Council meeting 26 August 2015

Signe Westerberg Headshots (60 of 102)It was as always eventful, this meeting more eventful than many in that around 2o0 council workers attended to remind councillors that they will fight for their jobs, they were vocal and they were passionate and rightly so. As it turned out, there were sufficient clauses added to the particular item to ensure they have a fighting chance at keeping their jobs. Will it be enough, only time will tell but it does concern me the  long term deterioration of staff morale that comes when our staff are living in fear of losing their jobs.  Since the recruitment of Mr Wulff we’ve had people from his previous councils tell us of his penchant for outsourcing. This is of huge concern when you know that finding work of any kind is not as easy as in the past, it’s also disturbing when you consider many of these staff are not only employees but ratepayers and residents and voters.

The First hour and a Half roughly was spent on Mayoral Minutes, I think this, while continually annoying and unfair in that not even the councillors get to see Mayoral Minutes until they are presented at the council meeting, was as much a delay tactic as anything else. It’s funny how if the item is considered either popular or expedient for a particular group or business and attracts many residents or suits is often brought to the fore and dealt with early so said residents/suits don’t have to sit through the entire event, yet not this time and to their credit the staff remained. I cannot tell you how many times ‘suits’ have had their item brought forward, dealt with and then a short break so congratulations all round can be had.

Again Cllr Stanley presented an item and had it summarily hijacked by the Mayor so on the record it was supported by all as a motion put forward by him. I believe he changed one word. Even when Cllr Stanley attempted to second it, she was gazumped so another Liberal could be seen on the final paperwork as the supporter. For some reason this happens to Cllr Stanley a lot and must be a real frustration, that said she did congratulate the mayor for taking up her good idea.

I dismay listening to Cllr Balloot,  a non resident who is new to Liverpool relatively speaking when he jumps on board items he had no part in preparing and drafting.  While I support and appreciate the Business community of Liverpool, much of the traffic and parking management that was put in place was to prevent Business owners and their staff taking all the parking spaces, now he wants investigations into providing them with Parking permits… we will end up back where we were, no parking for shoppers and businesses complaining that there is no parking and their businesses are suffering.  I think in fairness whoever drafts his comments is likely not been around that long either.

Kudos to Cllr Shelton for drawing attention to the extensive time taken on mayoral minutes and the attempt at a No confidence motion, sadly that was lost because neither Cllr Mamone or Ristevski voted thereby leaving a default that saw the motion overturned. Shame they hadn’t had an urgent need for a bathroom break and things might be quite different in Liverpool. It is fair to say though that there appears to be a rift in the Lib Love and time will tell if that ever heals. BTW if you read the supporting documents from the DLG Mayoral Minutes have a particular purpose – as has been discussed on several occasions and the Liberal majority overridden to suit the needs of the day.

Also kudos to Cllrs  Mamone and Ristevski, if their gesture to the 4 youth and having them included in the Mayoral Ball was genuine. Apparently they organised the tickets and appropriate attire for the young men to attend. One of the young men addressed council to pass on their appreciation. I choose not to support the Mayoral Balls as I believe they  are for the who’s who of Liverpool and not really designed for the everyday resident to attend.

Sound shell there one minute gone the next(Picture from a Liverpool Leader article earlier this year

There will be more I believe following the urgent need for the destruction of the sound shell in Bigge Park and as of today advice as to a rescission motion in relation to the Bowling club and an extraordinary meeting 1pm this coming Wednesday. I don’t understand the urgency in destroying things in Bigge Park unless of course the pending council elections timetable for completion of works would be hampered, and its been made clear those deadlines are set in stone, however from what I recall, the Bowling Club building was only given temporary improvements and that the building is no longer in a safe and suitable state for occupation.
Congrats to the Major from the Salvos for highlighting their services in Liverpool and while It wasn’t actually said I think their disappointment in being evicted from the bowling club, for me the homelessness in Liverpool is a sad indictment on both, the state and Federal Govts. Also congrats to those residents who spoke in support of the staff.

Again councillors changed the amounts donated to particular groups, while I am confident those who apply for grants from council do so for good reasons, when will the Liberal Councillors stop doubling/adjusting the amount? I believe we pay our staff to investigate and recommend amounts based on genuine need, cash available and with due diligence  if we are to ensure our rates money is there for those in need imo we should stick to the criteria set out and stop shuffling money from the floor especially by those who may have an agenda or whim.

Thats it for now, I need to read over the minutes of the meeting to refresh my memory on topics discussed, this was the off the top of my head rememberings… I have been made aware  of a Facebook page you might be interested in visiting if you are passionate about Liverpool’s history and presence. Just type into your FB page Liverpool then and now.

Have a good weekend, Don’t forget Campbelltown has their Riverfest this weekend if you’re heading that way.

As always opinions welcomed, thanks to those who comment even those who prefer theirs not posted. United we stand as a community, united we stay when we work together.


Sign off




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