Honours and dishonour

signe-westerberg-headshotsfav-78-of-102-2Yesterdays honours list has me thinking, our present and hopefully short term PM has  given the top four honours to women and a knighthood to an old man who  has so much he could have rolled over and asked his wife for a knighthood but let’s get back to the four women. Undoubtedly amazing women, here is my first conundrum – if he could find 4 women he considered of outstanding ability out of what would have been a hefty list of nominees,  why in the devil can he only find two women to be ministers in his own government. Is this because the Liberal party doesn’t attract women of ‘calibre’ or that his men are just so much more like minded or malleable?

That aside, am I alone in wondering about the hypocrisy in giving the top honour to a women who advocates helping and supporting victims of domestic violence while his government has recently inflicted  Millions of  dollars in cuts to the very same people he has he found an exemplary person to honour? Remembering that one woman a week dies at the hands of her partner or former partner are we to forget all this just because he honours one woman or even 4?

I’m sorry but I really don’t get it, I don’t for one moment undervalue the amazing contributions of the 4 women but is this  Tony Abbotts way of conning us into forgetting the abhorrent cuts, his government’s attacks on education, their appalling record on Refugees, the blatant unashamed support of some of the greediest  Australians, Gina’s attitude to paying workers comes to mind or how they condone fracking our water supply in pursuit of gas money, destroying the reef and ignore science to the point there isn’t  even a science minister. This government’s  record on supporting business has us with more unemployed/underemployed and more of the largest businesses closing their doors in record numbers than ever before. Would they have stood a chance  of getting his attention if there were women at the helm considering his failing numbers with women voters?  Just ask someone in the motor industry how this is working for them, ask the Liberal Premier of WA how supporting the Miners is working for WA? Ask one of the 500,000 looking for the 100,000 jobs in Tasmania, talk to a university student who just found out the course they wanted to study is now financially so far out of their reach. We are going backwards and where a government is supposed to be there to enable growth and confidence this present one is doing exactly the opposite. Will a knighthood fix our problems?

So as honours go, congratulations to the amazing women recipients and to those in Liverpool who scored Liverpool’s Honours on Monday. I will do another post in a day or so and share some of the pictures I took.

Of course these opinions are mine and if yours differ, please don’t hesitate to let me know.


Sign off


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