Radio Interview ,council meeting and more

Signe Westerberg Headshots (60 of 102)Hello and welcome back…things are really hotting up now the election is so close and last night (17.3.15) I had the absolute pleasure of spending time with the hosts of the Filipino hour on 2GLF Alisha and Cora (sorry if I”ve spelt that wrong). These lovely ladies chatted with me and gave me the opportunity to share the things that I am most passionate about.

Anyone who knows me, knows I have a couple of real passions, one is my home, Liverpool and its surrounding suburbs, the other is talking politics. Anyone who reads my Facebook pages, or this blog would be hard pressed to argue outside my family these are my passions. I will post for you the link to the interview, as you will quickly realise it wasn’t scripted or rehearsed, you got me, a little disheveled at times but just me and my passion for things that affect us.

I am the proud Greens candidate for Holsworthy and the convenor of the Fairfield Liverpool Greens, who by the way our small group has 5  outstanding candidates running in local electorates,  I was able to explain our preferences choices, why we did in some electorates and not in others. Some of you may not know but as a true grassroots party, those decisions are made at our local group level, not by executives in high as in the old parties.

I had the opportunity the explain that everyone can choose who they elect and direct their preferences themselves. Thats enough of my chatter, here’s the link.

2GLF is an amazing community organisation, their amazing presenters and ability to engage all in our diverse community. If you’re not a regular listener, I suggest giving it a go…simply find 89.3 on your FM station. Some of my favs are the morning shows on Monday and Thursday, the  afternoon show on a weekend (when I’m avoiding Football LOL) and of course the brilliant music and interviews of the ethnic shows.

Lastly to the Council staff who are feeling the threat of change/unemployment and anxiety, chin up all, some of us are wanting to support you in anyway we can. No organisation is perfect but outsourcing our  council workers and letting space at the communities expense is just not cricket. As I’ve not read the agenda/business papers for the upcoming meeting but I am hopeful nothing is being expedited without the community and the workers being clear on the direction. Also its probably timely to note that the meeting night has changed , contrary to what is in todays paper, its actually being held on Tuesday, not Wednesday as advertised.’

I’ll see you out and about… til then


Sign off




hmmm interesting, earlier today I posted a comment on the Champion in relation to the piece they posted re the council stop work… so many hours later and its not been posted…. interesting…???????????


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