Greens Candidate for Holsworthy

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Signe Westerberg Headshots (38 of 102)I am very pleased to advise that I have been preselected as the Greens candidate for Holsworthy in the upcoming state election. Find below my media release and a little back ground. (a portion of which appeared in todays Liverpool Leader)

Fairfield – Liverpool Greens – MEDIA RELEASE – 19th January, 2015
Signe Westerberg is the Greens candidate for the NSW Electorate of

The Fairfield-Liverpool Greens have endorsed Mrs. Signe Westerberg as their candidate for Holsworthy in the NSW election on 28 March 2015.

“I’m excited at the opportunity to give the voters of Holsworthy an alternative to the tired old Labor and Liberal parties”, Mrs. Westerberg said.

Signe is an active member of the Community, she works tirelessly for equality and ensuring our residents are heard at all levels of government.
“The Greens are being seen by many more voters as a progressive alternative to the major parties, with a proven track record in the NSW parliament of working in the public interest.”

Mrs Westerberg said: “The Greens will be campaigning to put planning back in the hands of the local community. She believes Holsworthy could have a real voice in the NSW parliament if the people decided enough is enough and said no to the tired old parties and yes to a progressive jobs focused environmental party. It’s time we demanded cleaner, future focused employment for our youth and No to unwanted destructive automated development in the South west with Holsworthy bearing the brunt of it. Very few Businesses will be encouraged to set up in an electorate whose roads are clogged and inaccessible, the air polluted and the public space spoiled.

Well planned and thought out public transport, consideration for the local community in planning decisions, and welcoming businesses that brings future focused renewable jobs to people in Holsworthy are essential to our long term growth and wellbeing.

Holsworthy has so much to be proud of, so much to fight for, its diversity, its pristine environment and its beautiful river system. It’s unacceptable that poor planning decisions endanger our health, our growth and our environment.

The NSW government has for too long sold off our assets to the highest bidder and failed to address the real needs of the community.

Mrs Westerberg invites the community to get to know all the candidates representing them at the upcoming election and to visit both the Fairfield Liverpool Greens and her personal website to get to know her and our policies better.
All NSW Greens’ policies are available on:
The electorate encompassed by Holsworthy is a fabulous place with wonderful residents and deserves a representative who not only wants to the here but one who will work for them. We don’t need career politicians looking for the next stepping stone.
For more information contact:

Signe Westerberg (biography and photos attached) – 0412 920 057 or her personal web

Biography – Signe Westerberg, Greens Candidate for Holsworthy.

Signe has grown up in Liverpool moving here from Riverwood in 1960 as a small child. She has raised her family, worked and owned a small business. Signe understands that to be heard we have to stand up, speak up and not let up. She has participated in numerous council committees and community groups including the Environment Advisory Committee of council, The Georges River combined councils committee. She is a passionate campaigner for equity and fairness and works to raise awareness of our needs. Signe has been outspoken on issues such as Save Coopers Paddock, the need for Noise walls on the M5 and Casula rail line and opposing the mega modal in Moorebank. Signe has represented the Greens as a candidate previously and believes Holsworthy is ready to embrace change and vote Greens. Mrs Westerberg is a well known resident who has shown a dedication to forwarding a positive and inclusive message for all residents.

For more information: Signe Westerberg 0412 920 057

Greens NSW
The Greens have a number of MPs and Councillors in NSW and give a strong voice to community and the environment.
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