Lib Love takes a Nasty turn

Ned MannounAs I mentioned in the last post last week’s council meeting saw the nastiness manifest between the Liberal councillors. While it’s been boiling for a while now today’s Sydney Morning Herald article came as a bit of a surprise. Especially as having photo’s taken with people of questionable character is not an exclusive of any one councillor…

I can’t say I know much about any of the councillors on a personal level and most particularly the Liberal side of politics here in Liverpool but this does  seem to be vendetta-ish rather than a proactive way to grow or even protect their party. On the positive side- this sojourn into the public arena will help locals, I believe, to see what some of us have watched over the past 7+ years in terms of nasty, even bullying behaviour. I will leave it to you to decide and provide the link…

On a brighter note this weekend Liverpool Celebrates its 205 birthday, it also happens to be the scheduled Night Markets if you have time to go along. The link below should open up to a flyer emailed to me by council earlier today.

Night Markets flyer 7.11.15

Wouldn’t it be nice if our councillors could put aside the politicking and nastiness and put Liverpool and its community first. Sadly in my opinion when the ego’s get a run, logic and clear-mindedness gets lost.


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3 Responses to Lib Love takes a Nasty turn

    • Signe says:

      This from Cllr Ristevski. Could it be our #powermadmayor wouldn’t by pass a fundraising dollar or a chance to schmooze a potential contributor, he had big goals!. ..Was all that reported to the EFA? can’t wait to see what happens next oh and for pollies to have to publicly disclose ALL donations.

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