Damned convenient or not?

Signe Westerberg Headshots (96 of 102)I woke this morning to the news that CEO Wulff had in fact resigned and his resignation had  been accepted, which was quickly followed by the comment that the #powermadmayor refuted that and there was an administrative error. Administrative error all right, the whole history of 2016 papers is missing. The link  ever so conveniently is broken, not wanting to jump to conclusions I called the Service Centre 1300 36 2170 and spoke with a lovely lady who confirmed that she couldn’t get on either and no one was available to help her work out why.

TRANSPARENCY IN LIVERPOOL IS DEAD, while this is probably not news to anyone who actually attends our council meetings I’ve always relied on being able to confirm information by checking past business  papers… well not today it seems. The question of who broke the link (seriously) so conveniently will probably never be known but I’m feeling confident in my assumption that some poor staff member  was directed to shut it down… of course I could be wrong but what an environment to have to work in.

(Adjusted with correct information) I am trying to recall the events of the Extraordinary meeting and from what I remember the #Powermadmayor advised that Cllr Mamone would be taking the minutes of the confidential meeting once the meeting had gone into closed session and everyone including staff were evicted. In fairness taking the minutes (as is done by Marie at Meetings) is a difficult task, with interruptions and oft times yelling she does an amazing job, however not knowing if this is a task for which Cllr Mamone is in anyway qualified I would suggest that there will be yet another lot of tape checking to see what the real outcome might have been again likely to have involved a lot of yelling and  a difficult task for anyone. To clarify I have been advised that the meetings notes posted were that of the open council meeting (although difficult to find at the time LOL)  not those of Cllr Mamone,  My apologies to Cllr Mamone if it appeared otherwise, I was merely going by the comments on the radio. thanks for clearing that up. (Please note Cllr Mamone kindly corrected the error as I invite anyone to do if I’ve misheard or misquoted anyone anytime)

ABC media might be able to give me a copy of the transcript, seems they were able to get a hold of it before it fell off the internet.

If you, like me, think this a dreadful convenience I urge you to do as I just did, lodge a formal complaint with council on the number above. Please remember if you do the staff are doing their jobs and its not their fault.  You will be asked to leave your name and contact number ( something I happily did, as I like to own my comments written or otherwise).

As promised more as I know it, the media comment also advised that there would be another Meeting on Monday night to again discuss the eminent demise of the CEO.


Keep listening and let me know if you hear something I don’t… together we could piece together some facts if we share information.


Sign off







Liverpool council’s Ned Mannoun and Peter Ristevski trade accusations over chief executive



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