over to you.

This council meeting was one I truly had hoped to have some impact. I’d registered to speak on two separate items while tempted to try for even more. September is always a biggie our present majority has played nasty games with committees each year excluding one particular councillor from pretty much everything while some of their own do a really p*sspoor showing at many of the committees they  exclude others from. The other was to support cllr Sheltons nom in relation to parks reclassification. As an attendee at both community consultations I was appalled at the conclusions the “independent’ adjudicator came to. Especially in light of the fact not one councillor chose to attend either session in its entirety.

Alas an urgent family matter had me unable to attend so what happened? Did Cllr Balloot have his scripted list? Did the Liberal majority decide to sell off our Green space. ..so many questions and now over to you for the answers.

your input appreciated😊




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