Miller Town Centre submission, plebiscites and more

DSCF0045Many of you will know that last week council presented an information session at Miller in relation to the proposed Miller Town Centre. Residents were given a week to provide feedback and I have attached mine   here 

Please note if you don’t know where to send your submission, Locked Bag 7064 Liverpool 1871 or for emails.

Some of you will notice I’m pretty particular in how we are addressed or referred to, I grew up in Public Housing in Lurnea, my parents were not drunks, drug addicts nor were they thieves or mentally unstable. They were poor, hard working, caring and proud and referring to them as was in the document infuriating. Many successful people have been raised in public housing, many have grown up and gone on to great things from this area and I will not have consultants from where ever addressing us thusly. I am a proud Liverpudlian, I am a success in what I’ve tried to achieve and I”ve raised good, successful and caring adults, all being raised in Sadleir. POOR DOES NOT MEAN LESSER and RICH DOESN’T MEAN BETTER and YES I do take offence. I know the current thinking is that where I grew up (my husband and my children have grown  up) is considered a poor result of planning but can I tell you as a child I didn’t have to defend myself as poor because my peers were too, I didn’t have to apologise for not having the latest craze as my friends didn’t either and while there are good reasons for integrated housing I will not be told we were the result of a mistake. Not so long ago I heard the then Mayor of Campbelltown making similar assumptions. Can we please not judge/label each other, most especially not because of our postcode, in a time when getting any job is hard enough adding to the misery by blocking all people from a particular post code as being one thing or another means we miss out, we miss out on possibly the best employee we’ve ever had, we miss out on perhaps the most dedicated, trustworthy and compassionate because we label someone or their area one thing or another. Ok I’m beginning to rant but this does annoy me so very much.


While ever we put our pants on one leg at a time and breath the same air we are equal in my view.


That said while I’m having a rant, this whole Plebiscite thing is driving me crazy, all I’ve heard today on the radio is how much it will cost and cost it will…unnecessarily, blatant waste of funds from a Government who will without so much as a conversation send our young off to war  and they’re considering costing our nation half a billion dollars to rubber stamp something the majority have made more than clear they want. Wake up Mr Turnbull, the poor aren’t here for you to exploit for political gain that money could be better used and Marriage between two consenting adults is none of your business. Isn’t it written somewhere that Church and State are two separate entities… ? Too many politicians are hiding behind their personal view when they are actually employed to represent ours, if the majority have already made it clear you have no right to waste our taxes on a plebiscite it’s really that simple.


See you at the council meeting tonight


Sign off





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