Signe Westerberg HeadshotsFAV (78 of 102)I’ve been giving this whole amalgamation thing a lot of thought, I admit I’ve not read the entire document (yet) but I realised something this afternoon after reading lots of conversations in relation to where and what might happen. Then I realised… COUNCIL DOESN’T WORK FOR THE NSW GOVERNMENT…. THEY WORK FOR US, the ratepayers, we elect them, the state government doesn’t…. so as far as I am concerned just say NO.

If the State government wants to enforce this, take it to an election, we’re due one in September next year, allow the people of NSW to say what they want done with their councils. I am disgusted that the views expressed by thousands of residents was ignored when this decision was made, on the whole, the majority of VOTERS that’s Rate payers DON’T WANT THE AMALGAMATIONS so stop blackmailing them with threats and dollars to get what the bureaucrats want and take it to the  people.

I am the first to say Councils aren’t perfect, heck they have problems, even our council stuffed up when they surveyed the community, but I am also the same person who says this is front door politics and  we deserve to be able to decide whether or not we amalgamate or not… it really is that simple and the NSW Govt needs to be reminded of that.

We spend waaaay to much of our time thinking that the Govt should do this and the Govt should do that, but I don’t recall  ever seeing this as a policy when people last elected this present Government, and just a reminder, they work for us too, they don’t have any money, they have care and control of ours, right up until we change our minds and its time as a community we reminded all levels of government just that.

I can imagine this could get messy, the NSW state government could withhold, withdraw and with something else, but in reality I don’t approve of our staff being in risk of their positions, our services being eroded, I don’t approve of spending my taxes in buying off councillors/councils so that potentially developers get more say and I certainly don’t approve of allowing Businesses two votes against my one. We have no real detail as to the long term outcome, just wishes and promises and we’ve seen how well that has worked out for us in the past.

I think its time we said no… I want my council to say NO and with your support I think we could win this. I believe there is a lot of questions still to be answered about the legality, viability and practicality of this latest Government decision.. but for me its simple.. I SAY NO… do you? I think it’s all we can do to preserve our rights, our service, and our ability to have a say over our futures.


Sign off



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