A slippery slope or desired outcome.

Signe Westerberg Headshots FAV (26 of 102)ringing phoneToday as I sat and waited for an answer on the 1300 362170 number to council I was surprised at the time it took to be answered. For a moment I thought I might have been on a telco call where they actually make money out of my waiting. Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t in a desperate rush but hearing the recorded advert a couple of times was unusual…

When I got through (both times) to the helpful staff I decided to ask if there was a problem, I’d never waited so long before, only to be advised that they were short on staff, staff weren’t being replaced and they were working as quickly as they could….I wasn’t complaining as I know many of our staff work their proverbials off and then it dawned on me, that’s how Propel are going to make their money. Remember when we were assured there would be no layoffs or redundancies (well that’s a fib, we know of at least one redundancy) and I questioned how the agency were going to make money, it’s now clear that the more people who resign, walk away and simply can’t take it anymore, the more profit (when they aren’t being replaced) Propel will get, remember they only make money from the savings realised by council. So what we have now is few staff doing the jobs of several, no one being replaced, staff morale being eroded and woohoo $$$$ for Propel. (the latter is sarcasm) Keep in mind this work ethic (or lack there of) is now being investigated for other areas of our workforce, small wins by the 300 or so staff who attended the rallies last week and this still leaves our staff in a truly precarious position and it scares me.

I get a real sense of pride standing (sitting) alongside our staff as they protest the outsourcing proposals, I get another sense of pride as they stand up for the things that make Liverpool, Liverpool. I have to admit I cringe when their passion takes a temporary turn in the wrong direction and becomes inappropriate but I get the frustrations and no doubt their regret, but I cannot help but feel their sense of dread and despair. Liverpool has a proud history, we have dedicated staff and when a group or individual comes along intent on destroying that, our community stands up and takes notice. For the most part it takes a little while but once angered we will be heard.

Saving Parks (courtesy Daily Telegraph) Liverpudlians saving their parks


I was advised yesterday that the results from the public meeting relating to parks was now available.  Below are the recommendations of the facilitator… it seems we still have some fighting to do, IMO it was clever of council to call for these meetings mid winter, fewer attendees, better outcome for those wanting to sell our parks.  SELLING OUR GREEN SPACE IS NOT ON, we cannot sit by and allow this to happen. Blocks of land are being sold smaller and smaller, buildings filling almost the entire block in some instances, the trees and open space are essential. Seems to me and I’m sure there is an accepted ratio that if people bother to come out and speak against something they are pretty much representative of many many more, who either forgot, didn’t know or simply couldn’t wrangle the time to attend. From these results we the community didn’t win our argument, so we need to get along to council and speak up before the councillors actually vote on this, which is proposed for either the September or October meetings… so watch this space.




My specific recommendations are to: 1. Reclassify Acacia Park. Use the proceeds from sale to improve a local park in the area enclosed by Kurrajong Road and the M5/M7 Motorway. 2. Reclassify Mimosa Park. Use the proceeds from sale to embellish a local park. 3. Reclassify Baker Park. Retain though-block link between Hanna Avenue, Frazer Avenue and McAndrew Close if possible. Use the proceeds from sale to embellish a local park. 4. Retain Hannan Park as a park. 5. Reclassify McCarthy Park. Retain through-block link between Wonga Road and Jan Avenue. Use the proceeds from sale to embellish a local park.


My specific recommendations are to: 1. Retain Ferrington Park as a park. 2. Reclassify St Andrews Park. Use the proceeds from sale to embellish a local park. 3. Retain Wendlebury Park as a park. 4. Reclassify the proposed part of Regan Park. Use the proceeds from sale to embellish the southern section of the park, or another local park. Ensure that a clear sightline is retained between Newbridge Road and Lucas Street.


I am pretty disappointed by the above, I spoke at both events on all parks and Green space and strongly believe we cannot allow council to sell  off our assets, in this case our assets are fresh air, play space for children, safe thoroughfares and public areas for gathering, playing and enjoying. On the recommendations that a walkway, clear view through block link be maintained, perhaps the facilitator should have looked at the Old Green Valley area where narrow walkways have been systematically removed over the years and why.

This council’s penchant for selling our assets started some time ago, slowly but surely the coffers are being fattened (redirected) by the sale of Assets owned by the community…. remember the Green Valley Music Centre on Heckenberg Ave? That land has now been subdivided and sold off, originally council was going to develop the land but it eventually got sold off. This is happening all over our local government area, bit by bit YOUR ASSETS ARE BEING SOLD. Remember COUNCIL DOESN’T HAVE ANY MONEY, they simply have care and control of yours, via our rates and taxes. IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT TO HAPPEN WITH YOUR RATES MONEY? If not you need to speak up.

At the extraordinary meeting yesterday Cllr Hadid spent considerable time drawing a line between council and State and Federal, yet it seems to me, NONE OF THEM ARE LISTENING, its one of the few times I’ve been in council when around 300 people booed a speaker. While I am often one to draw a similar line, what Cllr Hadid failed to mention in his tirade was that all three levels of government are now Liberal and we’re not getting any better outcome for the alignment. A side issue: On a number of occasions recently Cllr Hadid has raised the hackles of the audience (in and out of council) I wonder if this will impact his position on the Liberal ticket come next September, he has a real flair for upsetting people?

Check out this weeks paper and you’ll see even more land being considered for reclassification, I’ll need to have a closer look before I comment, but rest assured I will check it out. IMO Our council direction is systematically being taken over by aspiring developer types, business interests,  single agenda operatives and a penchant for making things ‘pretty’ in time for the next election. Our community members are not fools, we know that all that glitters is not gold and being told something is good for us doesn’t necessarily mean it is.

WE ARE A WHOLE COMMUNITY, We are not just residents, we are not just business owners, we are a whole community and we need to respect each area of concern, not just that that will turn a quick profit, raise a political profile or enhance a personal venture.

TIME TO TAKE A STAND LIVERPOOL….. if you don’t will ‘they’ simply just stand on you as they walk towards their goal…the big question is, is their goal the same as yours or directly contrary to what you hold dear????

If you think differently share your view, I saw Cllr Harle voted in lockstep yesterday with the Liberal Majority which surprised me, I’m sure if he reads this he will happily explain why he supported the rescission motion and what his reasons were, sadly only Cllrs Stanley, Shelton, Karnib and Ristevski (yep he’s a Liberal Cllr) opposed, kudos to Cllr Stanley for her amendments but will it be enough….hmmm time will tell I guess. Two cllrs were not in attendance Cllrs Waller and Mamone… not surprising as under normal circumstances a 1pm meeting mid week wouldn’t be easy for me to attend either.

Lastly and briefly (LOL) Congrats to the two Police officers of the Year announced on Tuesday night at the Rotary Police Officer of the year Dinner,  these two are representative of a pretty fine bunch of Liverpool and Green Valley Police officers, it makes one proud. A good night was had by all I spoke with.


More soon.


Sign off


2 Responses to A slippery slope or desired outcome.

  1. Peter Harle says:

    Signe, my reason for supporting the rescission motion was simply to save ratepayers money. How many times does community consultation have to be repeated? The overwhelming community response endorsed the proposed redevelopment of Bigge Park which included the removal of the Bowling club and return the bowling greens to open space. Granted the dubious manner in which the Music Shell was demolished one day prior to a Civic Committee Meeting, where its future was to be discussed, is disappointing to say the least.

    • Signe says:

      thanks Peter I suspected that was the reason and as you say the dubious manner much is happening is of huge concern. that said community consultation in Liverpool leaves a lot to be desired. Ticking boxes simply isn’t enough imo. Nor is the secrecy in much of what appears to be happening. ..I fear Liverpool has some muck still to be dragged through…on this I’d like to be wrong but that gut feeling just doesn’t go away.

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