Council Meeting tomorrow night, more of the same

Signe 2016 outdoorsTomorrow night’s council meeting while being held at a the Bringelly Hall, a Rural venue, brings nothing new, sadly nothing new in the way of councillor behaviour that is. (On a side issue it will be interesting to see councillors out in the rural area, so few of them actually attend anything out ‘that far’ I’m guessing a lot of google maps/navman will be enlisted for the majority who  scarcely know it exists.)

I wrote some years ago  at the appalling manner in which the then Liberal majority of councillors were treating the then mayor Wendy Waller and how they were removing her as spokesperson for the people of Liverpool. I was disgusted then and am again, while some of what is being put forward is valid and necessary, ie removing the Mayor’s picture from everything, limiting his personal public exposure and opening up some items to represent the councillors as a whole, I do not agree with removing the role of Mayor as spokesperson. Why? Because like it or not, the majority of Liverpudlians voted this particular #powermadmayor into the role and it isn’t up to the councillors to remove that decision. That’s why we vote, democracy in its many flawed ways allows the majority of people to have their say, that’s how councillors get elected and in Liverpool that is how the Mayor is elected. I supported this then and support it now, the people of Liverpool chose to have a popularly elected mayor and compared to the rotating chair, who’s turn is it now, option undertaken by other councils it is the one I prefer. This popularly elected Mayor-dom is something I support, even when I don’t support the person elected to that role.

Sadly this proposal is imo yet another way Cllr Ristevski is taking his personal disdain/distrust/dislike for the #powermadmayor Mannoun to a new level, in that he is politicising himself as a means to depoliticise the present Mayor, another ugly use of council resources to self publicise and raise one’s own profile.. This is not on. I also question why WESROC delegation is being brought up on the agenda when our delegations to Committees etc is usually decided in Sept/October, after the election of New councillors or the anniversary of the election previously. I will go back and read the finer detail of that particular item to see if this too is another politically motivated item. With an election scheduled for 10/9/16 I can only imagine much more of this will be the case over the coming months  and it is my sincere hope that this Secrecy Council (11 items in confidence this week alone) is replaced with one intent on keeping the community informed not kept in the dark.

There are a few IHAP issues and a number of different subjects on the agenda however I am saddened that community  submissions relating to some important issues were not forthcoming on the Graffiti Strategy and the Tree strategy. While I’ve been focusing on a family member’s health issue no submissions were received on the Graffiti and only 1 on the Trees strategy, these are ones I would normally ensure I engaged. These and other issues are important to our environment and our community and it distresses me more people don’t take the time to review and comment. Liverpool Listens is opening up another avenue for discussion on some subjects however not all get posted to the online discussion paper from what I can see.

I will tweet from the meetings as always tomorrow night, however if you aren’t on Twitter, you can see  what I write/what is happening during the meeting on this page, on the right hand side the column lists everything I’m tweeting or posting on my facebook etc… so you don’t have to be connected to everything to see what is happening, it’s all available right here.

Until tomorrow….


Sign off


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