What next?

signe-westerberg-headshotsfav-78-of-102-21One must ask oneself what is next for Liverpool? Suddenly we  have announced  in yesterday’s paper that a civic centre is being planned for Scott Street. While this has been touched on previously we are suddenly seeing an artists impression and comments that sound more like fait accompli rather than let’s talk about options. We have a #powermadmayor and his cohorts more than keen to put their stamp on Liverpool and do we now have what could be seen as an enabler? At what cost I ask, while there seems to be a plan for no cost, from the article comments provided in the link on my last post, not all that glitters is gold. Our council is already borrowing (tens of )millions on Low Interest rate loans, who is going to pay all this back knowing that low interest rates isn’t NO INTEREST RATE and we have debt mounting, plans zooming ahead and no guarantee we can pay it all back and very little of our infrastructure being upgraded.

Please take a moment to have a look back at that comment on my previous post, this new comment came with a link to an old paper article that might be of interest to you and look at the comments below that too. (Thank you to those who are emailing me with information and support, there are a number of petitions circulating in the community now and  the community is slowly becoming aware, don’t forget to print one and have your neighbours sign it too)

I found Mr Wulffs LinkedIn account  interesting,  seems he has  a directorship in at least one business, perhaps more I’m still checking that, especially keen to see if those attached for former employment situations or are they relinquished on termination, so many questions.

However for now we need to focus on what is happening to our staff and keep all this additional information in mind as there seems to be a pattern of establishing  ‘private’ operations whilst in council and becoming a director of said organisations. While I am not suggesting anything untoward, one does have to ask why and why are so many people keen to see this particular man fall and not only those being affected now by the changes but those of former staff/employees. I think that while this is not necessarily happening at Liverpool presently we need to ensure that our rates money is being directed appropriately and not as has happened previously in Liverpool, lining the pockets of consultants etc. It is also interesting that there seems to be even more happening in council that we have no idea about and I wonder if it is just us, or some of the councillors equally kept in the dark while the Liberal majority move on a secret/confidential agenda.


(Note to self find out if… its appropriate that our former temporary CEO Mr Noble is also a keen supporter of Mr Wulff & his partners profiles on linkedIn and was I believe on the panel who chose the CEO for Liverpool, should we check out whether any declarations of personal relationships (interests) were mentioned at the time or has he become a fan since?) Again none of these questions are more than that, I would like to be assured that the decisions of the past and those in the future are based on what is best for Liverpool not just those who instigate them.

One thing that concerns me greatly is that we are still recovering from the mismanagement of the past on what might have been a real page opener for Liverpool and instead we got a slab on concrete and a lot of debt… we really can’t be dragged into another operational disaster that costs us not only money but a chance at creating the future our city deserves and the security our staff and community need to flourish.

As I have mentioned on numerous occasions, in my opinion we are being excluded from way too much,  so much of what is happening in Liverpool is being done either in confidence or through committees with more power than I can recall of the past. While I can highlight them and I do, we need the community to speak up, especially if they disagree with some of the decisions.

This reminds me that we are about to have a number of committee changes and the budget is to be put on public exhibition, while checking the papers this week I saw no mention of it, we need to be diligent and let this council know we are not happy to live in the dark and we’re not mushrooms willing to be kept in the dark and fed BS.

Okay that’s if for what’s rattling around my mind, let me know if you have more information or your view differs from mine. I am happy to post opposition opinion, if there is any.

Don’t forget to print the petition and have your friends and neighbours help support our staff.


Sign off


4 Responses to What next?

  1. Aaron says:

    Your thoughts on the link below? Just search for his quote. Seems hypocritical of Mr Wulff talking about treating staff with respect considering how things are playing out.


    • Signe says:

      Culture is created by people. Leaders and managers must treat their staff with respect and be aware of the impact they have on staff. Personally displaying the right behaviours will go a long way to creating a good corporate culture.”
      A takeaway that I have gained: “The summit reinforced my view that all we do in life is about relationships that are respectful and valued.” Carl Wulff, Chief Executive Officer Ipswich City Council
      tks Aaron from what I’m seeing and hearing words are cheap. tks for the link

  2. aaron says:

    Signe, I hope you agree with my post that apart from the petition that people contact the Executive Assistant of the CEO Deborah Cuthbertson on (02) 9821 9221 and email lcc@liverpool.nsw.gov.au attention “Carl Wulff” and let his team know how we feel about what’s going on.

    Even better would be if the ratepayers of Liverpool Managed to get a public meeting with the CEO without his minions to have him address us personally by getting up of his throne and speaking to us personally rather than hearing from him through the Liverpool Champion.

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