Rest Well John Kaye MLC

John KayeI’ve been  sitting here attempting to get my head around the Liverpool budget mess when this sad sad news came through. I’ve had the absolute pleasure to work alongside John in our local group, with our local TAFE’s, at Greens meetings/functions  and as he stood with us on pre poll on a number of occasions. This truly dedicated and tireless campaigner for education, renewable energy, Saving TAFE, egg labelling laws and greyhound safety were only the tip of an iceberg of things this amazing man gave his all for. I always believed he could conquer this insidious disease alas I was wrong and we’ve lost another too young and with so much to share. My heartfelt condolences to his partner Lynne and their family at this dreadful and sad time. My sincere hope that his staff are taking care of themselves during this time and that the body of work that John managed is acknowledged and continued as I know it will.

I will miss you John, I valued our chats and your support when campaigning together. His last message to us as Greens at the last State Delegates council was don’t let the bastards destroy TAFE… that’s John, that was his commitment and his passion summed up in a note of thanks for support.


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