An interesting turn of events

Signe Westerberg Headshots (38 of 102)I had the great pleasure today of presenting for the Planning Assessment commission for the Georges River Environmental Alliance in relation to the impacts of the Moorebank Intermodal. What I read is Here . I spoke at no 9 and waited until 2pm listening to the excellent presentations of some of Liverpool’s passionate anti intermodal residents. The #powermadmayor and deputy Mayor were first off the mark, followed by Councillor Harle… then other residents. The Mayor’s presentation was as one would expect, except that he continued to leave sentences unfinished, something I’ve not noticed him do in the past and a little disconcerting.

A couple after me was the Member for Hughes Mr Craig Kelly and this is where the really interesting comes in. His first sentence was that he was embarrassed by the government and that he assumed Member for Holsworthy, Melanie Gibbons was also. Ok in fairness I’d be embarrassed to represent the present government, but then I’m not an elected member of their party. Here is the man who recently owned up to being an Abbott man and what the consequences were for being so and now on the first sitting day of the 2016 Parliament he starts off his presentation in Bankstown ‘apologising’. OK, from here he went on to present his findings on Diesel particulate, the impacts and how they would impact the community. You know the one thing he didn’t do? He didn’t call for a stop to the proposal, he danced around it, he suggested changes and alterations however he didn’t call for its stop. Here is a man who for some time now has at every opportunity called for the cancellation of the whole project, he even approached me and my daughter at a dinner some time ago to tell me I had to get on board, sadly he was only 10yrs too late but his determination was noted.

This beggars the question is this the price for preselection? Its been well publicised lately that there have been others keen to take his seat from him and quite recently on South west voice it was reported that he was now not worried as all would be ok, well was his changing his position on the intermodal part of that change in job security? I guess we will never know but after 20 mins of his presentation, the only thing he failed to do was say he didn’t support the intermodals and was wanting to have them relocated or stopped.

Back to other presenters and some truly interesting and passionate advocates for the peace and serenity of  the local area. Svetlana who represented the Georges River Combined Councils Committee had a great presentation showing some of the rivers magnificent attributes. While others spoke of the road impacts, the lack of consultation, the long term affects on the children and so much more.

As I said yesterday, Intermodals per se aren’t a bad thing, this one is just too big and in the wrong place, we as a community through our rates and taxes have spent millions of dollars working on improving the health of the Georges River and to allow such a development with potentially so many negatives on the river is lunacy. Ahhh is that why he apologised for the lunacy… why not both the old parties are on board for this development,  while since 2002 the Greens courtesy of then MLC, Sylvia Hale addressed the NSW Parliament outlining the problems this development would bring with it and that was before the combined  assault of the MIC and SIMTA proposals.

It will be interesting to read the outcome of today’s meeting, thankfully as I’ve submitted my views on a number of occasions,I will I beleive be emailed the results. To their credit the Members of the PAC genuinely seemed to be listening so with a few fingers crossed we might just get a better outcome. Time will tell …

There were lots of people in attendance, so if you viewed the day differently please share, as I said I left at 2pm and there were still a lot of presenters to come.

Don’t forget Council meeting on Wednesday, I’ll see you there.


Sign off


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