Good people who care

signe-westerberg-headshotsfav-78-of-102-21I am a lucky person, I have over the years gotten to know some really lovely dedicated people in Liverpool Council. I have, I am pleased to say remained friends with some who have moved on and love that they continue to watch and care about what happens in Liverpool.

I am also distressed that what was predicted some time ago when the new CEO took over, by a worker from one of his previous councils,  is coming to pass. Sadly I don’t have any details but am aware that council service staff held a stop work meeting this week as they are concerned their positions are at risk by proposed changes. What saddened me more was that my attempt to find out more from the main stream media yielded absolutely no result… that means one of two things, either at the last minute the stop work didn’t go ahead (unlikely) or worse that the main stream media couldn’t be bothered or didn’t care that this is happening to our dedicated staff and it didn’t make the news.

Unfortunately my schedule didn’t allow me to join the staff and see first hand what is happening but I would like to send them my support (as I did  Privately) and will keep my fingers crossed for a suitable and appropriate outcome. My heart breaks when I know that working in conditions where your security and future is under intense pressure is not good for their health nor their morale.

To those who’ve been in touch who no longer work at LCC, thank you for your friendship but more for your continued support of our city.

I have sadly lost touch with a couple and hope if they read this (I know some do) they contact me again. We have a great city, great residents and we’ve got some amazing staff, moreover we have some good friends who have left LCC and continue to support us as best they can.



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