Playtime is over.

Signe Westerberg Headshots (41 of 102)On reading this week’s business papers, there appears to be a bit of tit for tat going on, while those who don’t attend council meetings on a regular basis may not see it, the subtleties do exist. There is also a little pandering and a lot of nothing much. While I will leave you to read and decide which is, there is also a ‘must have’ for aspiring Mayors  and wannabe Mayors. $1320 will be the asking price for this training package and it will be interesting to see who puts their hand up and who doesn’t for this council jaunt. It is quite clear that there is an election in the wind and the scheduled council elections are set for September 10th.

There has  also a bit of back patting going on in regards to council amalgamations, while Liverpool Council has been left to stand alone for now,  I think it would be unwise to consider this a real win, everything I read makes me think this is only the first tranche of amalgamations and we aren’t completely out of the woods yet. It is in my opinion essential we support those councils and councillors facing amalgamations this time round, not are they wholly undemocratic but the idea that the Premier and his cohorts have supplied Expressions of interest forms for sitting councillors in those proposed to be amalgamated an enormously arrogant. The premier and his lot need to be reminded that we the people elect councillors they are not appointed by the Premier of the day. If you get an opportunity to express concern, I do hope you take it with both hands, if for nothing else as practice when the arrogance of this LNP government gets out of hand and they seek to put their grimy fingers on all councils, including our own.

I recently posted on my facebook pages the video supplied by MLC Jeremy Buckingham where he set the Condamine River alight… yes alight!. Seems the CSG mines over the hill are having a dreadful impact on the local environment and it is timely to remind all that the NSW Government is also complicit in allowing mining all around us and as close as Camden where the same effect is happening on the Nepean. The Thirlmere Lakes are all but empty also traced back to Local mining.

As you are aware I have been preselected as the Greens candidate for Werriwa and I am mindful that we need loud voices in the Federal Parliament to put an end to the rape of our environment . I was thrilled to receive a comment of support from Prof Wendy Bacon as I work towards representing the people of Werriwa and do what is considered unthinkable… take away from Labor that belief that this is a safe seat and theirs for the taking.  I genuinely believe we will only get change in government thinking when  the community raises up and says enough is enough and there is no such thing as a safe seat, that the two old parties no longer represent  us as a community and we want and deserve more. I pledge that with every ounce of my being I will work towards representing this community, I will work towards raising awareness of our needs and I will, with your help stop the arrogance and the willingness to allow big business to do anything they want wherever they want. If you value public education, local jobs, our world class medicare, saving our environment, making homelessness history, you get paid for the work you do and those in need aren’t left behind. If you believe we all deserve an equal share of our country’s fortunes, marriage equality, clever transport options, access to work and affordable housing  it’s time you reconsidered where you place your vote, at least your No 1 Vote. (You can still preference your old party fave in the No2 Position and they’ll get the message) Across this country, people are beginning to see their quality of life being eroded, the futures of the children and grandchildren being undermined and across this country there are people like me who can and will take that old bull by the horns and truly represent our communities.

Please take a minute to pop by my candidate facebook page, Signe Westerberg Greens candidate for Werriwa  and click on Like… you will then be able to see what is happening locally and across the nation with Greens senators, State Members and local Greens representatives as I post links to the many things the mainstream media elects not to share. Keep an eye out here on my private web-blog and if you’re a tweeter I tweet as SigneWesterberg. Everything I do, I do in my own name, if you want to know where I stand on everything and anything, I’m not hard to find. Of course I would also love to hear from you if you have a specific question or concern email me at

As far as I am concerned, Playtime is over, we are in desperate need for someone who will ask the hard questions, someone who will speak up and truly represent Werriwa and she needs to be represented, we deserve that, not a seat warmer nor someone who thinks the seat is safe nor theirs for the taking simply because they are one of the two old parties.

See you out and about and if you’re up early tomorrow I will see you at the Dawn Service, where I will be  paying my respects and rueing the days that war is seen to be the only way to resolve disputes and our precious soldiers lives lost.

As always, these are my opinions and views, if yours differs please let me know and I will post yours here as well.

Sign off



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