quickly… there’s still time

Its not too late to make a submission about the SIMTA intermodal project at Moorebank.



Click on the above link  or copy and offer your comments. You don’t have to write a  tome (mine is posted on my submissions page if you’d like some ideas) just pen the things that concern you, interest you or scare the begingies out of you. Be quick, the cut off is tomorrow.

To all those who responded to my Facebook request earlier this week thank you and   thankyou also to Senator Lee Rhiannon for her continued lobbying and support of our community … every comment counts and I and my community appreciate what you have done. Remember this proposed Intermodal will not only affect our local residents the impacts will be felt far and wide. The road network will the stalled, even more than it is now, the health impacts will be great in my opinion and with your help there can be change. I was tonight at the Georges River combined councils committee and delighted to report that both the GRCCC and some councils have already lodged their concerns, I am sure my incessant badgering over time has them all hoping our concerns are heard. 🙂


thanks – no go write.. if you haven’t already.




Sign off



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