Two hours we will never get back

Signe Westerberg Headshots (38 of 102)Last nights meeting was, let’s say, annoying. The first 2 hours were almost completely a waste of the communities time. Almost in that there was a couple of wins for the community. You won’t be seeing the #powermadmayors picture on everything anymore and he will have to get approval from the councillors when he wants to throw statements to the wind that will cost us money. The two items that took up those two hours were as I mentioned in my previous post. After spending 3 years supporting everything the Liberal councillors had on their agenda, Cllr Mamone has found her inner feminist, after blindly following and supporting every inane committee choice made by her colleagues, she’s  appears to have concluded that without the backing of the Lib  boys club she must now change tact and  appeal to women. Good on her I say, except I have to ask myself would she have found her inner feminist if she wasn’t on the outter with the Liberal boys club? I guess we will never really know. Its good news now that she’s realised that women are the way of the future in politics imo. The plus on council is she is now supporting her fellow female councillors not working against them. As Cllr Mamone advised she does read this blog, I’m sure if I’ve read this wrong she will email her version for inclusion. I am all for forwarding the role of women in politics, just a little sceptical when it takes so long or appears as an afterthought. That’s my two cents worth, others may see it a little differently and i invite them to comment also.

Cllr Ristevski continued his tirade against the #powermadmayor, here is another instance where unconditional support over a prolonged period comes to an ugly end. Not unjustly imo however my inner sceptic runs with the why was it all ok before and now not so. No Lib Love in Livo was a title of something I wrote some months ago, around that time I read that Cllr Ristevski’s tenure as a member of the Liberal party was at risk, now one has to wonder is all ok in the Land of state Lib Love and which of the two is on the outer. Thankfully I am not a member so the finite detail is not available to me, the fact remains that the majority party on our council can’t play nice in the playpen and it’s our community who is being dragged through the muck and mire while they spend time seeing who ‘s  ego is bigger.

Residents who had never attended a council meeting came out last night in the Rural area to see for themselves the working of their council… what a shock that was for some of them. After listening to the Liberal hatefest one family announced to me that they actually had work in the morning and couldn’t sit through anymore of this nonsense.

Cllr Hadchiti’s well planned list of achievements in WESROC was entertaining, he clearly felt under threat when his position on WESROC was being questioned and was intent on ensuring his list of achievements was well advertised. I’m sure those other committee members on WESROC would consider they played some part in those achievements but hey, if it makes him feel better to take all the glory who are we to argue. However his use of numbers was interesting and questioned, to establish his creds he counted the number of times Liverpool featured in a newspaper article, then multiplied that  by the readership of said newspaper and multiplied that again  by the number of articles. All I know is that 54M readers is pretty impressive for a nation of 24M. Some mockery was in order however he was not going to be moved and why not, that’s the benefit of statistics, they’re pliable.

After the two hour Lib vs Lib event and a very long 10 minute break ( closer to 25 but who’s counting) to no doubt  converse with the ABC journo,  things got underway and the councillors started working through the agenda. Of course by this time many of the community had given up and gone home.

Kudos of course to the amazing staff who managed to create a terrific feux council chambers, so much so some of the assets could be well used in the real council chambers, namely the large screen so the gallery could actually see what was being discussed and written.

A bit of a shock was the arrival of the newly dismissed (I mean left) CEO, I have to say I’ve never seen this happen before and let’s face it with this present Liberal majority we’ve seen a number of CEO’s given their marching orders.

12 items of confidence later and the agenda all but done (except for the Access Committee membership that had been moved into closed session)  and just on 11pm I left,  I’ve since found out that matter has been moved to the next council meeting. With all the yawning going on one would suggest that not only had they exceeded the reasonable time frame but some of the councillors were up past their bedtime. As always there were a few who stayed the long game, if you saw things differently or would like to comment please consider adding your opinion to mine.

Save our HUB membersToday I did however attend a briefing in relation to the Miller HUB, I had been invited along as the HUB at Miller as is about to be outsourced to an NGO. Interestingly that is not because there is an issue with how the service is being run, it is not because it costs too much but it has been so successful it is time for it to progress to the new step in its evolution into a self sustaining service. (short term for no longer free to access to a cost for service model imo)  The Miller HUB is a stand alone arm of the NSW health department, it provides the community with access to all manner of services and support. I get a bit (ok a lot) frustrated when organisations tick off boxes by calling it community engagement. The gentleman concerned was of course just doing his job, but there was little to be gained, it seems the decision has been made and your tax dollars instead of going directly to the community through the hub, will go via a for profit organisation. It was a real pleasure to contribute in some small way to support the HUB. Below is a letter being sent to the minister and I ask you to take a moment and add your signature, drop it off at the HUB in Shropshire St Miller or  post it directly to Jillian Skinner MP.  I will add more information as it comes to hand however your help in saving this service in our community would be appreciated. Especially as it is a viable working service that directly supports our community.

Miller Hub Letter

Miller Hub Letter


The minutes of last nights meeting will be up in a day or so, however here is the link to the ABC item

It would be nice to see our council gaining publicity for achievement not as it has recently for its disharmony.

Sign offtil next time


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