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As I sit here ready to welcome in 2015, I thought it appropriate to pop in and wish you all a safe and happy year end and share a few of my hopes and dreams for 2015.

A very big thank you for all my readers and those who took the time to comment throughout the year.

2015 is going to be a big year in the lead up to an even bigger one in 2016. To start we have an amazing bunch of people representing the Greens in the state election on the 28th March (more details soon). If we take a few minutes to look back at 2014, the lowlight is the number of sitting and past Labor and Liberal politicians who’ve been caught with their hands in the cookie jar. Not underplaying the severity of their  abuse of the voters trust (need I mention I love ICAC)  -and my disgust in them for dragging some sincerely good politicians reputations down with them and merely by association or job description and by no means by misdeed, tarnishing all with the same brush as the community is oft to do. I am extremely fortunate to have the privilege of working alongside some of the most dedicated, passionate and focused pollies there is, in both NSW and across the country via the Federal parliament and many of you will now know via my Facebook page I share as much as I can about their hard work and good deeds because history shows the main stream media cherry picks and rarely gives context or detail to some of their outstanding work on behalf of the community. Sadly that is only one of the numerous issues that has dragged politics into disrepute over the year, we have a Federal Govt who has lied to the public on so many occasions, seriously if it wasn’t so bad it would be humorous and people actually have lengthy lists of the lies, no doubt ready to bring out well in time for the Fed election in 2016.

At a time when the two old parties are showing little difference in their politics it really is time the community looked outside the norm and look for better. I know I’m almost a broken record on this but the community really, really needs to find out about the person they consider voting for. For instance, is he or she running out of passion for the community they want to represent or they seeking a political career at all costs or worse are we their second choice because the seat they wanted to represent where they didn’t manage to gain the support of their membership to get pre-selected. Holsworthy should be particularly conscious of this as their seat has been divided into two and the sitting member sought preselection for the other part according to Sutherland papers, failed, leaving Holsworthy as the consolation prize.  Like not being a dumping ground, we deserve better than being the consolation prize as well.

Preselection is a big deal, I know in our local group, knowledge of the issues as well as a passion for the people they seek to represent is high on the list of criteria as it is for all our candidates. If our small group can consider this essential surely we can expect this of all candidates and parties but you the voter needs to scrutinise the candidates yourself, don’t leave it up to the media, they have vested interests in who gets elected, times have changed in Aus right now, big Business has waaaay to much influence over what happens to us in the community imo.

Of course there will be more to 2015 than the election and as always I pledge to keep you as informed as I can on local issues. Tonight over at Chipping Norton Lakes is the Councils new year celebrations, then on January 26th at Woodward Park 3-6pm we will come together to celebrate Australia Day. This year will also be the 100th anniversary of the ANZACs and here in Liverpool we have special significance as the Light Horsemen and their horses trained and gathered here prior to their journey. (one needs to look closely at what council is considering for this historic site right on the Georges River, some of us aren’t thrilled at the idea of the statues and commemorative memorabilia being shoved off site for playing fields (more on this on the Building our City website – Light-horse Park)

Before all that though we need to look closer to home as our council attempts to slide through some changes over the Christmas period that many I have spoken with  are pretty annoyed about. Please keep an eye out for proposed changes from community land to operational, we’ve seen this change leave many of our assets vulnerable and in this instance the Hilda M Davis Senior Citizens hall is one of them as are some parks etc.  I vaguely remember in the first term of council after administration, councillors undertook to not sneak things through during holiday periods, but then that was before this present Liberal majority threw away the rule book and rewrote it in their favour.  Sadly I’ve not been able to locate when exactly this was discussed but I’m sure if I’m wrong someone will set me straight.

So now I need to close off and return to our family celebrations and wish you all a very happy, safe and healthy 2015. My only new year’s resolution this year is to get back to being more regular with my posts, bringing you the information you might not find elsewhere as honestly and clearly as I can. Of course there will be others who disagree and as always I welcome their comments and suggest if they want their view shared, they need to send it through, I don’t alter or edit comments, I just need permission to post them and doing so via this blog is all you have to do.


Good bye 2014, it’s been fun but 2015 will be even better.

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