One week later

Signe Westerberg HeadshotsFAV  (78 of 102)Here we are almost a week after the close of voting and we’re only just getting notice that the Turnbull LNP is likely being returned with a huge loss in their majority. (YAY) This would normally create feelings of dread in me, however looking at the parliament that the people elected,  I truly can’t see him coping for too long and back to the polls we’ll go. Time will tell.

I will briefly note the exceptional assistance of my team of volunteers who worked diligently and constantly in the lead up to the election and on election day. We had an increase in our vote for which I am delighted. Sadly here in the South West of Sydney Federal elections are more an avenue by which we raise our profile than to genuinely expect to be elected… YET!!!  Our day will come and the people of Werriwa and surrounds are definitely learning more and more about our policies and acknowledging our passion. Congrats to Anne Stanley for securing the Labor win, the alternative was simply untenable.imo.

Now we’re set ready to focus on the local council elections, in 9 weeks time the residents of Liverpool, Fairfield and Campbelltown will head to the polls again to elect their councillors and in Liverpool their Mayor. Please, can we do better this time, the #powermadmayor we’ve endured for the last 4 years has taken credit for everything but the weather and seems to have completely ignored the processes by which things actually happen in council or the hundreds of people who insure things actually happen. He has also managed to not mention he and his cohorts were directly obstructionist in the previous council and while taking credit for everything now, fails to acknowledge much of what is happening in Liverpool has been on the drawing board for quite some time, long before this Mayors ‘reign’..

As many of you who read this blog know, I have been a constant attendee at council and on many committees and I’ve watched the divisiveness in which this #powermadmayor and his cohorts have worked, during the time on council they have not only managed to alienate the opposition councillors but many of their own. A quick recall pretty much has me thinking at some point during the last 8 years the Liberal majority  has at some point been at war not only with Labor but at times pretty much with everyone on their own side, the possible exception being  Cllr Balloot, however as he doesn’t reside here I guess his compliance has been a given.

I’ve not done a real run down on the last council meeting, however the farce continues as did the campaigning, as it will until September. The new group of councillors elected in September will be surprised to find that the balanced budget they are being sold now is somewhat more complicated than it appears. In an attempt to highlight some of the misinformation and discrepancies, Cllr Shelton may have taken some unwilling prisoners… however a rescission motion here and there will probably address any unfairness. I do support his cost cutting on many things however The Men’s shed is a personal addition to council that I’ve supported long term. This week’s local paper advised that the $500,000 for relocation of the men’s shed might be at risk. I have to admit I don’t recall when we supported the sale of the property they are presently using, let alone the need for a complete relocation. That said much has been snuck through this council, much to much has been done under the cover of confidentiality and confidence.

As many of you are aware Fairfield Liverpool Greens generally host a full team of candidates and as such we would  pledge that if elected we would address this unsavory need for secrets and lack of transparency. We would  also fight what I believe will be the inevitable attack by the NSW Premier to attack the democracy around council autonomy… it is my opinion LCC will be amongst those on his next hit list.

If you believe as I do that council is  important and our representation needs to be transparent and community focused, please consider getting on board and helping us out at the council election. We will need your help on Polling day and in the lead up and with your help real change can happen and if you think as I do that nothing will improve in relation to the Libs working effectively with Labor, Ensuring Greens are in the mix of elected councillors. ensures our city and our environment will be the priority, not the furthering of the ego of the present #powermadmayor. Don’t get me wrong, this will not be an easy council to work with however how you vote will decide the makeup of the council, so consider carefully where your vote goes, your rates, your waste fees and all your local services are approved or not approved by the councillors you elect…so please choose carefully, choose a balanced passionate group of people who can and will work together for your benefit, not their own. Also be aware of those people in our community who only raise their heads at election time, they do almost nought for you and our city between elections but raise their heads seeking your vote. You deserve better and as someone who’s been here since we came out of administration… you should expect more!


More shortly, have a good weekend.


Sign off


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