Just a quick reminder.

Hi all,

Signe Westerberg Headshots FAV (26 of 102)I need to quickly remind my readers that while I am delighted and happy to post your comments, on rare occasions I receive some that may be considered litigious. I received one today from “Cathy” and while I’d like to acknowledge her for taking the time to write and read these posts, her accusations were direct and from what I read opinion, and unsubstantiated and I’ve taken the decision not to  post them… I, on most occasions would like to post all comments  however as there were two people mentioned directly and accused of potential wrongdoing  I would encourage readers to seek advice from the legal profession before putting allegations in the public realm.  If you have proof of any illegal or questionable activity I strongly suggest contacting ICAC directly, the Division of Local Govt or of course the police.

Thanks heaps to all who take the time to read my posts, I’ve been quite busy of late and while I have continued to attend forums, meetings and local activities around my work schedule, my posts are not as uptodate as I’d like. Liverpool is a great place and I encourage all to get involved, make comment and have your say, even apply to be on different committees.

Of real importance IMO is on the 4th and 5th August there will be two public meetings to discuss the proposed reclassification and possible sale of local parks etc. Please consider attending and voicing your concerns…noting that once these  green spaces are sold they are gone forever…with the huge number of highrise and multi apartment developments, open space will be at a premium and we need to protect it. There is a council meeting coming up on the 29th July at 6pm (Business papers are available on line of the Friday Prior) and National Tree day is in Joshua Moore Park Eureka Crescent Sadleir on the 26th 9-12 noon. These are usually great days for all the family followed by a BBQ so I hope to see you all on the day. I live close to this site and can assure you that some pretty amazing bird life is resident  and they will very much appreciate the provision of 3000 more trees and shrubs in their park.



The community can expect  a rush of activity in the lead up to next years council elections, its important we keep a close eye on what is happening with our rates dollars,  other ways to find out what is happening with your rates dollars can be found on the Liverpool council website, the Liverpool Listens portal, and Liverpool council’s facebook page. Some additional info is also available in the Local papers if you’re one of the lucky ones who gets them delivered… of course I will endeavour to keep you informed as well, so keep checking in.

If I don’t see you before you’ll most certainly see me on the 26th, so please come up and say hi.


Sign off






2 Responses to Just a quick reminder.

  1. Clr Peter Harle says:

    Hi Signe,
    With reference to the two confidential items relating to committees, there was no debate; the recommendations were moved and approved unanimously. The EAC nominations were approved, five community members had applied, the actual number required. The primary reason for confidentiality in this instance is the resume of the applicant and their suitability assessment including ranking.
    Council is improving, some confidential items are discussed in open Council, providing Councillors and Officers are careful not to disclose confidential components of tenders etc., not always easy to do.

    • Signe says:

      hi Peter
      thankyou for your response. 12 items were discussed and while most were done as you say cautiously 12 is a lot. The 2 committees have not been done in closed session before and the resumes never provided, unless requested I’m thinking. I am wondering how many applicants would appreciate their expressions of interest including much personal detail go beyond the group tasked with evaluating their worthiness. It will certainly affect what information I provide considering now that 11 councillors and countless staff are included. You and I are well aware that committees have been in open council in the past and I have been openly debated at to suitability by name. The fact all 5 on the EAC is good and in part due to the committees recommendation presented by yourself as desirable on increase.

      I would consider much detail is managed by councillors regularly but resumes are not one I’d have considered appropriate. Considering one is applying to volunteer not seeking employment the call for resumes/CV in itself contentious
      Alas power is absolute in Liverpool.

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