Council meeting business papers link and the Mayors latest press foray.

Image0104For those interested in the agenda and items for discussion next Wednesday evening by councillors, please copy the above link into your browser and you should be able to access the entire agenda. I’m still working my way through them.


Of interest to me, despite the CEO’s  initial protestations about matters in confidence not being his preferred at his first council meeting… Liverpool councillors still consider numerous items in confidence/private While some are necessary to protect individuals the number continues to grow. This month 12 items are being considered in confidence… two being the inclusion of the community in Council committees, the Environment Advisory committee and the Economic and Events committee will be considered as confidential items. The recommendation that the EAC have a larger resident component will be debated without the community knowing who was for or against the inclusion of community members. I have concerns that with an election next year, debate of such items could be seen as politically motivated, who is included and who is not… alas, being done behind closed doors will leave us without knowledge of the debate. Although I don’t quite understand the need for debate, should we not embrace the community members who are prepared to give of their time freely to work along side council staff and councillors for better outcomes for our community and city? To be fair I declare I nominated for both these committees myself along with many others I’m sure and in the past the discussion around who was to be included was illuminating.

For those unaware the Mayor got some additional press this week also, seems the SMH did a story on a past election funding dinner and its outcome… seems my recollection of the much publicised event are somewhat different to those being reported. Here’s the link for anyone interested…

Don’t forget this coming Sunday is National Tree Day, please come along and celebrate Liverpools 20 yr involvement and help plant 3000 trees and shrubs, as I mentioned before this particular park is much frequented by many many birds species, they’ll very much appreciate the extra food source and habitat…  entry at the western end of Eureka Crescent Sadleir just around the bend from Edwin Wheeler sporting fields and play equipment. Follow the signs I’m sure they’ll make finding the park easy. See you there or Wednesday at the council meeting


til then……

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