Signe Westerberg HeadshotsFAV (78 of 102)Here we are in August 2015, we have a Liberal National Government, a Liberal State Government and a Liberal majority local government. So let’s look at the benefits we get from this as Liverpudlians. We Get a Mega Modal at Moorebank, we get immeasurable damage to our air quality, safety and our river, we get an Airport at Badgerys Creek without a rail link but it too will have another paid expressway, we get more trucks on our local roads, we get lots of pictures of the Mayor, we get infighting amongst those same local Libs that makes the Mainstream media regularly, we get a lot of stomping and stamping from MP’s Craig Kelly and Melanie Gibbons, we get to lose our historical presence at the Military barracks for all time thanks to said intermodal, we get committees locally that are predominantly business people, who don’t necessarily live here, directing the way we head economically in Liverpool, we get lots more pollution, we get waaay more congestion, we get no noise barriers on the M5, we get more noise along the SSFL and we get another lane on the M5 (someone has to provide for all those trucks) we get millions of dollars spent ensuring the Mayor and his cronies get a mall  in Liverpool built before the next election, we get greater housing infill, higher rise developments, we get looser planning instruments thanks to the state government, we get less of a voice over development in our communities, we get the threat of amalgamated councils,  we get more public transport, just kidding thats not happening, we get a council intent on selling our public space and pocket parks, oops that’s reclassification in view to sell, we get a proposal that at the cost of several million George and Northumberland Streets will be opened to two way traffic (imagine for one minute accessing the car park in Northumberland St from the south/north lane and the safety???)

So how is  having the party in power working for us in Liverpool…. no too well in my opinion? What’s worse we get people who sing the praise of the Mannouns, Kellys and Gibbons’s who being part of the party of power are basically voiceless in their own parties. What the bloody hell for I ask… anyone can stand on a soap box and decry all the problems but wouldn’t you think electing those in power would bring some of that power to our community, IT SEEMS NOT, in fairness we’re getting more Voice from the likes of Alan Jones than electing any of these politicians has afforded us and Alan is quite selective in what he supports and what he doesn’t,of course his prerogative. We also get a pretty much silent opposition from the Labor members elected, but in fairness it’s their turn to say we aren’t in government we can only try. At council meetings you will see some councillors of opposition try but I have commented before at the appalling manner in which they are treated, so 3 years in I think that their opposition  has lessened or  a the very least been beaten down.

I look at the list above and think may be all those ‘we gets’ are the liabilities…not the benefits and we’ll continue to get nothing while ever the community blindly follows the old parties down which ever track they choose to pull us.

AND…before anyone tells me we’re finally getting stuff happening in Liverpool, most of the proposed local upgrades and improvements have been long planned and while timely for this elected bunch they were at least on the drawing board for some time. Some changes in location but some might say thats to appease a particular local business or two not the community. I know I was on one of the committees who worked on them in years past. The only real change is the willingness, even eagerness of this council to borrow money from the future (TIF for ten years) to ensure things  ‘happen’ during this term.

So over to you, please share your list of benefits and liabilities, its nearly that time of year when I do a run down on council in the last 12 months. How are your local roads looking, do you feel you are better informed with what is happening with your rates dollars, are the facilities in your area up to the standard you want, need, desire? There will be as always differing opinions, not everyone watches as closely as I do to what happens in Liverpool. Not everyone cares or has the time to speak up but if you’d like to register some items here that you feel makes a difference, please do.

We have a great city, a wonderful community and a rich vibrant mix of residents, share your views, your ideas, the things you love about Liverpool today, perhaps even those things you miss.

Lastly don’t forget next week is the council meeting, you can check out the agenda online tomorrow, presently there is only an attachment document. We have just on 12months to an election, you will hear lots and lots over the coming months, most of it will be self promotion but who knows I could be wrong.

Lastly,  there was a meeting about air quality and impacts at the Hilda M Davis centre tonight, sadly work commitments prevented me making it on time, so if you happened to make it, please share the outcome, Cathy Oke was up from Victoria as one of the key drivers of this initiative so I am keen to hear what you thought about it.

More soon once I”ve had a chance to read the business papers…remember our parks will be on the agenda either this month or next so watch this space.


Sign off




PS… all the business papers are online at:  








  1. Mark says:

    Well said signe.I agree on more photos of the mayor is starting to grow somewhat tiresome. After reading the local paper his latest attention grab is promoting the new lighting. IMHO This is window dressing to distract as from the privatisation of our services.

    Of most concern is councils willingness to accept sponsorship from arab bank for the mayoral ball. Considering they were found guilty in the past of financing terrorist activities. I am sure you will find more online.

    Seems the powers that be in the council lack any moral compass and no doubt are turning a blind eye to this information all in the pursuit of the almighty dollar.

    • Signe says:

      thanks for the comment Mark. I’ll look at the link but for me whether the Arab bank or CBA isn’t important its the fact so much is happening we really don’t know about. I live in hope things improve but sadly I think they’re getting worse not better. of course the community needs to stand up and say no more…but will they? only time will tell.

  2. Mark says:

    Whilst i am sure all local residents would agree there are things which are being withheld from us and that we should all be more proactive. But to state it isn’t important whether the arab bank or CBA is involved is concerning.

    The very fact that the local council is more than happy to accept blood money sponsorship for the mayoral ball from confirmed terrorist financiers is something that should concern the wider community.

    • Signe says:

      Hi again Mark at the time of posting your comments I’d not checked out the link (as stated) sponsorships of any kind are a concern whether one organisation or another was my point as you don’t know what strings are attached. in this instance where the funds are sourced etc is always a concern. Clearly with so much we aren’t privvy too this is another in a long list. imo.

  3. mark says:

    I appreciate you clarifying. Are you able to clarify if the LCC CEO’s salary as listed in this article is correct?

    $450,000 seems like a lot of money for doing nothing more than privatizing this city. Well i guess that’s why the bought him in.

    • Signe says:

      i had it on reasonable advice it was in the vicinity of $440 at commencement but nothing concrete. esoecially knowing he has a penchant for outsourcing according to his former staff..

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