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Signe Westerberg Headshots (60 of 102)This has been a hectic week or so, while attempting to get back on board with so many things I’ve  made a real effort in the last two weeks to get to anything and everything I could.

I was delighted to get back to the forums in this case the Urban forum and took my young grandson along for a change. He was fascinated by the variety of topics and surprised that he was interested in the presentation. That said he is only 14 but it was nice to see it through younger eyes.

We had our AGM on the following Monday for the Local Green’s group  and I am delighted to have been re-elected as Convenor of the Fairfield Liverpool Greens Group. We also confirmed our leads for the 2016 elections (more on this another time) We have an amazing group of locals attend our meetings and we open them to the public, so if you’d ever like to know more just check out our Website http://www.flg.greens.nsw.org.au or our Facebook page.

The 28th was the council meeting, crikey while the notes will have been published by now this marathon event yielded little, petty campaigning, porkgate resurfaced, Liberal infighting and more. I did take the opportunity to speak against the $2.25 Million dollars this council has decided to spend on making George and Northumberland roads two way. Sadly Cllr Hadchiti again didn’t listen and decided to focus not on the point I was attempting to make but on the undisputed qualifications of the  Traffic committee. My point was not that the process was flawed but more that $2.25M could much better be spent on roads in NEED of repair not fixing the unbroken. If you’d be interested in exactly what I said click here. I of course managed to speak within the 3 allocated minutes but as many of our councillors are unable to maintain focus, my point was lost and so was my hope of reallocating funds to those many many roads in real need of repair. Considerable time was spent debating past expenses, one being the interfaith dinners and how much they actually cost us as a community and I’m still unable to see the proposed outcome, that said they were such a resounding success (sarcasm) they have now been removed from any agenda forthwith.

There will be more on one of the other speakers Judith Arkley from the 2168 Community group who are fighting to maintain the HUB at Miller… more soon I”m just waiting on some additional information.

It seems Mayoral minutes are now called Mayoral reports and this month #powermadmayor managed 8, not our worst as I recall 12 on one occasion however this mayor tends to use these ‘reports’ to usurp fellow councillors notices of motions etc. I guess if you don’t have a clever idea of your own you have to ‘pinch’ someone else’s. That said Mr Mannoun has been doing this 2008, one day I’ll share the story of our very first meeting and my naivete as a new campaigner waay back then.

One of the other issues raised was the cost of staff employed for the exclusive use of the CEO and Mayor, when you consider the penny pinching approach they (many of the same councillors) used on Cllr Waller when she was Mayor, this Mayor has made new inroads into extravagance and his new CEO has managed to help redirect those expenses/people into other branches of the council without actually saving us a $ from what I can see and read.

Cllr Ristevski is attempting to create a name for himself I think, some of his ‘ideas’ show some real value, but sadly the majority of what  he is doing appears to be in distinguishing himself from his fellow Liberals. Whether a clever ploy or a doomed attempt at preselection for the Libs next election only time will tell.

The belated presentations by the PWC Accounted indicated that Liverpool Councils finances were in fine shape, (that said he is a fan of Debt while the interest rates are low) he further offered the opinion that Liverpool was fit for the future and the proposed amalgamations were not necessary. (My paraphrasing of a lengthy report)

The meeting went until approx 11.30pm and I have to admit by 11.20 I’d had enough waiting around and left.
If you’d like to read the meeting notes


While there is little detail contained, if an item gets your attention you can flick back to the council website and read the entire document in the business papers.

One of the items held over until confidential session (the bit that came right at the end) was the council amalgamations. While I think the majority agreed they’d prefer not to pursue amalgamations, the lure of the almighty dollar would have been difficult for some and from what I understand (although not yet confirmed) a decision was made to seek conversations with adjoining councils. What can I say, I still believe that council works for us (or at least should) and without it going to an election the State Government is overstepping its authority simply insisting on amalgamations. For me it’s still NO and thankfully I didn’t speak about it at council or goodness knows what some councillors might have distorted it to.

Onto brighter topics, I did as your representative attend the Georges River combined councils committee meeting on Thursday and am always pleased with the continued work being done to protect our water ways.

Lastly yesterday (Saturday) I attended the Spring Fair in Bigge Park. I am always delighted to be out and about with the community and it seemed to be fairly well attended. I cannot say I was at anytime was it overrun by councillors but I did see Cllr Harle and his family and I believe the Mayor had been in attendance, did you see anyone else, I’m always curious to see how many of our councillors attend community events. It was a bright and delightful day with dozens of our amazing staff attending to every detail, we had a lovely lunch in the park and I particularly enjoyed catching up with many of our staff. It was definitely a day for all to walk out with considerable product and plants, a little hessian bag sporting the new colouring in logo and numerous avenues to collect anything that now sports the old and in my opinion less dated and more indicative logo.

Sign off


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