Some clarity please. (& a post not about Liverpool Councils drama’s)

Greens Logo 2I’m getting a little frustrated by the crap that is being peddled as fact about the Greens at Present. Some of those responsible I have usually a great deal of respect for their opinion even when we don’t agree they have at least done their homework… why is this not so this time? All I can say is that opportunistic opinion in the form of slogans and memes is not fact, its entertaining and oft targeted at the already converted but please can we have some facts:
Here are just a few:
The latest in senate reforms might be new to many but for the Greens this has been 12 + years of hard yakka. AS part of the Gillard govts agreement with the Greens it was included as an important step, sadly the ALP reneged and it didn’t happen. Did we stand on the hill calling them out, no we just got on with the work of parliament.
The ALP in the Joint standing committee agreed with the reforms, once outside the door its was all politics for politics sake, never let the truth get in the way of a politically expedient slur campaign.
The voters are better off, not because I say so, but because they now decide where their vote goes, not the Dastyari types in the ALP Backrooms, not some number cruncher who sets up feux parties to funnel votes to one person who the majority of voters didn’t know they were supporting.
The supposed Greens voting for the LNP crap is exactly that, crap, we have voted for their legislation 2% of the time while 38% of the time the ALP voted with the government.
The Rudd ETS was crap, sadly the reason why the Greens didn’t support it at the time, not because we aren’t for protecting the planet but because we won’t lie to the public while getting pats on the back for pretending to do something. The numbers simply didn’t stack up and still don’t today, no matter how you dress up a pig underneath it’s still a pig (sorry Pigs)
The Greens have and will vote for Marriage equality when it is brought to parliament, not just as a delay tactic to avoid bringing in senate reform Spouting that the Green support of LGBTI people is non existent only appeases the old two parties when taking attention off the matters at hand. LGBTI folk already know we support them because it’s the Greens who’ve been standing with them all along.
There is a very long list of craptacular legislation that the ALP have supported the LNP on, asylum seekers, offshore detention etc etc etc Its the Greens who’ve stood up for equality, fairness and if you don’t believe me, just look it up, stop relying on people too lazy to check the facts and write the story anyway.
Here is the one I think most people aren’t aware of, whether it is Sarah Hanson Young, Richard DI Natalie or any of the senators who represent the Greens, remember they are the spoke people for the policies of the membership. This is a little hard to grasp for those who are used to hearing after the fact what their representatives did or plan to do. In the Greens its the members who decide the policies, not the politicians.
 The Australian Greens's photo.
there are so many more but for now this will do…. please check facts first.

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