It’s officially ON


I am delighted that the Turnbull Govt has called an election for July 2nd, very few people really like elections and having to vote however,. It’s time our community got to stand up and be accountable for what happens and this is their opportunity to have a real say… this could be a complete change of government,  every seat is officially on the line and I am so very proud to be the Greens Candidate for Werriwa, I along with the amazing Senate team we have put together could achieve real change, you know the stuff that really matters. Things like saving the planet from the enormous impacts of dirty coal, where we can say that NO AUSTRALIAN should be living in poverty and that just because you can’t find a job means you should be able to pay rent and eat in the same week. We are blessed with the most amazing country, she’s full of decent caring people, and I’ve always been proud to call Australia  the Fair country, however under the auspice of the two old parties we can’t say that any more, we have too many children going to bed hungry, we have too many parents not able to pay rent or choose effective health services. Sure, change isn’t easy but sometimes it is just necessary. Strong advocates for both Labor and Liberal can no longer claim their party can make things better, because they’ve had time and they haven’t made things better. Worse still its getting harder and harder to tell them apart on the matters that count.

During this coming 8 weeks both old parties are going to go out of their way to tell you what you want to hear, sadly however, both old parties have had the chance to improve our impact on the planet, both old parties have had the chance to treat our citizens more fairly, both old parties have had the chance to fair up the tax system, both old parties could have created equality in the marriage act, both old parties could have found a way to treat people in distress seeking help, the old parties have had the chance to put Werriwa on the map and haven’t. How many chances do they get, how many chances to they deserve because for me the time is up. If we don’t do something right away about protecting Medicare, protecting public services, protecting the TAFE system and Education generally it will be too late… This is our Medicare, our Public Service, our TAFEs and Universities they are our people who can’t find work, a safe place to live and it’s our people who need our support right here, right now and it is in your hands.

Both old parties are going to sing the praise of their supposed achievements but just have a look at where we are right here right now. We have more people unemployed than ever, we have more people living below the poverty line, more people who can’t find somewhere safe to rest their heads tonight, we have an abysmal record on the world stage for our treatment of refugees and we’ve just added another 49 species to the critically endangered list.

If you want to send a strong message to your favourite old party now is the time, now more than ever is it important to tell them you aren’t happy and enough is enough. Elect me to the House of Reps and they will know loud and clear that the community wants more, deserves more. Put your favourite old party next on the ballot paper, get double value out of your vote by putting your favourite old party in second spot, trust me they’ll notice. If I get the job I’ll work tirelessly for you and if you aren’t happy in 3 yrs you can kick me out. If I don’t get enough votes, your favourite old party will still get your vote and a good strong message that you want and deserve more.

The Greens have the policies to make real change happen, the Greens policies are costed  by the same department that costs both Labor and Liberals and more importantly they are all on display so you can check them out for yourself.

I’m looking forward to the coming weeks, I as always love meeting up with residents and finding out what is important to you and I’ll need help making sure all our residents have a chance to find out more about me and what I and the Greens stand for. If you  have a space on your front lawn, would like to walk around the suburbs with me saying hello with fellow residents or love an early morning visit to a local train station, please let me know.

It’s going to be busy, it’s going to be fun and with a little luck and hardwork our residents will really have a voice for change.

Sign off





Just a reminder to , if you aren’t registered to vote you only have 7 days, so by the end of this week you need to get on the rolls so you too can help create the change that is necessary.


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