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Signe Westerberg HeadshotsFAV  (78 of 102)I have often written about the importance of getting involved with things that happen in our community. I also often sing the praise of our community forums, tonight was the May Urban forum and last week the Rural forum. These council run programs allow the community an opportunity to engage with council staff and find out what is happening around the suburbs, in council and plans for the future with the ability to ask questions and generally meet like minded people who care what is happening in the community. Last months Urban forum was postponed when I was the only one brave (or silly) enough to drive in the heavy rain… tonight the drizzle seemed to keep numbers down it was however nice to catch up with some who’ve not been attending for a while and a couple of regulars.

The surprise attendee tonight was the council CEO Carl Wulff, he said he had nothing to do so thought he’d pop in and have a listen. A surprise to the staff and the community and fortuitous as he was able to answer a couple of questions, one about the proposed Propel situation. He advised that the union and the community basically were unaware of the situation and made incorrect assumptions.  To that I do have to say, we (the community) make assumptions according to the information at hand, no information, poor assumptions, for that one cannot blame the community. If council were more transparent, and forthcoming with information, assumptions could be avoided completely.

Mr Wulff also advised me that I had made an error in a previous post, (nice to know he reads my posts 🙂 ) while he was not forthcoming in which and what the error was he did say that the correct information was in the council minutes, which by the way may have not been available at the time of my post. I did invite him, as I do anyone,  to let me know and that I am more than happy to stand corrected if for some reason I’ve misheard or misinterpreted a decision, sadly he  declined.  Cllr Harle has on a number of occasions commented to offer an alternate view. Sadly there’s a chance the  CEO has a picture of me as the enemy, I want what is best for Liverpool, if he or pretty much anyone else wants what is best for Liverpool we are technically on the same side, if not well only time will tell. Liverpool is my home, it’s where I plan to live out my life and spend it with my family, what happens here matters, for that I make no apology, we are not a means to an end and I’ll always do what I can to ensure the community is aware and informed.

Another thing I’d like to mention is that council is enlisting the communities opinion in relation to the proposed council. I have lodged my concerns that if,  like me, you are opposed to the council mergers you really cannot complete the survey, question 5 requires a choice of a reason you are for the mergers and as I am not supportive of the merger answering it would add support to an option I don’t actually support… without it you cannot actually complete the survey. I have real concern that skewed surveys give false information leaving us in a position where we get  an airport with a majority of 54%…not really an overwhelming majority in the scheme of things but technically a majority.

There are a number of other things you can do to get involved in council. I was reminded tonight that there is a new committee being formed in relation to development applications and the community is invited to express an interest in being on the committee, I hope it’s not like the Badgerys creek task force, seems it was advantageous to be not against the airport if you wanted a seat at the table. I may apply, I’m certainly not against good development and I am 100% for community voices being heard in relation to them.

Lastly, next week’s council meeting is on Tuesday evening, not the usual Wednesday, it would be cynical to think forward planning anticipated the State of origin game on the Wednesday, thank goodness I’m not a cynic LOL.

There are still things I will catch up with over the coming weeks, I’ve been so busy with other aspects of my time I’ve been a little slack with posting here. I’ll do what I can to get back to more regular posts and with a bit of luck the council meeting won’t consist of 7 mayoral minutes as did the last one. I do recall posts in the past where mayoral minutes are supposed to be for matters that cannot wait until the next scheduled meeting, who knows that might happen again one day.

Until next time… don’t forget, anyone is free to make comment, add a view, disagree even argue a point, I post all comments as they come, all I ask is that it polite and courteous. I am also able to take comments and views even if the writer prefers not to have their name printed, all you need to do is ask.


Sign off




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