Someone needs to tell our Mayor, Robert Borsak isn’t in the Labor party

Ned MannounSeems there is trouble in paradise, tonight MP Robert Borsak takes to Mayor of Liverpool Ned Mannoun under parliamentary privilege in State Parliament., it will be very interesting to see where and how this pans out…. all in all the sadness for me is that it again leaves Liverpool looking poorly. Its also indicative of an upcoming election and the idea of an ally dropping dirt on another is possibly a tactic designed for purposes beyond my understanding however  amalgamations comes to mind. Would the Liberal party and their allies stoop to sacrificing one of their own  for a bigger target….. surely not ?

Interesting now this is the Second time I’ve read that the Mayor has accused Labor, surely one of his advisors can sort out for him who is in what party….isn’t Mr Borsak almost on his side of the isle, just towards the middle, but no where  near left?

No comment from me on this, all I have is the article but I’ll certainly be interested in where it goes and what was actually said if and when we get the Hansard version… I’m not sure if items of Parliamentary privilege get released in full…  It will also be interesting what Mr Wulff’s comments  will be on Friday as well.

I’ll share more when I have more,


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The Hon. ROBERT BORSAK [3.36 p.m.]: Tonight I want to talk about Liverpool City Council and the shameful team running this organisation. Mayor Ned Mannoun is a man who has been in the media a lot of late. In 2006 Ned was employed at the Mt Pritchard community club. During this time a large number of gym vouchers were allegedly taken by Ned and sold to others for less than face value. These vouchers were then handed into the gym and memberships were commenced with the club receiving no payment. This was discovered by the club and Ned’s employment was ended.

After a failed attempt to displace Paul Lynch in 2007, Ned was elected to the council in 2008. Liverpool City Council’s administration building burnt down in 2010. How and why is still a mystery, but clearly a lot of accelerant was used. Ned was joined by Mr Sam Bargshoon, who just minutes after the fire started, stood outside watching it burn throughout the night.

In 2011 a Liberal Party fundraiser was held in south-west Sydney. It was attended by Liberal Party royalty, including Joe Hockey. Prizes auctioned on the night included signed bottles of champagne and one alarm system that sold for $1,100. The successful bidder was one of Ned’s campaign volunteers, who would later join him in the council, Sabrina Mamone. The Sydney Morning Herald reported in July this year that an identical alarm system was installed in Ned’s house after the party fundraiser and receipts for the installation show that there was no charge for the alarm system.

In 2012 Ned was elected to the position of mayor. It is widely acknowledged amongst developers that if you want to get your high-rise development approved, it helps to give a unit to Ned’s father. The development at 1 Mill Road, Liverpool reportedly gave Ned’s dad three apartments.

During his reign as mayor there has been a dramatic increase in the number of staff closely aligned with the Liberal Party, which must be approved by council, yet they never appear in the council structure or within the council salary system and are not governed by the same policies as other council staff.

In 2016 council agreed that a pop-up café would operate out of the workers’ shed at Bigge Park for a short period of time. What actually happened was that the workers were moved out and council spent $80,000 of ratepayers’ money turning the shed into a permanent coffee shop in the park. I am told all of this was done for the princely sum of one dollar per year rent. So who was the lucky leaseholder?

We now move onto the general manager, Mr Carl Wulff. After a stint at Wollongong council, Carl moved to Dandenong council where he attempted to enter into a contract with an external private company who would come in and manage the council staff. He resigned with great fanfare when council voted this proposal down, and later became general manager at Ipswich council, where he did enter into a contract to manage council staff with a private company called Propel Partnerships.

Propel is a company partly owned by Local Government Queensland and is a subsidiary of Essar, a company that has large holdings in Indian call centres.

Whilst in Ipswich, Carl contracted to have some concreting work done by a family company that also carried out most of the concrete work needed by the council. After almost two years, the bill for this work is still unpaid. The concreters commenced debt recovery processes and in retaliation all their contracts with the council were cancelled. The bill remains unpaid and the family business has been forced to close and declare bankruptcy. In 2013, Mr Wulff rented his two-bedroom $800,000 investment apartment to Professional Consulting Group for $850 a week. Council then reimbursed Professional Consulting Group a total of $48,000. The matter was referred to the Crime and Corruption Commission.

In May 2014, Carl was appointed to the role of chief executive officer of Liverpool City Council. Within two months he had invited Propel in to review the services offered by the in-house staff at council without the approval of the elected council. Propel then proceeded to write the tender, which was written so that only Propel would be able to successfully apply for the tender. Carl had worked with Propel since July 2014 and did not declare an interest until February 2015, after the tender had closed.

Carl, who lives in Ipswich and commutes to Liverpool, met with Propel during the tender period without advising the tender evaluation committee. Prior to the tender closing, Propel were given veto over staffing, location and office plans. A contract was signed by Liverpool City Council in May 2015. Carl routinely tells staff they are not smart enough to understand what he is telling them. He has told staff that he would not live in Liverpool even if you paid him, but he obviously forgets that he is indeed paid $450,000 a year by the ratepayers of Liverpool City Council. I strongly urge the Minister for Local Government to undertake an immediate investigation into all points raised by me today. The state of affairs at Liverpool City Council is deplorable and the ratepayers and businesses deserve much better.



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