Plebiscite schembiscite MARRIAGE EQUALITY TODAY

ok… I know I haven’t commented on the elections, mostly because the results aren’t in however this new piece of crap is really getting my back up.

wedding-ringsIn February I will have to vote on whether or not I think the politicians should support my view of marriage equality or ignore it. TO do that I also am expected to accept that spending $160Million plus pay for the NO support because they won’t spend their hard earned untaxed money on  the thing they think will most affect their society!!! Throw in another $7mill so we look like it’s fair and we have a non binding, excuse for paying politicians $200,000 a year to do pretty much nothing on a matter that affects my society, while the governing majority can send my grandson, my nephew and nieces into a war I don’t approve of with nothing more than a brainfart. All the while we’re having more and more people living below the poverty line because the POLITICIANS cannot find an extra $50 a week to help them out a little.


Is anyone else seeing the problem here?  I have another concern, I’ve been looking around and reading and cannot for the life of me find ‘The house of conscience” I’ve found the Senate and the House of Representatives but no house of conscience… Where and when did I elect a conscience?  My understanding of politics and I would like to consider I have a reasonable knowledge was I NEVER DID I truly don’t give a rats arse what my local representatives conscience tells him or her. I went to the polls (and only recently I might add) to elect someone from my community who would represent the views of the MAJORITY of  MY NEIGHBOURS… you know what, the majority of my neighbours believe in equality… and my local member needs only to represent THAT… she can keep her personal opinion, she can dislike THE MAJORITY’S CHOICE  but she has no say on a personal level beyond her personal vote to get elected.


I could go on and on about this, I have so far resisted yelling at Radio announcers because I’m so bloody Pissed off about this. For the love of the GOD YOU DON’T THINK MADE A MISTAKE AND MADE GAY PEOPLE these right wing politicians need to piss in the can or PISS OFF.

MARRIAGE EQUALITY IS A RIGHT, A HUMAN RIGHT AND IF John Howard who by the way did send our family into wars on a brainfart, CAN CHANGE IT…JUST CHANGE IT BACK…DO YOUR JOB! Concentrate on the things that matter right here right now, raising the level of support for people who need help, because successive governments have pretty much killed the employment market because we don’t make anything anymore and do something TODAY ABOUT GETTING PEOPLE OFF THE DAMN STREETS and into housing which is by the way your damned job.


Sign off


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