councillors a pretty crap budget, undetermined asbestos problems, staff morale at an all time low  but this week they decided to leave a number of items  to the next group. Seriously while I am always the first and often the only voice calling for due diligence, holy crap a donation to Macedonia and Italy in their time of need was not that big a call. Over the past 8 years some councillors shuffled enormous amounts of money for all and sundry and not all as deserving.

The big winner of the night was when in the departing Mayor admitted he’d not been able to work with everyone. Well that was an understatement but at least an acknowledgement I guess. Cllr Ristevski  didn’t waste an opportunity to put in a final dagger or two before he was  missed off the ‘I’ve enjoyed working with you’ list of the Mayor. The whole Propel issues lives on, with the independent report being handed on to ICAC, another of the deferred decisions for the next council. Importantly most of the candidates seeking your vote will have no clue about the issues that have been on and off the agenda for so long other than what they’ve heard in the press. Today we’ve made the news yet again and the comparison between this disaster of a council and the one who had us put into administration had best not be the comparison used in the future because some of us actually know and have seen the happenings of this bunch.

Alas those seeking your vote who have been on council should be scrutinised quite aggressively, what have they actually contributed to the council over their tenure as councillors. If elected to council I will work to ensure that all voting information will be made publically available. Calling oneself independent doesn’t  necessarily mean candidates aren’t aligned. While Greens are sometimes seen in agreement of ALP policy we are not bound in any way to following blindly, our whole remit is to assess each piece of information on its own merit, we vote according to what is in the best interests of the whole community and stand proudly by our reputation to do exactly that when a matter is not in the line with our core beliefs.  (I will print them below so you can see the tenets by which our decisions are made) Council should be about caring for the community, creating services to fill the needs of that community and reduce costs wherever possible.  During the meeting our #powermadmayor (for not long now)  took to highlighting some of the issues in the budget, minus a detail or two  and taking credit for changes that he and his cohorts actually  obstructed which meant many of those projects were actually delayed in the first term.

There will be issues that need to be addressed by the new council, firstly there will have to be very close scrutiny of some of the budget decisions, a very, very close look at the Propel agreement and investigation into same and a serious discussion about the number of jobs that have been outsourced to consultants. Planning issues are a big part of any council and we will need to see what can be done to ensure social and affordable housing options can be set up to ensure our city’s homeless numbers reduce,not grow. Especially important will be to ensure that the community is privy to the actions and decisions of council. Transparency has not been the strong suit of this particular term. Council can and should be the first point of call for citizens needing advice about planning, the go to place for questions and a source of information in relation to many social issues, even those they cannot be directly responsible for, many don’t realise the lobbying ability of council and this needs to be explored. The days need to come to an end where the local member is only heard from in parliament when he/she can bash the council for poor decisions. More soon….

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Ecological sustainability | Social equality and economic justice

| Grassroots democracy | Peace, nonviolence and disarmament

LASTLY. If you have some spare time anytime next week or on Saturday the 10th we are still looking for people to help us hand out at Pre-Poll and on Election day. We will provide a light lunch and a T-shirt just give me a call or email me at swesterberg@iinet.net.au.

Liverpool HTV 2016

Where there is smoke, is there fire?

July 31, 2016

Signe 2016 outdoorsI started this blog about a week ago, clearly with upcoming elections for council I and my colleagues have been focusing on bringing you the Liverpool community the best possible team for September 10th.

The following two paragraphs are what I wrote back then, they are still relevant so I will leave them for your informaton

Many will be aware that recently Liverpool has found its way back into the press. Regrettably it’s not for the good reasons AGAIN. Our #powermadmayor seems to have invited ICAC in… I’ve asked around and from what I can understand that’s not quite how that works. Over the last 4 years numerous letters have been sent to ICAC I’ve even made reports myself based on what I’ve seen and I’ve had back a response and that in no way indicated they were waiting on an invitation from the Mayor. Plus according to the news reports I’ve read, if you were invited in, why did they raid the office, force entry etc.?

While I am not privy to the workings or goings on of the #powermadmayor and his cohorts it’s not brain surgery to note that at some point throughout his entire term as Mayor he has at one time or another been at odds with his own Liberal party members, with the possible exception of Mr Balloot, I actually don’t recall a time when he wasn’t singing the praise of the #powermadmayor but as a non resident imo  I think his tenure is too shaky to create too many waves. That cannot be said of Councillor Ristevski, seems he likes the waves and is determined to highlight what I can only assume is more detailed information than those of us in the gallery are privy to. I do hope it is a genuine need to highlight misdeeds or inaccuracies not just self promotion in the lead up to the council elections.



As  I said above this is just as relevant today, however in the meantime we have had a council meeting and a grand opening. The council meeting had a fair bit of grandstanding by Cllr Hadid, he on a number of occasions waved around a piece of paper calling for the figures paid out to two sacked/dismissed/left CEO’s. The irony for me was that he was calling for THEIR decisions to be made public, inferring he was not party to those same decisions. Alas, that is not true the Liberal majority of which he is a key player signed off on both terminations and I can only assume that of the latest executive position where I understand the payout was in the vicinity of $175K. In that case the position being ‘made up’ in the first place sure got a nice pay off according to some staff members who are livid and who also saw the same executive member handing out for the Liberal party at the recent Federal election. I am not suggesting any wrong doing, what staff do in their own time is entirely their prerogative I support that 100% however the question asked of me why was this person’s job created in the first place and if so why such a hefty payout if it was no longer required? I don’t have answers i’m afraid if I do I will share.

There was an attempt to overturn some of the decisions made at the previous council meeting in relation to the budget. I have to say in my view the whole representation of this budget has been nightmarish and if we had better transparency in Liverpool especially in line with what happens with our rates dollars many of us would feel much more confident. I do think the next  bunch of councillors will be faced with a whole bunch of financial issues they are not expecting, however if they aren’t involved now and aren’t seeing what is happening I guess that’s just bad luck. This of course goes back to my oft touted line of careful who you vote for, especially if they only raise their heads at election time. I would like to see so much more clarity on decisions being made with our rates money. I was not (I either missed it or it was discussed in confidence) aware that council had sold the site presently being used by the Men’s Shed, after so much work and money had been put into setting it up, I would have spoken against it or ensured the funding was organised to accommodate a move. Better still I wouldn’t have approved that site in the first place and found the Mens shed a permanent location from the get go.

It is election time, much is going to be bandied about regarding this election, the one thing  I want from our next set of councillors is to have more information made public. Hiding behind in confidence matters in Liverpool has gotten out of  control in my view. If a company is in dealings with our rates money and the same company has to declare the dealings with their shareholders, WHY ARE WE NOT BEING ABLE TO SEE WHAT IS GOING ON?

Yesterday I attended the opening of the Carnes Hill recreational/Library facility. I would like to say a big thank you to the many many staff who over many many years have worked on this venue. While the present Liberal councillors will gladly accept the accolades it was in fact on the drawing board for many years, $40M worth of investment doesn’t happen overnight and people like Paul Scully, Albert Galletta and the 100s of staff who have worked on this facility over such a long time deserve congratulations. It was interesting that the police were required to handle the pedestrian traffic yesterday, the irony there was they actually wrote a submission against the location for the exact same reasons they were working for hours yesterday managing foot traffic on what  is now a major road extension.  I was also aghast to hear the #powermadmayor made promises yesterday that he would ensure a pool was added to the rec centre if he is re-elected… where is all this money coming from, we have debt in the vicinity of $40M we have an unknown debt for the removal remediation of asbestos that could reach $20M and our rates are already rising. Then of course there is the proposed new civic centre costs, the Bigge park plans and so much more. Did it rain money recently and I had my umbrella up the wrong way???? More on this when I hear more.

It was lovely to see some of our previous staff in attendance to check out the finished project. It would also be remiss of me not to mention the many staff who were in attendance yesterday. For the record, my grandson gives the new skate park a BIG thumbs up. It was lovely to see so many people checking out the new facility and I’ve taken a bunch of pictures I’ll share with you below.  The skate park does feature but I am a Grandmother and one of the scooterers is a special favourite of mine.

Happy snaps from the Carnes Hill Rec Centre/Library opening

Happy snaps from the Carnes Hill Rec Centre/Library opening

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I need to go and get ready for National Tree day, I hope I get to see your there. Of course there was more to the council meeting and when I get an opportunity I will share with you, if you are interested the actual meeting notes will be available on the council website. You won’t get the joy of detail concerning Cllr Hadids outbursts, or the wrangling and to and fro of Cllr Ristevski’s interactions with the #powermadmayor or the CFO. You won’t see the one time I actually agreed with Cllr Hadchiti, ftr I am against this whole new trend of all Cllrs having to pay for their travel/attendance at functions directly related to their job as councillors, this will greatly affect anyone who puts their hand up in the community to represent the ratepayers who is not independently financial enough to pay airfares etc. This imo will mean only the wealthy will be able to represent Liverpool and the around $23,000 they receive for being councillors is not why one puts their hand up in the first place. I will cover this more at a later time.


Looks like I’ll be running late for National Tree day so I’ll sign off for now. See you there 🙂


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These views are my own based on what I’ve seen and heard, if you see things differently please share, the more the merrier I say.

One week later

July 8, 2016

Signe Westerberg HeadshotsFAV  (78 of 102)Here we are almost a week after the close of voting and we’re only just getting notice that the Turnbull LNP is likely being returned with a huge loss in their majority. (YAY) This would normally create feelings of dread in me, however looking at the parliament that the people elected,  I truly can’t see him coping for too long and back to the polls we’ll go. Time will tell.

I will briefly note the exceptional assistance of my team of volunteers who worked diligently and constantly in the lead up to the election and on election day. We had an increase in our vote for which I am delighted. Sadly here in the South West of Sydney Federal elections are more an avenue by which we raise our profile than to genuinely expect to be elected… YET!!!  Our day will come and the people of Werriwa and surrounds are definitely learning more and more about our policies and acknowledging our passion. Congrats to Anne Stanley for securing the Labor win, the alternative was simply untenable.imo.

Now we’re set ready to focus on the local council elections, in 9 weeks time the residents of Liverpool, Fairfield and Campbelltown will head to the polls again to elect their councillors and in Liverpool their Mayor. Please, can we do better this time, the #powermadmayor we’ve endured for the last 4 years has taken credit for everything but the weather and seems to have completely ignored the processes by which things actually happen in council or the hundreds of people who insure things actually happen. He has also managed to not mention he and his cohorts were directly obstructionist in the previous council and while taking credit for everything now, fails to acknowledge much of what is happening in Liverpool has been on the drawing board for quite some time, long before this Mayors ‘reign’..

As many of you who read this blog know, I have been a constant attendee at council and on many committees and I’ve watched the divisiveness in which this #powermadmayor and his cohorts have worked, during the time on council they have not only managed to alienate the opposition councillors but many of their own. A quick recall pretty much has me thinking at some point during the last 8 years the Liberal majority  has at some point been at war not only with Labor but at times pretty much with everyone on their own side, the possible exception being  Cllr Balloot, however as he doesn’t reside here I guess his compliance has been a given.

I’ve not done a real run down on the last council meeting, however the farce continues as did the campaigning, as it will until September. The new group of councillors elected in September will be surprised to find that the balanced budget they are being sold now is somewhat more complicated than it appears. In an attempt to highlight some of the misinformation and discrepancies, Cllr Shelton may have taken some unwilling prisoners… however a rescission motion here and there will probably address any unfairness. I do support his cost cutting on many things however The Men’s shed is a personal addition to council that I’ve supported long term. This week’s local paper advised that the $500,000 for relocation of the men’s shed might be at risk. I have to admit I don’t recall when we supported the sale of the property they are presently using, let alone the need for a complete relocation. That said much has been snuck through this council, much to much has been done under the cover of confidentiality and confidence.

As many of you are aware Fairfield Liverpool Greens generally host a full team of candidates and as such we would  pledge that if elected we would address this unsavory need for secrets and lack of transparency. We would  also fight what I believe will be the inevitable attack by the NSW Premier to attack the democracy around council autonomy… it is my opinion LCC will be amongst those on his next hit list.

If you believe as I do that council is  important and our representation needs to be transparent and community focused, please consider getting on board and helping us out at the council election. We will need your help on Polling day and in the lead up and with your help real change can happen and if you think as I do that nothing will improve in relation to the Libs working effectively with Labor, Ensuring Greens are in the mix of elected councillors. ensures our city and our environment will be the priority, not the furthering of the ego of the present #powermadmayor. Don’t get me wrong, this will not be an easy council to work with however how you vote will decide the makeup of the council, so consider carefully where your vote goes, your rates, your waste fees and all your local services are approved or not approved by the councillors you elect…so please choose carefully, choose a balanced passionate group of people who can and will work together for your benefit, not their own. Also be aware of those people in our community who only raise their heads at election time, they do almost nought for you and our city between elections but raise their heads seeking your vote. You deserve better and as someone who’s been here since we came out of administration… you should expect more!


More shortly, have a good weekend.


Sign off

It just keeps getting worse.

February 27, 2016

Signe Westerberg Headshots (96 of 102)I managed to miss a lot of the media surrounding last Wednesday’s farce of a council meeting. Mostly because I was still reeling from the nonsense that I and so many of our residents witnessed.

As in my previous post there were no winners, nothing has changed, a new meeting is scheduled for Monday the 14th March .

The information I’ve seen and heard has some major issues of legality and questionable use of the facts. The Mayor and Mr Ristevski in my opinion both made fundamental errors in their attempt to raise their profile, sadly Liverpool’s profile throughout the debacle has taken a severe blow and the CEO who was actually the one that was being discussed sits as he did a week ago grinning and looking at the ceiling with no real changes, other than as I would guess he looks at his options further afield.

Watching the Mayor in his interview with a reporter not long after the mess he chaired was illuminating, I found it via the Champion post and have put the link to the Champion article here; http://www.liverpoolchampion.com.au/story/3750934/control-lost-at-liverpool-council-meeting/?cs=961

You have to scroll down a little to find the interview and as the Champion’s reporter was in the gallery the article shows their commitment to reporting news in Liverpool. Sadly what isn’t being made clear that this really isn’t an isolated event, the stouch between Messrs Ristevski and Mannoun has been going on for a while. I read months ago, Mr Ristevski’s membership of the Liberal Party was being questions and his membership was and I believe still is under question. Likely that question has now been emphatically answered. That said whispers abound that at least two of Wednesday’s speakers have been promised places on the next Liberal council ticket for the next election, while that has not been confirmed, if true,  it would seem that planting people in the audience to champion the mayor and  support for him works contrary to best practice for a council meeting in my opinion. It was evident that some of those yelling abuse from the gallery were new to council meetings, and while I have always supported attendance, if their sole purpose is to disrupt and cause havoc I wish they’d stay at home. This was not the nastiest meeting of Liverpool council I’ve attended sadly, but it was unfortunately one that pitted resident against resident and that to me is appalling and I fear in this instant, stage managed. The fact that the ever quiet and unassuming Cllr Karnib was threatened and the need for police protection was required distresses me. It’s taken a little while to piece together why he came back into the chamber and yell (something I”ve never heard him do before) at the Mayor was out of character and nonetheless provoked is dreadful.

I”ve heard it said that Cllr Mannoun is popular, (of course this depends on who you are speaking with LOL) I guess when we the residents have been paying for his personal press program for the last three years it is understandable, people who really don’t see what is happening rely on the media and we have inadvertently ensured that this Mayor above all others has been getting plenty. Never before has a Liverpool Mayor received such attention from the media, some based on the Regional City status  but much based on the  fact we’ve been paying for media and self promotion for his term as Mayor. It wasn’t so long ago I posted that if you actually wanted the Mayor to show up at your event, promise that there will be media.

Finally for those of us who did sit through until the meeting was officially closed this is what the minutes look like: http://liverpool.infocouncil.biz/Open/2016/02/CO_20160224_MIN_299_WEB.HTM

Don’t get excited… you’re not going to learn much.

Liverpool residents and ratepayers deserve better, that’s all there is, if the Councillor is not working to the best interests of the community…move on, get out and make room for someone who will, the elections aren’t that far away and IMO if any of these present Councillors are responsible for bringing our city into disrepute, they do not get elected again, why give them the opportunity to do so again. We have bigger issues in our future, the amalgamations may have skipped us this time but the second tranche may not and we need a united, functional and focused council to represent us.


Sign off


Ending 2015

December 30, 2015

Signe Westerberg Headshots FAV (26 of 102)As  2015 drawers to a close and finally having a little time to reflect there are a few things to note:

We dodged a bullet when it comes to amalgamations, I have to say, and may have already that I believed the threat to all councils was a decoy to ensure this present govt got what it really wanted and that was to force the smaller inner Sydney councils into amalgamations and to appear partisan by threatening all.  I do hope the inner Sydney councils are cashed up sufficiently to mount any appropriate legal action and while I know there were regional councils who have been swept  up as well, the goal imo was always to diminish any power base in the smaller city councils. I am clearly against forced amalgamations and very happy that Liverpool, Fairfield Blacktown and Campbelltown are ok for now. The price will be high for those who have been forced, the threats to jobs and job security are enormous. Clearly there are issues for anyone who believed the word of this present Premier when he said there would be no forced amalgamations, however this is the same premier who said the sale of poles and wires would nett the state $20b and now we’re being told to be delighted about the $9b reality. I seriously wonder what goes through a voters mind when they realised they have been sucked in by the promises of one  or the other old party and they realise they are blatantly lied to. These same people were promised that they would be ‘compensated’ for the impost of the Moorebank Intermodal, and that an Airport at Badgerys Creek would be good for us all.  Now we’re faced with a 24/7 airport and more trucks on the road than the mind can imagine, serious risk to the Blue mountains status, the EIS was sadly lacking in real protections for the environment  and this is just locally. This doesn’t even touch on the CSG issues, the waste of money, our tax money, on setting up transport systems that in essence feed private enterprise and not the community it’s supposed to service and who pay the taxes.

Locally we have council staff morale at its lowest level, several council meetings saw workers in attendance trying desperately to save and secure their jobs, Propel have settled themselves in and numbers of our staff are diminishing. The city is in a constant state of dishevelment, with the $2.4m about to be spent on changing Northumberland and George Streets into two way, residential buildings being introduced to the south end of Macquarie Street, with supposed protections for hanging washing on balconies being firmly addressed (LOL). There have been some positive events throughout the year but the constance of spending rates money building the #Powermadmayors profile has been significant also imo.  Please note it was publically stated that the proposed upgrades of the city centre etc will be complete well in time for the council elections, no strategy there hey?

We’ve seen no change in Government despite the change in leader, the new suit didn’t bring anything significant in the way of positive change for the community, Gonski, is all but Goneski, Big big business still gets off relatively tax free, no changes have been made to negative gearing and the 3% pollution tax on the worst polluters that so many jumped up and down against is being replaced by a proposed additional 5%GST on everything for everyone that directly affects the poorest in our community is being accepted as Fiat Compli.   There’s so much more, some good some not so good.

On a personal note I’ve been delighted and appreciative of the support of friends and close colleagues when I had to step back for a while to care for a family member and knowing their continued support into the future  is assured. The strength and resilience of my immediate family  in  difficult times warms my heart. I’m looking forward to 2016, it will be a big year politically and personally and I wish for you all a wonderful 2016 as well, life throws us challenges and with a little luck the voting public will make informed decisions federally and locally.

To you and yours happy New Year, enjoy the celebrations, drink little and laugh lots. Hug one another and plan big, aim high and consider every opportunity for real change… 2016 is just around the corner and may it bring you everything you need and much of what you want. If you’re a Green member or supporter please check out our facebook page and website we have an event coming up with you in mind.

Happy New Year, I’ll probably see you at the Australia day community event on the 26th. Be well and thanks for your continued support.


Sign off