Colouring in time at LCC.

Signe Westerberg Headshots (60 of 102)It’s been a little while since I posted and having missed my first council meeting in many years I feel like I should be offering a list of excuses… that said, I have only one, my family needed my undivided attention and they got it… Thank you for those who enquired and have offered support.

thegreatsouthw logoNow back to council matters… holy crap, I went along to the launch yesterday of the New Liverpool brand and I am delighted to suggest the designer organisation is very clever, not for the design, hell no, its pedestrian, but in that they have assured themselves of future work when the very limited appeal of this offering will no doubt have them trying to sell us an up to date one in a year or two. I have no recollection of any community input or consultation give to the community in the selection of the building blocks we will now see all over our council vehicles, letter heads and heaven knows what else. The possible plus is we might lose the Mayors head for a while and gain the pretty colours but we will lose the link to our past, our indigenous community and the rivers, trees etc that make up our beautiful city. The Mayor touted the link with our multicultural community, diverse opportunities etc etc. But from what I can see we got colourful letter blocks and a greatsouthw … I’ve posted it here for you to see and comment, seems only fair there should be one place where you can have your say and when you consider the multiple 6 figures it took to pay for this out of your rates dollars that seems at least fair. OK I’m guessing the cost, when I asked a councillor what the cost was they advised that they had no clue, their enquiries had failed to produce a dollar figure, however when you add the cost of a consulting firm, the Liverpool on a plate adventure in Martin Place and the merchandising I guestimate it wasn’t cheap… and folks you’re stuck with it.  Here is the present Logo…maybe not as colourful but imo sleek, recognisable and future proof.. in that it’s leLCC identifierss likely to date than the new building blocks – Either way I’ll leave it to you.


On a positive side, I did attend the Public Transport Users forum and Liverpool Library yesterday and while attendance was lower than I’d have hoped there were representatives of the bus companies in attendance and good discussion was had as to the needs of  the community across this great city, all the way to the western reaches of Liverpool.  Two council representatives were in attendance as well so the matters discussed will be taken up I’m sure by those same council employees who attend the traffic committee. That said NOT ONE Councillor thought it important enough to attend but then they were probably making themselves pretty for the next big event which was the Anniversary party celebrating CPACS 21st Birthday, which was held after the logo launch at CPAC.  Congrats to those who have fought hard to keep our precious Arts centre over the years, its now considered a prestige venue and boasts some of the most amazing presentations and exhibitions available today.

Looking at the New Logo and the implication that Liverpool is all there is in the Great south West might come as a surprise to our neighbours but hey for Me Liverpool is the only choice but I’d have shown a little more grace to my neighbours. Watch out for your little bag of tricks, a nifty little computer stick to see the video advert and the good quality booklet and logo bag… I’m wondering how council will ensure plenty are made available to those whose money actually paid for them.

Until next time, please feel free to let me know your thoughts on the last council meeting, from what I’ve heard it was a corker…and very lengthy as it had to be completed a day or so later. Share your thoughts on the new logo, the use of your rates money etc.

Sign off





I heard a Mayoral hopeful  Mr Maatouk let it rip against the Mayor at the last council meeting and from what I’ve heard the Mayor saw fit to engage not shut down the tirade thrust upon him, I’m not sure if that was a wise decision however I have no doubt Mr Maatouk used it to his advantage. My question is, where do all these hopefuls go between elections, just like Mr Byrne, they only raise their heads when there is a hint of an election in the wind. Surely the community isn’t that gullible and after this  present bunch of Libs half of whom we’d never seen before, the community will endeavour to find candidates who actually attend, participate and engage throughout the years not just in time for which ever elections comes their way. There will be others…




2 Responses to Colouring in time at LCC.

  1. Chris says:


    Your thoughts on peter maatouks response regarding what you posted?

    • Signe says:

      thanks for contacting me Chris. Seems I read your post better than you read mine. i did not say Mr Maatouk was new to anything his history prior to the elections is well known. I also stated that was the first meeting I’ve missed of a scheduled council meeting…btw that’s in 8 years Mr Maatouk has been at the last two, most recently.

      I did not know your (his) page existed so stalking was a little hopeful on your part. however I am glad to have provided you with an opportunity to re-address his family/personal history. Sadly you failed to address the substance of my post so I believe I provided the conduit you wanted.
      Happy campaigning!

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