Forums are BACK

Signe Westerberg Headshots FAV (26 of 102)I am delighted to say that the community forums are back  and you’re invited. If you are interested in what is happening in your local area, come along on the second and third Tuesdays of every month Feb-Nov at  6.30pm. Week 2 is the western and  week 3 is the Urban forums,  2nd Tuesday at Bringelly community centre and the third Tuesday its held at the Francis Greenway centre (aka Liverpool council chambers).

At this fortnights  forums council officers gave us an update on the Building our New City and the Carnes Hill development. I’ve said it many times before but I really do encourage you to look closely at the changes and plans for our rates money. A proposed redirection of the $10M LIR’s loan (Low Interest rate loan) to the city project.  Some of the things that we were promised when initially seeking our support of the rate increase so we as a city wouldn’t need to borrow extensively and here we are edging over $40M. Alas my concerns are just that, we elect councillors to represent us and our needs, to ensure they continue to represent our needs we need to make clear our views, which is why I push so hard for community engagement, whether online through the Liverpool listens webpage, writing to the councillors to express an opinion or the Liverpool council facebook page.

I’d like to  also add that true to his word, Albert Galletta who did the presentations on building our city  followed through with getting back to me with the information regarding the type of trees being used in the new Mall… sadly they are not Australian natives but an North American import. As I said to Albert, you’d think with the number of indigenous species of trees we have surely one would be suitable and provide the same benefits as the chosen dominant tree, Fraxinus  Pennsylvanica common name “Urbanite”  which is a tree from North America. He then investigated why our trees were less suitable, and while I’m still disappointed  I appreciate his efforts and research.

Last Monday I had the pleasure of being your representative on the Environment Advisory Committee, sadly the tenure of this appointment has come to an end and in the coming weeks there will be an opportunity for you and I to apply to participate in this committee into the future.  I have to say my participation in this committee has been an absolute pleasure, I’ve had the envious task to work alongside and learn from some amazing staff. It is reasonable to assume other committees are coming to a close as well, so watch out in the local papers just in case there is one or two that may spark your interest in participating. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you’d like some assistance in applying i’m more than happy to help if I can.

That’s just a quick update, if you see me out and about this weekend, please say Hi, I’ll be sharing some Greens information with the electorate and am hopeful of a friendly welcome. To date I’ve had exactly that, so with just over 5 weeks til the election…lots to do.

Also a quick request, if you’ve not seen my post regarding homes to house Greens corflutes  or my face or policy corflutes please let me know for the election on March 28, we don’t just put them up willy nilly and your front yard would be just perfect. I am keen that this election we run on policy not just pretty pictures, that the candidates spend time on informing the community not just who has the most the most money to spend on signs 🙂 …with a little help our team will put some reminders on local schools on the day but I have the utmost faith that this community will be able to see through the hype and evaluate the candidates on merit, passion and engagement. Please don’t hesitate to call me directly if you have questions regarding policy or log onto the NSW Greens website where all our policies are available to check out for yourself.

Don’t forget next Wednesday there is a council meeting and for Liverpool Residents the Leader has a meet the candidates on Thursday at the Hilda M Davis centre on Bigge Street. Come and meet Andre Bosch the Greens candidate for Liverpool and I plan to be there too so come up and say hello.

Til then have a good week,


Sign off


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