The days when you are just proud

Inga from facebookI was reading through Facebook (as one does)  and saw a little ad for save the Koala vote 1 for some party….  The I scrolled down and saw my daughter’s comment, while others were commenting on the validity etc this is what she wrote….

Inga Westerberg: You know, I’m fairly serious when it comes to politics as well, with a candidate in the fed election in the family and all, and because born that way. In the past I’ve argued against the supposed stupidity of micro parties, and single issue candidates etc., that seem to “cloud the issue”. But you know what, my opinion is in fact not our democracy.
How does this do anything for democracy? Voting is compulsory, throwing your vote by voting for none, and not garnering a fine, is an act of civil disobedience. What they are asking supporters to do is not a “fool’s vote” in the way we generally consider a donkey vote (hence the donkey) but an act of protest anti-voting so no-one gets a point on the ticket. If people find no worth in any single candidate or party on their ticket, then this is a valid form of protesting against that fact.
In the end, it is valid, even if you don’t agree with it, or wouldn’t do or support micro parties, single issue/platform candidates, protest voting and independents.
My Dad taught me how to vote, that is to say, he always said “half your vote is about you, what works for you, what will improve your life, that’s 50% of your choice. Start there. Then spend the other 50% on everyone else.” So, when it comes to voting, I think about medicare, dental care, Newstart Allowance, because that’s my life. I don’t have kids, but I then vote for Gonski, I’ve never seen the Reef and I don’t live in QLD, but I’ll vote for policies to protect that too. In the end, my vote is half about me and half about “the mob”, everyone else, what I think will work for all, beyond my own needs.
So if I advocate for that great unwashed, I’ve decided I can’t get angry about them advocating for themselves either. Some of them are stupid, some of them have no hope of making a difference right now, some of them I just plain disagree with. But that’s the point. They’re actually allowed to be that. Stupid, wrong, useless and ignorant.
That’s democracy. I refuse to boil things down to Red and Blue and categorise everyone doing something else, regardless of what that is as slowing the system, clouding the issue, stupid, useless etc. In fact, these days, I want more of it.
At least this is not wholly unclever, and I agree with the premise, I like koalas.


Some days I’m just a proud mum…my kids are good people and I’d choose them as friends, what more can a mother ask. OH AND THAT THEY VOTE GREENS 1  in all elections. 🙂

BTW my husband is pretty cool too… clearly though I am biased.


Sign off


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