Council meeting and craptacular media

Signe Westerberg Headshots FAV (26 of 102)Just a reminder that tomorrow is the scheduled council meeting, the business papers are available and from my cursory look there are a couple I’m not thrilled about. That said these days the business papers rarely reflect what is genuinely about to happen or what Crap  will go down. I guess we will know soon enough, the #powermadmayor and his penchant for adding Mayoral minutes and the like means one is never really sure of the agenda and with the latest Lack of Lib Love goodness knows what will happen between Cllrs Mannoun and Ristevski. I’ll tweet from the meeting as usual  so you get the blow by blow.

As for the craptacular media, Lordy !!! many years ago I gave up buying Mainstream newspapers, once they decided opinion was more important than reporting the facts I was well and truly over spending any of my hard earned money for biased media. What annoys me even more is that the desire to present opinion as fact has infiltrated TV news coverage and the like, so we are often bombarded with speculation and dramatisation rather than actual facts. I am impressed with the ABC fact check and media watch because they have a tendency to rise above the nonsense.

SO onto the latest nonsense… two items come immediately to mind.

  1. The Greens in bed with Liberals on Voting reform..Bahhumbug… The Greens have long worked on getting a better outcome for voters, in excess of 10 years lobbying and working with Major and minor parties to get the best voting system possible. The latest reforms have had the support of the Liberals and Labor and some of the minor parties as part of a parliamentary working group. Labor and Liberal parties representatives supported what was put forward and while the press presents this as a new idea, in fact it started more than a decade ago with former Senators Brown and Milne and MLC Cohen in NSW. To have the likes of ALbanese Dastyari and Co spreading such crap is beyond belief. In some ways I can understand Dastyari, after all he’s enjoyed his position of power and influence behind the scenes and seriously I cannot fathom why anyone would actually vote for him.
    1. Just to clarify a few of the real outcomes: (I actually sat with Senator Rhiannon and others on the weekend and got the information directly from the negotiator…not the MSM)
      1. Voters will now be able to select their preferred candidates from across the top of the senate paper, gone are the days of nasty little backroom negotiations where most voters end up voting for parties or groups they have no idea they were supporting.
      2. You can vote for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or more candidates IN YOUR ORDER OF PREFERENCE
      3. If you make a mistake (and let’s face it sometimes it’s easy to do) eg 1, 2, 3, 4 ,4, 5 your first clear choices will still count… in other words what would have been once an informal ballot is now counted up until (as in the example) your 3rd choice.
      4. You can still vote below the line, now however you won’t have to fill in the whole paper, in 2013 that was about 100 candidates… miss one and your vote was invalid.
      5. When you choose your preferred party ie The Greens, you can then select as many groups as you want in the order you want. (again no little surprises that your animal liberation group directed preferences to CSG or the like)
      6. There will be a comprehensive information campaign to explain the changes and the benefits.
      7. You can still vote for your one issue party, if you really want to support the Equal Marriage party (made up name) and you get to decide where you want your 2nd, 3rd and subsequent votes go.
      8. The preference brokers are out of work… well I hope so, I do have to check though if it will be mandatory to have preferences on the How to vote.
      9. Accusations that when the Greens were in the loose coalition (of sorts) with Labor we didn’t push for reforms, is crap, it was actually part of the negotiation with Sen Wong et al, however they failed to follow through. This has been on the Greens agenda for a LONG TIME, we needed to wait until one of the Majors old parties considered it important enough to actually work with us.
      10. Antony Green (ABC political specialist) has ruled out that this is designed or will achieve the removal of minor parties from the mix, as I said above if you still want to vote for a one horse wonder, you still can.
      11. A deal breaker was the membership cap, it remains at 500 thanks to the Greens not moving on this, despite the Libs wanting to raise it to 1000, or 1500. That would have truly impacted on the minor parties and created a less democratic outcome…
    1. The Greens ARE NOT ENCOURAGING OR SUPPORTING DRUG USE. What the Greens are talking about is coming down hard on manufacturers, traffickers and dealers and treating the users as patients not criminals.
      As a parent, I count my blessings that my kids haven’t gone down this path of drug addiction, however the few people I know who have their young adults battling this horrible situation, want them  cured, treated and helped…NOT LOCKED UP.  TO BE CLEAR WE AREN’T SUGGESTING ITS OK TO BE AN ADDICT… We do however think that treatment is essential and as such is a health issue not a criminal one. Dr Richard Di Natale has seen this first hand, up until entering parliament he was a medical doctor. Who is more credentialed to talk about this, Di Natale or Murdoch?

Sadly there are a number of issues presently in the press that need addressing but these will do for now, I do despair at the information being presented to the community and being presented as fact however that will do it for now. Please as always let me know if you disagree, because here is my opinion, you don’t have to pay for it, I will always bring you the information I’ve seen or heard myself. I don’t print gossip, let’s face it I’d be writing posts more than I’d get to sleep if I did lol. Your opinion is important too and I’m happy to provide you the avenue to express it. More info tomorrow…till then


Sign off


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