Image0118Hi all, Presently council has on exhibition a list (extensive list) of parks and Green space it would like to reclassify as operations (ie saleable) Please take a few minutes to either  log onto the Liverpool Listens website and comment or write to council.


As I have on many occasions I oppose  any proposals to sell Greenspace in Liverpool. Not because I am unrealistic in that I know they cost money to maintain, but in the fact that once they are sold they are gone forever.

My response is :

“With the rapidly growing high rise buildings in Liverpool I am completely opposed to the sale of public parks or green space. While I acknowledge in some cases the upkeep cost seems high once the land is sold it is gone forever and with increasing air pollution from increased vehicle movements, smaller land sizes, greater populations on single sites it is essential that there is room for both fresh air and play. Lobbyists from businesses seeking larger parking spaces is insufficient reason to sell access ways as in the case of Regan park especially at the cost of considerable disadvantage to those who use that park as an access to the main road and public transport.
With increased population comes increased rates I am sure the council will be able to source necessary funds to maintain these green spaces into the future.


Signe Westerberg – Resident”

If you feel similarly please let the council know. I actually ticked all the boxes but if you’d like to focus on one or two parks alone, thats fine too. I happen to know all the parks listed and feel keeping them as lungs for our city a priority.


Please let me know if you would like assistance or even more info on writing a submission. I have used the website this time and may still write a formal submission opposing any sale.


Reminder also: Council meeting is tonight… 6pm. See you there.


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