That didn’t last long

Signe Westerberg HeadshotsFAV (78 of 102)Tuesday morning the ABC radio announced that Cllr Ristevski would be pursuing the #powermadmayor for lying to the community….thankfully by midday even the radio station was bored with the story and I’ve not heard anymore since. It seems my hope that Liverpool was past all the nastiness and would move on was a pipe dream and nothing much changes.

I have read that one local has called for the return of the previous CEO…to that  I say Hell NO, too much history and unpleasantness there… if we as a city/urban and rural area are to move on we need to move on from the nasty past. Seriously somewhere out there in the real world there must be a good Administrator/CEO/GM who is willing to take on this rowdy bunch. Considering the election date of September 10th has been announced my hope is they wouldn’t have to put up with the worst of them for too long if the community has been paying attention. There is still also the chance that Michael Cullen stays in the acting role until there is a new council and leaves it to the new councillors to choose. Either way change is on the way and I am enormously hopeful that the staff and community find a replacement who will genuinely care about Liverpool, someone who would live here if paid. Someone who will bring confidence, harmony and goodwill back to our community.

Speaking of Harmony, I had the absolute pleasure yesterday of attending Harmony Day at Miller, what a lovely way to spend a  morning… I took a bunch of pictures that might give you a glimpse of the diversity of our city and the commitment of its residents. Sistas 4 sistas had a great array of handmade items as did different groups who work in and around Miller. I was only disappointed that the young lady poet didn’t get to finish her set and that I didn’t get a picture of her, she was quite amazing and I found myself quite taken by her and her poetry.

Before I wish you a lovely long weekend it would be remiss of me not to remind you that next Wednesday at 6pm there will be another, scheduled council meeting. I imagine the business papers will be available tomorrow and with the long weekend I need to remind you if you wish to speak you will only have Tuesday to register.

Be safe on the roads this weekend and I’ll see you out and about I’m sure.

Harmony day 1 Harmony Day 2 Harmony Day 3 HArmony day 4 Harmony Day 5 HArmony Day Dancers Harmony day Dancing Harmony day Harpist Harmony Day Seniors dance troop Harmony Day Seniors dance troop Harmony day Seniors dancing group



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